Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Highlights : Gimp turns Grump

Comin' atcha with some one handed typing here folks, so don't expect a novel.

If you saw my Instagram then you know my hand is broken, and I have this weird splint contraption that I get to sport for the next 5-6 weeks. I also decided, by way of reading WebMD that I have a cracked rib. Though since I also read there is nothing to do but rest it, I'm refusing to get it confirmed by an actual professional.

I pretty much did nothing all weekend. How's that for some highlights.

No run Saturday morning, no hike Sunday morning.

Mr. Sass and I hosted the in-laws for an early Father's Day on Saturday.

I went to a Pirate's baseball game on Saturday as part of a  bachelorette party, and got to drive my own car for the first time since Thursday. Stick shift lyfe ain't always glamorous, but I made it work.

Asked Mr. Sass to make me french toast Sunday morning. Only to discover we were out of syrup. NBD. I put peanut butter & jelly on mine instead. Mr. Sass however proceeded to pout & eat his pancakes totally dry. Shrugs. Sorry kiddo, hard to know if we're out of something if you use the last of it & then never mention it to the person who buys the groceries but so rarely uses syrup.

Then I went to the grocery store where everything took me 3x as long as usual.

And now I'm just hosting a pity party for 1 about all the things I can't do with this bum hand of mine. I pretty much can't use it at all, even though my thumb, index & middle fingers are "free". They're at a weird angle that makes it hard to do EVERYTHING.

Trying to focus on the positives, but having trouble. Especially workout wise. WHAT CAN I DO. Do you guys have specific workouts you love? Things that shake it up so I won't get bored? I can't just sit around for 6 weeks.

Is this the worst post I've ever written? Hmm. Possibly. IDGAF right now, really.

Also, a woman this morning at work asked me to hold the door for her, because she was carrying a lot of things. I just looked at my arm, looked at her, then lazily opened the door with my hip, while my face clearly read - "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?". So yeah, that's how today is going.

HELP - any workouts that would work one handed?
Send them my way.
Tell me something good.

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  1. haha. I would have given a look too if someone asked me to hold the door - I know I would have made a comment like, "What? With my mind?" ;)

    1. Next time. I feel like that's going to be the theme of this injury, is way more people than usual asking me to hold the door for them.

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  2. I have to say, you have a great story behind the broken arm! I'm really sorry that this happen to you, but it sounds like you are making the best of what you have.

    I do not know any one handed workouts... but I would think hiking can still happen. Will you have to do Physical Therapy ?

    1. Definitely can still hike which I'm grateful for. And hopefully will be able to run in a week or two.

      No physical therapy that I know of. I think I lucked out in that regard since I also didn't need surgery.

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about the broken hand! Is this from the bike crash? I've been off Instagram for a month or so but I've start to feel like I'm missing out on so much. People having babies. People breaking bones. I would have such a hard time maintaining a positive attitude too. Can you still go hiking? And hey! At least this didn't happen a month ago pre-wedding & honeymoon!

    1. Yeah. I was hoping it was just bruised, but it's definitely broken.

      Instagram is just easier sometimes - it's based off one picture versus having a bunch for a post, and I can voice to text captions which right now is great.

      Hiking is still a go!

      And YES - so damn glad this happened now versus beginning of May.

  4. I'm sorry about your hand! That really stinks! My husband is the same way about using all of something and then getting mad when we are out! I'm like leave me a note, send me a text....anything..just let me know we're out! :) I think I would have just started laughing out loud at the lady that asked you to hold the door. Seriously!? I hope you have a great week!

    1. Right!? And then he got all jacked we had no pancake mix. I was like, but we have ALL the stuff to make our own. WHY YOU MAD!?

  5. You deserve that pity party but I'm so glad that it wasn't worse. I'm happy you're ok (minus the hand and rib- ouch). You're not really convincing me to start biking anytime soon! I can barely stay balanced so if you crash here's no hope for me.

    1. This was 100% a freak accident. Nothing to be worried about! Honest.

  6. Ouch! I think after that you're allowed to be grumpy for at least a few days. I wonder if you could do some stair/stadium workouts? You'd probably still have to modify, but it would at least be some variety beyond, like, going for a walk.

  7. Pity party is totally understandable!

    Can you not run? It would obviously be awkward and uncomfortable but still possible right? Stairs? Hiking?

    1. I tried it today & it was bothering my rib, and my hand, surprisingly. I think I'll be okay to run in a week or two, but right now it seems to be a no go. So, just been over here walking. I see no reason I couldn't hike - and plan to this weekend. It's really just walking in the woods.

  8. I hadn't seen the news about your hand :( I'm so sorry to hear that and I hope things are better soon. I can't believe that woman asked you to hold the door for her!

  9. Oh no; I hadn't seen the news about your hand. I hope it heals soon, and I'm thankful you have one hand that you can use. Maybe you could... do more core workouts with one hand?

  10. I actually have no idea what it would be like to only use one of my hands because of my shoulder disability. I ONLY use my left hand because having a rotational disability in my right shoulder means that my right hand is pretty much useless (seriously, it takes me like 5 minutes to get my brain to realise I want to turn a door handle :P) so I would be SCREWED if I only had my right hand to use :P

  11. So sorry about your hand, I really hope it heals quick!
    Hope your day has gotten better after the rude lady at the door!!

  12. Girl I am SO feeling for you. Nothing throws me or Ben off more than when we're injured and can't work out. And we KNOW it's not the end of the world and worse things can happen. But it still FEELS like the worst freaking thing in that moment!
    I did a lot of pure barre with a shoulder injury, they were so good and helping me figure out how to still do everything in a modified form.
    Also, simple leg workouts with body weight are also do-able to some extend.
    Hang in there!


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