30 before 30

This list is a work in progress. It all started in 2012, when I was 22. Inspired by a friend, I didn't want my twenties to pass me by only to realize I had wasted a decade. So, my original 30 x 30 was created. As shown below.

As I creep closer to my 30th birthday (in 2020) I realize this may not all be possible. I also realize what was important to me at 22 may not be important to me at 30. So, I'm cutting myself some slack, in advance. 

I don't ever want to feel like life has slipped past me. And I can promise I'm busy making sure that it doesn't.

Do you have your own 30 before 30? Share the link in the comments, I'd love to see what's on your list!

1. Visit all 50 states (Kansas & North Dakota remain)
2. Set foot on all 7 continents. (N. America, Europe & Africa down, with NZ to count for either Asia or Australia - 'cause it's my list & I do what I want.)
3. Climb 1 of the 7 summits (DONE! Mt. Kilimanjaro, Jan 2015, Part 1 & Part 2)
4. Attend the Olympics
5. Make my own wine
6. Party in NoLa for Mardi Gras
7. Travel cross country via train (May 2017)
8. Couchsurf
9. Participate in a Polar Bear Plunge (January 2016)
10. Take a cooking class
11. Run Ragnar (September 2014, again October 2015, again in Sept. 2016 & soon to be AGAIN in 2017)  Ragnar DC, Leg 1 - Recap, Leg 2 - Recap
12. Complete a triathlon (September 2015)
13. Go skinny dipping (August 2013)
14. Take a tour of the KY Bourbon Trail
15. Pay off my student loans...ALL of them (December 2014)
16. Sunbathe on a nude beach
17. Bungee jump
18. Hike in Red River Gorge
19. Ride on a motorcycle (June 2014)
20. Attend the Derby, wearing a Derby appropriate hat
21. Complete a half marathon sub 1:45
22. Complete 10 half marathons (May 2017) Race recap of #10 here.
23. Go skydiving
24. Go streaking (July 2013)
25. Pay for 1 movie, see 2
26. Carve my name in a tree
27. Eat fondue (December 2013)
28. Go paintballing
29. Win a game of chess
30. Join Postcrossing


  1. These are awesome . . . and I'm sensing you like to get nakey! Ha! I went swimming naked with friends in the ocean from a nude beach in St. Maarten last year! It was very liberating but best done outside of the country! And it's pretty impressive you only have 2 states left at your young age! Rock on! I've visited Jack Daniel's but want to hit up the rest of them . . . and I hate Bourbon! Thanks for checking out my blog . . . I couldn't reply back via email - just fyi! :-)

  2. Wow I have only done four of these- 10, 19, 21, 27... but I missed the 30 mark, I am 33. :) I still haven't even paid off my student loans but I will VERY soon. So excited for that day! I feel like I should throw a party to celebrate that one or something!

  3. I love it! So true that our goals change a lot in our twenties....I'll also be 30 in 2020! Ooh, attending the olympics would be so cool :) I would love to do that someday, too, although it might have to be later in my life when I (hopefully) have more money for traveling..haha. Also, congrats on getting your student loans paid. That's huge!!


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