Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Highlights : Hi, remember me?

Okay - so remember that one time when I was all like "Heeeyyyy, I'm back from wedding-ing, and honeymooning"? And then I dropped one blog post & ghosted again? No? Cool. Well, I'm officially actually back, and planning to try real hard to be here. But if I'm being honest, I feel like planning a wedding used up all my available creativity for 2017, so who knows. I've been enjoying having zero commitments. Other than going to work, since I'm pretty much out of vacation days. Otherwise, I'm embracing it.

But, I managed to get my act together today, and by that, I mostly mean Mr. Sass got home from work at 7AM, and needs to sleep, and blogging is the quietest activity I can manage. Either way, let's ease me back into this whole blogging bit. I've not been here, but I've been posting on Instagram, so lawd knows I remember how to hashtag...

#GettingWildOnAFridayNight #ThenIStayedUpTooLateWatchingHGTV #MilkAndCookieIceBoxCakes #TheyGotDemolished #SoIGuessTheyWereGood #AlsoMyFirstIGStory #DidIDoItRight?

#LattesOverLongRuns #WeFancy #IRan5MilesBeforeThis #IAlsoAteHalfAMuffin #ItTastedFunny #SoIGaveTheRestToMrSass #WhoDidntSeemToNotice

#BikeRideBecauseMrSassNeededMoreSleep #TanLineGameInProgress #15MilesAndSoreSitBones

#FineWinesAndTanLines #WineSlushiesForTheWin #LaCasaNarcisi

#NewBFFs #SheKeptFeedingHimCrackers #AlsoPeepTheShoesOfThePeopleWhoSatUnnecessarilyCloseToUsWhenThereWasPlentyOfRoomElsewhere #TooLongAHashtag? #Nah

#CoffeeOnTheBackPorch #InMyNewSwitzerlandMug #AvoidingMealPrepAndWritingThankYouNotesAndCleaningTheHouse #AvoidingAdultingInGeneral

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  1. Welcome back! I always have a hard time getting back into the groove after a vacation, so I can see how getting married + honeymooning in Europe (!) will do this to you, too. But I am looking forward to read more from you again.

  2. I was thinking of you the other day & that there hasnt been any posts & I was like, 'she's settling into life' - fun stuff. Totally a good excuse to miss blogging :)

  3. Welcome back! Can I just say that I really love your photos and all the hashtags - so creative! I need the #MilkAndCookieIceBoxCakes in my life immediately, lol.

    Thanks for linking up for the Weekly Wrap!

  4. Welcome back! I want that dessert!

  5. Your picnic snacks were ON POINT! so delish.

  6. Welcome back!! and Congratulations ! That Switzerland mug is super cool!!


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