About Me

Hi, I'm Jessie. 

I'm 25 26 & I was born and raised in Kentucky (just outside of Cincinnati, OH). I headed to college in Pittsburgh, PA and have stuck around ever since. 

I've been through a job or two, an apartment or two and a boyfriend or two. But I've finally found some keepers.

Meet the BF. Mr. Sass (you can read all about our engagement here.)
You'll find us spending most of our free time outdoors.

I like to spend my time adventuring, whether it be around the world, around the country, or just around Pittsburgh.

Kilimanjaro summit January 2015

After biking across the country in 2012

When I'm not off on an adventure I'm whipping up something tasty in the kitchen...

Homemade Chili & Cornbread

3 ingredient Oreo Truffles
...or I'm training for my next race...

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon 2015
I love to run and I love to eat, but I'm only fast at one of them.
And I just can't help it, I've been sassy since the start.

I hope you'll stick around & read for a while; as I try to balance the things I love to do : run, hike, bike & bake, with the things I have to do : clean, pay bills & go to work every morning.


  1. Hello from a Pittsburgh native! Glad I stumbled upon your blog :) can't wait to read more posts!


  2. Great intro. I would love to bike around the country someday. Sounds like a big challenge and an awesome accomplishment.

  3. Love the throwback photo :]

  4. Wow! Biking across the country! That's amazing!!!!

  5. what a great about me page!!
    love all the pictures!!

  6. I'm so glad you commented on my Currently post, so I could find your blog! Hi from across PA! :)

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  8. Hi jess. I'm muix from asia. You are sweet runner. Keep it up. I'm runner too. Maybe we can share about running together. Run for health.


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