Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 2017 Goals + April Goal Update

April was kind of a crazy month. There were plans on the calendar for every single weekend, which included me being out of town for 3 of the 5 weekends. Which somehow managed to make the month both fly by and drag on. But, my success rate for making it through continues to be at 100% - because, I made it.

Though I kept my April goals simple, I'd say I had a pretty damn good month. And more than accomplished my goals - let's see how it all went down.

Complete all HM training workouts | Every.Single.One.
Though you all know by now that I didn't end my training cycle with a PR, I couldn't be happier with my overall training this go-round. I was dedicated. I completed every run, at paces I wasn't sure I was capable of, and I did it mostly with a smile on my face. 10 hard weeks. I loved the training plan I used, so I plan to use it again. You can read my review of the plan here.

Outside workout 1x per week | Hot & then cold
I continued my outside workout streak. And actually managed to do all of my speed work AND all of my long runs outside during April. We had a cold snap during the second week of April that had me pulling out some winter workout gear, but we made it outside! 

This is consistently one of my favorite goals. And though some days I think I am a crazy person for heading outside when I know I could hop on a treadmill at the gym nearby, the sunshine & fresh air always do me good. 

Make good choices | Meh
With so many out of town plans my routine was seriously out of whack. We did a lot of cleaning out the freezer, which made for some, shall we call them, less than nutritionally complete meals. And overall I'm in kind of a meal planning rut. I'm excited for consistently warmer weather which will mean more grilling. Everything tastes better done on the grill. And Mr. Sass and I are both content to eat repeat meals of meat & veggies so long as they're done on the grill. I'm excited to grill eggplant this summer!

We did still make some quality meals though - and I got over my fear of cooking fish, or rather my fear of ruining it.

Figure out wedding booze | It's bought.
Though we still have people who haven't RSVP'd - and I've told them all they've been marked as a "No", we have bought booze! We were able to pre-order online & just pick it up which was wildly convenient. We've ordered beer, and will pick that up closer to the actual date. Now we're just hoping it's enough. I used 8 different online calculators that all gave me different answers. Eek!

Enjoy my people | I feel so loved!
Seriously, so much love, people. Bridal shower#2, a Bachelorette party, and an Easter back in KY with Mr. Sass.

Re-schedule & actually take engagement pics | It's done!
This actually wasn't on my list of April goals. I was all set up to have the weather suck again on April 23rd as it had so many other times before when we tried to re-schedule. But then, the sun was shining, with a light cloud overlay so it wasn't deadly. And the weather was perfect. Our photographer said we should have them back by the end of the week. But if you don't see one in this post, then we either didn't quite get them yet, or they're all terrible. But, channeling my inner Holly - It Is What It Is. We got them back. I'm my own harshest critic. But here's one of my favorites.

So, May goals. If you've been around here for more than 2 nanoseconds you know the countdown to the MacMod Wedding is on. 10 days as of go-live for this post. So, that means another month of simple goals.

Enjoy my people | All sorts of friends and family will be in town to see Mr. Sass and I tie the knot and officially become Mr & Mrs. Sass. We'll have over 15 states represented among all our friends and family & we are so grateful to everyone making the trip to celebrate with us. I know the weekend will fly by, but I want to soak as much of it up as I can.

Get Married | Pretty sure I'll be able to totally nail this one...

Run HM#10 & enjoy it | My plan for the Pittsburgh Half is to just have fun. No goal time, nothing. I always end up bummed with my performance at this race, so I'm setting myself up for success this year. Even if I walk the whole damn thing, I want to have a good time to celebrate half marathon #10!

Travel cross country via train | Umm, is putting something you know you're going to do on your list of goals kind of like writing "Eat dinner" on your to-do list? Maybe. But I don't even care.We'll be honeymooning and rocking our rail pass all across Switzerland. All while crossing another thing off my 30 before 30.

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  1. Wow 10 days?? Eeek! How exciting!!!

    Enjoy the Pittsburgh Half! Looks like you guys will have great weather. So many memories of that full course from last glad my next marathon is pancake flat!

  2. I am so, so excited for the next 10 days!!!! :D

  3. 10 days!! How exciting!!

    Have a great Half marathon! there is a big group coming from Harrisburg... like one of the biggest groups.

  4. I want to see more pics!!!!! :)
    I'm so proud of you doing all your HM training workouts - that is so impressive!!!

  5. I hope you have an awesome half marathon! I've heard some great things about that race :)

  6. Yay, that's awesome that you were able to have so much time enjoying your people and that you're keeping it as a goal for May :) Honeymooning in Switzerland sounds amazing.

  7. wow! that train ride across Switzerland sounds AMAZING!!!

  8. May is a good month!! I can't wait to hear about the wedding and honeymoon and I hope everything goes super smoothly. Can't wait for Sunday!

  9. So exciting your big day is almost here! Good luck and have fun this weekend at the half- I think I'm going to do it next year even though I've heard the course is a bitch!

  10. Super duper excited about the big day, and I think it's going to be just wonderful, no matter what. :) Also, I love your goal to enjoy your people; I want to do that more this month.

  11. 10 days is crazy! Calculating booze drives me crazy. At some point, you have to just not worry about it. My friend ran out of vodka in her cocktail hour and someone went out and bought another case and the party went on.

  12. They have a calculator for booze? Ha I hope you went with a middle ground if they each had different figures!
    Your engagement pictures turned out just great! I can't wait to see how much fun you have on your honeymoon and on a train, holy cow that is so awesome!

  13. You have so many exciting things to look forward to in May!
    I am going to start using Kara Goucher's half m plan next month. I hope that I can stick to it as well as you have!

  14. Good luck at Pittsburgh! I will be there running the marathon relay =)

  15. I cannot believe your wedding is in ten days!!! Ahhh! So exciting. Can't wait to see pictures.

  16. i love your outside goals because i have thought about adding it to my goals. i run outside every sunday with my friend, but i want to make an effort to get outside at least once on my own, it does wonders for my sanity i think.
    calculating alcohol is so hard! we ran out of beer, i think, but like.. at the very, very end. like 2am. ha. we still have wine left over and we got married almost 4 years ago. LOL.
    10 days! 9 days now? AH! so exciting. LOVE your engagement pics. worth the wait! ha. hope your half goes well, now i know what you meant about #10. i don't have #10 booked or whatever yet, which is why i remain optimistic about it. LOL

  17. What a lovely engagement photo!! I love that you loved your training plan and found so much positive to come out of it

  18. What a lovely set of parties! We just threw a lingerie shower for one of my best friends and had a great girls night! Glad your ladies are treating you well too! I love the engagement picture! It's always so hard for me to be patient after taking photos! :) I like your simple goals for May! Enjoy your wedding, people and the process!! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. So much excitement! Congratulations on your wedding!!

  20. Best wishes with all of your wedding plans coming full circle! I think your engagement pic is beautiful! I love the pose and setting...just perfect ;-)

  21. I'm so glad your photos worked out, I know you were so worried about them! Wedding day is almost here? So exciting! Congrats on a great training cycle and doing so many outdoor runs - there's nothing like that fresh air!

  22. YESSSS! So excited for you and cannot wait to hear all about your wedding! Your engagement photo is perfect!


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