Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Five #70

Friends, it has been a week. After skipping out on my fair share of Friday Fives, here I am. This week held wonderfully cool mornings, with a few even in the 50's. Cue the heart eyes. It pretty much sent me into *I want pumpkin everything* mode. And I've been trying hard to reel myself in, but there is no guarantee that the bread I make tonight won't have some pumpkin in it.

one // Since I'm heading to China in November I need to send in my Visa application. Which, while not exactly complicated - does require lots of very specific things. Filling out a form with basically every place you plan to be while you're there, a passport photo taken within the last month, with no shadows (so hard) + mailing in your actual passport. I have to say, it makes me a Nervous Nellie to be mailing my passport off somewhere.

two // Though in my opinion Blue Apron is too time consuming & too expensive to use regularly, I did love this meal we made a few weeks ago, with salmon, cilantro lime rice and a spicy peach & corn salsa. We'll definitely be recreating this salsa at home since it was a great addition to the meal.

three // Can't resist sharing how well Mr. Sass & I clean-up. Though next time I'll make sure to match my arm brace to my outfit. #AmateurMove P.S. This is actually from a wedding we went to at the beginning of July, and my arm brace is off now, though my hand doesn't quite feel 100%.

four // Okay, JK, I looked up pumpkin zucchini bread recipes and they all sound amazing, so, you bet your sweet ass Imma make some tonight. We had zucchini from our garden needing to be used up, and I've been hoarding a few cans of pumpkin since last winter in case of an emergency, like this one. Ta-da!

five // Funnies...

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What are you up to this weekend?
What's your favorite baked good?
Too early for pumpkin or nah?



  1. omg the hair/getting ready meme...that is so me except i haven't brushed my hair IN YEARS lol

  2. The passport thing always makes me nervous too. I've never had a problem with it so far but it always causes anxiety. And that's how I feel about Blue Apron too. I'll order it occasionally based on our schedule for the week and whether the recipes look good. They also periodically send out a $10 credit and that certainly helps.

  3. I got passport photos taken at Walgreens. Cheap, quick and easy!

    Personally I do think it's a little early for fall's not even the middle of August yet! But if your heart is craving pumpkin bread, go for it!

  4. Never too early for pumpkin! And I totally agree with Blue Apron, I loved the recipes, but they take SO long. I need quick meals during busy week nights.

  5. I am dying to make more zucchini bread!!! I never thought to add pumpkin!
    You do clean up :)
    I have never even owned a passport in my life... though starting next year, we cant even fly out of our airport (Louisville) without having a passport. Dang it. I guess I gotta get one.

  6. oh wow, that blue apron meal looks delish. i haven't tried it myself, but i wasn't a fan of hello fresh. i'd be wary of sending my passport as well. i had to send my birth certificate when i changed my name in australia - so i had to send it overseas - and i was so nervous. you need that thing for everything, especially when you're an immigrant lol. but i'm sure it will be fine. just, if you can, pay extra to track it.
    always too early for pumpkin lol.

  7. Are you going to China for work or fun? It sounds like a complicated process.

    My favorite baked good is marble cake. Simple, but so delicious!

    Love the dress that you wore to the wedding. :)

  8. I too thought Blue apron was too time consuming!

    The pumpkin Zucchini bread sounds great!

  9. I love the blue dress you wore to the wedding. I am getting antsy for everything pumpkin. I am trying to hold off until September before I convert over.

  10. I was not the biggest fan of Blue Apron either. China sounds like such an amazing opportunity. I just followed you on IG gorgeous hiking photos

  11. Wait.... say what?!?! You have to mail your whole passport off? Not just a copy?!?! 😳😳😳

  12. I keep thinking it'd be fun to try Blue Apron but the price IS off putting.

    That bread looks amazing.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. You & Mr. Sass look so great! :) and I am sooo ready for fall everything!

  14. Those pics of food got me drooling here. Good luck on your China trip.

  15. Pumpkin zucchini bread sounds amazing. Now I'm craving some :)


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