Monday, August 28, 2017

September 2017 Goals + August Goal Recap

Hi. Wow. I feel like August was busy. But, I'm not sure I really did anything. I mean, don't get me wrong, I didn't sit around all month. Just that nothing life changing happened. If someone asked me what I was up to, I would tell them same old, same old.

I'm starting to realize that these last few months have seemed odd, because for the near future, change is over. At least big changes, and ones that we plan on. For years there has been moving apartments, then moving again, dating, getting engaged, and then married. And now? Nothing. No babies (at least not right now), no moving (at least not right now), no nothing. At least not right now. Which is fine by me - it's just odd.

There was always something big happening. It made the little things sort of fade away in the sense of - "What have you been up to?", "Oh, just getting ready to move to a new apartment" - versus "Oh, went on another hike this weekend to a place you'll probably never go because you don't actually like to be outside except in the sense of drinking on a patio."

Until more changes come along, I'm feeling a little wayward. A little unmotivated. And it shows. I have things I want to do, but haven't quite mustered up the determination or grit to actually get them done. Maybe because I feel like I have tons of time? With nothing earth shattering looming in the distance I feel like I can get things done at whatever pace I feel, which right now is a snails crawl. Which isn't like me at all.

After that bummer of an introduction, let's check out how well I didn't do on my August goals.

Bust out thank you notes | Done-zo
Now if people could stop sending us gifts after the fact, then we would stay done. We busted them out, then a new wave of a few gifts came rolling in.

Waste no food | Not quite perfect
We wasted a few things. Like a few slices of a beautifully medium rare grilled venison backstrap. And a few other odds and ends. A jar of applesauce that somehow went moldy? I digress. Another good month. We made lots of salsa, some pasta sauce, and I got my bake on making at least 5 loaves of bread.

Make fall race plans | Let's run a HM she said...
I'm registered for Buffalo Creek Half Marathon & just committed to running Ragnar DC. I'm also considering Hell on Hills which I ran last year, and enjoyed!

80,000 steps weekly | NOPE.
I accomplished this a grand total of zero times in August. WTF. I had some seriously active days, including one with 30,000+ steps (the day before my tri) but somehow still didn't crest 80,000 thanks to some lazy days early in the week.

Keep on tri-training | I won, it's a major award.
While my performance wasn't earth shattering, as I knew it wouldn't be, it was good enough to land me a 3rd place AG finish. So, I'll take it. It was a really strong reminder how much I love tri's (for all 2 that I've raced) and how I want to race many more next year. I think it'll the summer I "tri".

Get my groove back | TBD
Like, so far so good on dragging my ass out of bed to go for a run. But, still not sure I'm back in the groove 100% yet. I was so encouraged by my lack of pain during the bike portion of my tri, but I still need more time on the bike before I am comfortable again.

So, what's up for my wayward soul in September? I just realized it's a fairly busy month. Lots of birthdays to celebrate - odd factoid, my dad, my MIL, FIL & SIL were all born in September, and their birthdays are 4 days in a row. What are the odds? I'll run Ragnar DC, attend to weddings (both {in}conveniently on the same day), and bake everything pumpkin. Wasssup almost fall?!

30 days of yoga | I found a site (Do You Yoga) with a free 30 day challenge. Each video is between 10-15 minutes long, which is great, 'cause considering I do no minutes of yoga now, even 10 seems like quite the commitment. I already know I won't be able to commit to every day, due to some of the travel I have planned, if I can get through 20 of the videos I'll consider this one a rousing success

No missed workouts | Now that I'm officially signed up for the Buffalo Creek half, I want to make this training cycle another success. Which means no missed workouts. I can switch up days, or times, or whatever, but getting the miles in is important.

Plan Mr. Sass' birthday surprise | Guys, shitty wife of the year award. I'll be in China when Mr. Sass turns 30! He's not big on birthdays, so it didn't cross my mind, but considering it was the first thing he mentioned once I told him I had booked the trip, I'd say it's a BFD. Trying to figure out a great way to celebrate him. Some folks suggested having a small surprise party one month before his real birthday. But still thinking out other options. HALP. PLEASE.

Make good choices | I've definitely noticed my body composition changing in the past few months. While my weight has stayed about the same I am definitely noticing less muscle and more fat. Which has led me to feel uncomfortable more than once. So, back to focusing on good choices to reverse that trend.

What should I do for simpleton Mr. Sass for his b-day?
Any sites with great quick yoga videos besides YouTube? 
How early is too early for pumpkin everything?

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  1. I guess it's already time to recap August and look ahead to September - I'm still in denial that the summer is basically over! I know what you mean about always having those big milestones. I went through that after I hit some of my career-oriented goals. It's like, "Now what?" LOL.

    You have some great goals and I'm sure you'll kill them! Half marathon training sounds exciting!

    Even though I'm gonna miss the summer, I look forward to pumpkin everything, especially beer!

  2. Enjoy this 'down-time' between milestones because once you guys do have a little one ....your life will be filled with milestones for years and years!! :) But I do understand that 'lost' feeling when you're in between them. It's kind of how we 'empty nesters' feel when our last child leaves for college. However, it doesn't take long to realize that it is so nice to have nothing going on that dictates your days other than whatever you feel like! :)

  3. That loaf of bread looks delicious! I can't believe that it's almost September. I'm a little bit in denial but time moves on anyway :) That's great that you're doing Ragnar DC again!

  4. Great job on placing in the tri! You always motivate me to try and get my butt back into running. I need to re-lose some major pounds.

    Good luck with your September goals!

  5. I always say September 1 is the perfect time to break out all pumpkin stuff ;)
    WHOOOOO - so your hubby must really never read your blog if you're talking about surprise parties here. Funny - mine never reads either unless his mom mentions my blog & then he checks it out ;) haha

  6. I think how you're feeling is completely normal. Big life events/plans/goals become very consuming and come to define you, so it's a rough adjustment to not have that to structure your time anymore. But it can also be nice to not have anything huge to work toward and just live and enjoy life as it comes. After all, our lives consist much more of little moments than big milestones, and how we live on an ordinary day to day basis will come to define us just as much as our big moments. Enjoy the extra free time and energy and soak up the little moments. :-) And good luck on your September goals!

  7. Ohh a surprise birthday party could be fun. I could talk to trivia people and see if we could do a special one just for him ;) Or just bring a cake and buy his rounds of beer. Let me know if you need any help!

    Next year is the year I 'tri' as well, so I'm hoping we can do at least one together. I need help and coaching, and I'm looking towards you for that!

  8. i totally know that feeling of weirdness when all the big things stop. it's either moving, getting married, something with immigration or travel for me, and right now none of those things. we are staying busy with the kitchen renovation and another thing we are planning, but it still is weird to not have a big thing coming up in a few months or whatever. i'm not used to it.
    i love do you yoga. who is the challenge with? erin motz is my fave.
    honestly, KC isn't big on birthdays either so i'm no help. i am big on birthdays though, so i always try and do something and get him things he'd never buy himself. his birthday was just 2 weeks ago and we spent the whole day working on the kitchen lol.

  9. as soon as it hits Sept 1, i'm making my fall things (apple and pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread etc).

  10. Maybe try to surprise the hubby with a pre-arranged package to be delivered on his birthday? Congrats on your tri performance, and AG placing! I've never done a tri, but I would imagine they are tough to train for all THREE events at once.

  11. Yeeeppp, it's definitely a BFD if he mentioned it! Can he go to China with you? Can you surprise him with a trip (even a weekend!) if he's not that into the party side of things?

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