Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Q2 Goal Update - We're Halfway There!

In 2016 I did a great job about writing out year-long goals, and then a terrible job at following up on them & making real progress. I still had monthly goals, and did well with those, but wanted to make sure that this year I didn't lose sight of my bigger goals.

There's still half the year left, and I'm not sure if that sounds like a lot, or sounds like nothing. But based on how the first 6 months flew by, I think I'll be making 2018 goals before too long. While that #MarriedLife isn't calm, I do have brain power to read books versus looking for god deals on tablecloths. Summer is notoriously busy - everyone wants to cram their activities into the few months of good weather, and we seem to have something happening every weekend 'til September. But seriously.

So, I posted my July goals last week & I'm combining this update to include my personal, fitness, and blogging goals for 2017. If I've made progress I've listed a + sign next to the goal, if not, I've listed a minus. I'm pleased with my progress so far in 2017.

+ Pay my library fine & read 30+ books  
 I begrudgingly paid my fine - and am 20 books deep for the year. I should hit 30 no problem, but considering I didn't read a single book in May, or most of June, I'm glad my reading mojo is back. If you want to be my "friend" you can find me here on Goodreads.

+ Complete a gallery wall in the living room 
 We're far from being able to call this completed - but I made progress these last few months. My SIL got us a map and push pins so we can track our travels - we hung that up, as our goal is to make our gallery wall travel oriented. I also purchased a big galvanized "M" to hang up - and am hoping Mr. Sass can use some of his restless energy and power tools to make some simple frames for us as well. Or copy cat pretty much everything I see in Hobby Lobby.

+ Try 2 new recipes each month 
I remember making a dill pickle dip we loved. Similar to this recipe. Other than that? I can't remember if I made anything new. So like, maybe I did, maybe I didn't...I did get a totally free Blue Apron delivery (not sponsored, my friend just had a code & shared it with me) so I'll make 3 new recipes from them. But already I canceled my subscription - the cost and time listed for each recipe is just too much for me!

+ Cross 2 items off my 30 before 30 
 Ohhhh yeah - I ran HM#10 & traveled my ass all across Switzerland on a train!

- Go to Kansas 
Nothing booked - I feel like this will be a bust. There is still time to make it happen, but I haven't taken the initiative.

+ Set up a cleaning schedule 
It's posted on the fridge & no one is following it...I'm going to revamp it because I hate it, and I would rather clean the bathroom every week forever than sweep the floors. So, I think we should look into "specializing" in certain tasks.

- Find a church 
NOPE. Haven't been to one since our wedding. Oops.

+ Travel somewhere new
While my November trip to China is still a go, I spent 4th of July weekend up at "camp" - about 2 hours north of Pittsburgh. Where we met some friends and headed further north to Kinzua Bridge. The original bridge spanned this HUGE valley, but after getting wrecked by a tornado, it's now an observation deck, and the rubble is intact, so we were able to hike to it. Pretty cool, and I would love to go back in the fall.

+ Intentional monthly dates 
I know we nailed this in June - taco night again for the win. I'll say that pretty much the whole second half of May was a date - a la our Honeymoon. We definitely need to get back to this. It'll be easier for July // August because Mr. Sass will switch to a daylight schedule shortly, so we'll have similar work hours.

+ Take 4,000,000 steps in 2017 
 Despite sitting on my ass for what felt like ALL of June - I'm just past the 2,000,000 step mark, precisely where I should be to meet my goal. I've made stepping up my step game a July goal, so I'll give myself some wiggle room if  I stay on track there.

+ Track my 2017 running mileage 
 There really wasn't much to track for May or June - in fact, in my 2 days at Ragnar PA I ran more miles than I did in ALL of May, including my HM. I've added a few more miles though, and am sitting at 318.1 miles - a little more than halfway to my unofficial goal of 500 miles.

+ PR in 2+ distances (HM & 5K)
I have not PR'd in either the HM or the 5K - but there is still a lot of year left. Calling it good regardless, because I did PR in the 10 mile and 8.1 mile distances.

+ Race another TRI 
Still on the books for August. And I have a friend trying to rope me into one in September too, which sounds great, especially since I feel like my accident cheated me out of the chance to do a few this summer.

- Give The Sass a facelift
Guys, I thought my motivation to blog would get stronger post hasn't.

- Consider buying .COM 
Ditto. I'm just meh about the whole thing. It even crossed my mind to stop blogging entirely. For no real reason other than I just didn't feel like typing big posts anymore.

- Hit 5,000 monthly pageviews (or 15,000 on blogger) 
My apathy for blogging has been reflected in my pageviews.

+ Reach out to 3 brands for collaboration
I had previously reached out to one brand, and have another I am interested in working with, and am planning to work on my "pitch" so to speak to them.

+ Grow my Instagram       
When I checked in during April I was sitting around 445 Instagram followers - I'm up around 670 right now, which makes me happy. It's the social platform I've been loving the most lately. Like a little mini blog of sorts. So I've been checking in there daily, even if I'm not here. My unofficial goal is to make it to 1,000 followers by the end of the year. 

What's the best book you've read recently?
How do you snap out of a blogging slump - I'm sure we all have them.
What was your last date night?

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  1. I did the map thing in my classroom and put the pushpins in the places I've visited. When I took it down for the summer and saw all the holes in the wall I thought I was going to get in trouble for sure! I may have to find a new method! Show us your gallery wall when it is complete!

    1. I'll definitely take a million pictures once it's finished. Even if that is in like 2020 - Haha. Hmm, could you do some sort of map that you color in once you've visited a place?

  2. I have gone through several blogging slumps and I take them as a good sign - it means I'm more engaged in other areas of my life. I don't think this is so unusual after a big life change and corresponding busyness - your priorities have shifted and you are going through an exploration phase as you navigate this new path.

    There's no shame in giving up on goals that no longer suit you or you no longer feel passionate about. Things change, priorities change, people change, and those changes are the spice of life. I have been enjoying my life a lot more now that I've downsized on goal-setting. You are an interesting person with an interesting life and I have no doubt you'll have plenty to write about whether or not you're chasing down a bunch of goals.

    1. That's a good way to look at it for sure. I'm definitely very engaged in the real world right now. Blogging is an escape of sorts, a break from other things going on, which I definitely don't feel like I need right now.

  3. I just went and followed you on Goodreads.

    It sounds like you are doing really well on your goals!! and there is still the rest of the year!

    The best book? Mmm.. I just finished You'll Grow Out of It, and it was funny. Also, loved Shanghai Girls, and Marathon Woman.

    We are hoping to make it to Kinzua bridge this year!! but we have been slacking on hiking.

    1. I will say, Kinzua did not have a lot of hiking right there. A short trail down to the bridge remnants was neat, but otherwise nothing much without driving a ways.

  4. I need to give my blog a facelift too.
    Hope you find a church soon. I think its easier to get in church routine once summer is over.
    I still laugh about the library fees. So dumb they charged you .

    1. It's hard in my opinion too to get a feel for a church during the summer. Sometimes they'll have visiting pastors since the normal one is on vacation, or shorter services since so many other people are on vacation. I feel like you don't get the full experience.

  5. You've made some good progress on your goals! I'm impressed you've already read so many books for the year. We've really got to get moving on the decorating. We had plans to put up a gallery wall too and we've been in our house for a couple years now but it still hasn't happened. It's one of those things that just doesn't seem urgent.

    1. I'll go through these spurts where I'll crush like 1 book every day or every other day, and then get burned out & read nothing for a month.

      Definitely doesn't seem urgent, I bought this big "M" for our last name, and it's now just been sitting in my car for 3 weeks, I haven't even carried it in the house yet!

  6. 4 Million steps in a year. Kudos on getting to the halfway point because that sounds like a lot.
    I added you on Goodreads. I'm on there as Runwright.

    1. It definitely is, it's more than the "recommended" amount - but I like that it's a nice round number. I've never set a goal like this before, so we'll see if I make it!

  7. I agree...Instagram has become my favorite social network place. Facebook is pretty lame these days (except for the groups that do blog shares, etc.). Blogging can be tough. It took me awhile to find a groove that worked for me. I try to publish three posts/week because my posts are more about my experience (I seldom do product reviews) and I don't think the world wants to see a day-by-day glimpse of my life LOL

    1. I'm nosy, so I always like to know what others daily schedules look like. I usually post 3x a week too, but I am definitely out of the groove.

  8. You have lots of exciting goals for this year! I'm a recipe (or maybe pinterest) junkie. I usually try a new recipe every 1-2 weeks.

    It sounds like you have a lot of fun things in the works like your travel plans and goal to run a tri.

    1. I feel like once a week is super frequent! I would love to do that, but honestly am too lazy most of the time, I like that I don't have to think about cooking because I make similar things most of the time.

  9. I think you are doing great with your goals. Congrats on those two PRs! Blogging during the summer is tough! I'd rather be outside. I think a slump is normal for all of us. I do like I/G. It's takes much less time.

  10. You've been doing awesome with your goals, girl! And I feel you on begrudgingly paying your library fines... our library gives us no choice but to pay them right on the spot - but then apparently last year they waived all the library fines for some anniversary or celebration or something and I was so annoyed :P

    The best books I've read lately. Anything by Kelly Rimmer or Mitch Albom (my two favourite authors).

  11. So, I've been blogging for 14 years (gasp!) and yes, there are blogging slumps... they're totally normal. Sometimes all it takes it taking it easy for a while and not forcing it... OR... set yourself a schedule and try to stick to it. Either way :)

    The best book I've read this year... The Nightingale.

  12. Blogging slumps definitely happen! I've been blogging for about 11 years and my motivation comes and goes. Although, my current blog seems to be the one that stuck and the one I generally have motivation for. Good job plugging away at your goals!

  13. You're doing great on your goals!


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