Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 2017 Goals

Look at me two posts in a row - being all goal oriented and shit. Aww yeah! I didn't make a single goal for October - other than to PR my half marathon, which I did! But other than that I just felt like kind of a slug. Mr. Sass and I started watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix - and I can't describe it. It's kind of awful, and weird, but also amazing, and I crack up laughing every. single. episode. We've been binge watching, which is something we never do. I do, but he is not one for plopping down on the couch & watching Netflix straight until it's past our bedtime.

And since I have no goals to recap on this post, let me insert pretty leaf pictures instead. :) Here's my November goals.

One circuit style workout per week | Circuits, which, at least to me means short bursts of mostly bodyweight workouts done quickly is such a different type of fitness than running. I mean, I can run 10+ miles no problem, but 10+ burpees will have me gasping for breath. This is something I want to work on, and is such a great way to build strength too.

Have a blast in China | If you haven't heard, I'm heading to China with my mother & brother - we'll be there for 10 days and I am so excited (albeit a little underprepared) to jet off to visit my 5th continent soon!

Book Belize | Mr. Sass and I have decided we're heading to Belize this winter. Which, is quickly approaching. We've decided we want to get everything booked before I leave for China, so I am doing some serious research - and find myself wildly overwhelmed with all the options. Planning vacations is hard work.

Finish making books | I'm a little ashamed to say that even though we got married in May I haven't printed any of our wedding pictures, or honeymoon pictures. I want to print some for our walls, but also get a book made from our wedding and honeymoon that encompass more than just a few photos, along with some text. I plan to use Shutterfly since I've had good luck with them in the past & have a gift card there as well. It always takes me so much time, but I need to remember a book on the coffee table that's pretty good is better than a book I never make that might be perfect.

Decide on a holiday tradition | Mr. Sass and I don't have the typical situation going on. His job requires he be there evenings, weekends, holidays. And with his schedule constantly changing there's a better chance than not that he'll work Thanksgiving & Christmas day each year. While that's a bummer, it is what it is. And since there's not a damn thing we can do about it I want to establish a tradition that is ours. Something not bound by a specific time or day - something we can do to celebrate the holidays together. Whenever it is that we get a chance. We're not gift people. In fact, I guess we should discuss if we're doing Christmas presents this year. Fingers crossed for no. But an experience we can repeat year after year to spend time together during such a hectic time. I'm all ears for suggestions.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?
Does anyone else have a spouse with a not so traditional work schedule?
Has anyone been to Belize?

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  1. The hubby and I don't do a lot of "gifts" back and forth for holidays. Typically, he'll buy a new power tool of some sort and say that it can be his Christmas gift and I'll find a race and tell him that registration can be mine LOL We get each other numerous "little" things now and then, though. Have you thought of stocking stuffers? Or maybe do daily good deeds for each other during the 12 days of Christmas?

  2. My mom keeps telling me to watch Schitt's Creek. I finally watched the first episode and didn't really care for it but she says it gets better. But now that you say its hilarious I will have to give it another try.

  3. I like the idea of creating your own holiday tradition, though I have to say I'm not personally full of ideas. hah Hopefully you'll figure out something nice that works for you!!

    And have fun on all of your travels - I have never been to either place!


  4. We always end up traveling for the holidays so never really have a chance to make a tradition of our own. But it's one of the few times we get to see family so it's ok. We went to Belize a couple years ago, it was amazing!

  5. That's tough when schedules are messed up for Christmas - but as you can see, people start celebrating christmas right after Halloween - pick a day that works for you two & make that your new tradition. Like we do our families christmas the sunday before Christmas so no one has to rush out or can spend time with the other side of the family on the big day. I like we do that not actually ON Christmas.
    I'm getting ready to have a talk wtih my family about presents this year. It's gotten out of hand. We have to start a new tradition this year... which shows that dont worry - traditions can change ;)

  6. I love the idea of starting your own Christmas tradition. If you have a major holiday outdoor light display in your area, you could always do that and maybe go to a nice dinner beforehand. Or make a weekend out of it if it requires travel. Thanks for linking!

  7. Hey there friend! Fancy seeing you on this link up. How have I missed you all this time?

    We don't really have any traditions for the holidays. We usually end up traveling to visit family or doing something with just the two of us when we don't travel. Have fun with your trip - that's so exciting!

    1. I can't tell who you are. :(

      I've been away from blogging for a while and just now felt inspired to hop back in.

  8. Shutterfly is the best for photo books. You should try doing the Make My Book service. I do that for ALL my photos now because I don't have time to make the albums myself.
    I love that you get to travel so much! I'd love to travel more... not in the budget / time right now with a little one, but hopefully soon.

  9. girl i got married in 2013 and i still haven't printed wedding or honeymoon pictures. ha! i love the idea of establishing a tradition - i haven't found ours yet, but one day. i thought of a few, but none we did more than once or twice lol so it's not really a tradition.

  10. Are you going to China on vacation?

    It's totally normal to take time to get wedding/honeymoon pictures printed, so don't feel bad... but I agree, a book on the coffee table that's pretty good is better than a book you never make that might be perfect. ;)

    We used to spend Christmas back home with my family in Germany but for various reasons it hasn't worked out the last two Christmases, so we've had cozy Christmases at home. We are not really gift people, but when you're alone on Christmas Eve/Day, it's nice to open some letters/gifts that we received from other people. I also insist on cooking a nice three-course meal every Christmas (usually on Christmas Eve).

    1. Yeah! Vacation! I'm super excited, but still need to do some research!

      I busted it out & got a honeymoon book printed - now I'm waiting for another sale to get a wedding book printed + Mr. Sass is handmaking some frames so we can get pics printed for the wall.

      Someone suggested we could each fill a stocking for the other one and that might be a fun tradition. Something small, but probably fun.

      I'll have to think about those - I'm trying to get input from Mr. Sass too so he likes whatever we do, but so far I just suggest things and he says they all sound "fine".

  11. How exciting that your trip is almost here! That crept up fast! I’m sure you’ll have the most amazing time

  12. Belize and China? Some fun trips coming up. That's a bummer that the Mr has to work on holidays, but hopefully you can make up for it on some other days. Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas whenever you want!

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