Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2017 Q1 Goal Update

In 2016 I did a great job about writing out year-long goals, and then a terrible job at following up on them & making real progress. I still had monthly goals, and did well with those, but wanted to make sure that this year I didn't lose sight of my bigger goals.

There's still 9 months left of the year, and while I've come to terms with the fact that I don't think life will ever really slow down, I expect it to feel slower after Mr. Sass and I are married. And I would expect a chunk of my time that's currently devoted to table cloths and centerpieces will be freed up for things like reading, blog redesign, and interior design.

I'm combining this update to include my personal, fitness, and blogging goals for 2017. If I've made progress I've listed a + sign next to the goal, if not, I've listed a minus. I'm pleased with my progress so far in 2017.

+ Pay my library fine & read 30+ books
 I paid my fine (begrudgingly) and am 12 books deep already in 2017. If you want to follow me, or friend me (or however GoodReads works) you can find me here.

- Complete a gallery wall in the living room 
I've not hung a single new thing up.

+ Try 2 new recipes each month 
I went on a muffin frenzy in February, I made several new recipes & even created a new one for Carrot Cake Muffins.

+ Cross 2 items off my 30 before 30 
Not quite yet, but by the end of April I'll have run HM#9 and by mid-May I'll have run HM#10, so I'll cross off #22. And Switzerland will let me cross off #7. I'll inch closer to completing #2 later this year as well.

- Go to Kansas 
With all that's going on I haven't picked a date, or cities, or anything.

+ Set up a cleaning schedule 
Mr. Sass made one and I don't like it. We clean everything, every week. And some weeks are very heavy, and it's my turn to do everything, and I don't like that either. It's posted on the fridge, but he has it run by date, so week 1 is 1st - 7th, then 8th -  14th, etc versus Monday through Sunday. I don't like that either. But really, I think it comes down to the fact that I don't like cleaning. So, after the wedding Imma see if I can tweak this.

- Find a church 

Travel somewhere new 
I'm heavily researching this, and I've seen so many good flight deals // Groupons I've almost booked. I need a travel buddy. Not that I can't go alone. But it helps the cost, and my loved ones sanity. But people seem to either have time, but no money, or money but no time. If you have both, holla at your girl. Wrote this on Wednesday - booked a trip to China on Thursday. Bada-bing-bada-boom.

+ Intentional monthly dates 
YES. Though I can't remember where we went. I swear this has happened. | edit | January was definitely $1 taco night, and February was ice cream.

+ Take 4,000,000 steps in 2017 
I'm averaging 77,745 steps per week, which will make my 2017 total 4,042,740 steps if I stay on this path.

+ Track my 2017 running mileage 
I'm close to 200 miles deep already for the year. I have an unofficial goal of hitting 500 miles, so I'm doing good!

+ PR in 2+ distances (HM & 5K)
I'm putting in hard work this HM training cycle, that I think truly will yield me both an HM PR, and a 5K PR if I can find a 5K race to test my theory on. I snatched an automatic PR when I ran an 8.1 mile race for the first time. :) As well as a 10 mile PR when I raced Spring Thaw.

+ Race another TRI 
I'm registered for the Keystone Tri, sprint distance on August 20th!

- Give The Sass a facelift
My enthusiasm for this has definitely faded. Maybe it'll come back come June or July, but I'm not going to push it just because I wrote it down.

- Consider buying .COM 
See above. Just not excited about this right now, so no point in forcing it.

- Hit 5,000 monthly pageviews (or 15,000 on blogger) 
Actually, my page views have dropped each month since I made this goal. I've been a little lackluster (even in my own opinion), on one hand, it's hard not to get bogged down by that. On the other hand, pretty busy getting my life on over here, so, not exactly a lot of time to care.

+ Reach out to 3 brands for collaboration
I reached out to Pacific Mountain Outdoor after they liked one of my photos on Instagram. I asked them to let me know if they ever had any campaigns they thought I would be a good fit for, and to my surprise they offered to send me a pair of their boots to review. I'll be posting that in the next few weeks, but I was floored by what a simple sentence can do.

+ Grow my Instagram 
I started the year with 445 Instagram followers, and am excited to say I'm right around 550 right now. :) For a while I was really great about being active, commenting on random posts, following new accounts, etc. But I've died off on that. I went through an unfollowed accounts that weren't making me happy, to leave space in my feed for new ones that do. I've come to love Instagram as a little mini blog, so I hope to keep growing this space. If somehow you still don't follow me, you probably should.
How are you doing on your year-long goals?
What has been your best Instagram growth technique?
What's your favorite Instagram hashtag?

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  1. I really really hope you do get PR's on both distances; PR's are always so exciting!

    1. Thanks Emily! I agree, I LOVE seeing my hard work pay off in a tangible form!

  2. Ooh... that trip to China sounds exciting! I somehow missed that post.

    1. It was just a quick blurb in a Friday Five a week or so back, but I am so excited to post more about it once it gets closer!

  3. You know I love me some Instagram. It is like a mini blog.
    I love your running pic - like a ballerina on that toe point ;)
    Love the pic of your love looking like a peacock. What fun seats!

    1. Their seats are SO FUN!

      I do love me some Instagram too. I never know if it's kosher to repost stuff on Insta AND the blog, if I should keep them separate, or overlap some, or overlap lots. So many questions!

  4. A Friend just told me this one... have you looked into Sweat Pink ? My friend said that they connect you to other blogs and other Instagram stuff. I thought about looking into it... then I didn't.

    1. I've heard of it, but don't think I've ever signed up or anything. I'll have to look into it!

  5. At least you're hitting some of the goals. I know some people who don't even have one. Sad.

    Hey, muffin makes me crave for something sweet. That looks yummy.

    1. The muffins are SO GOOD! You should try them out! You could probably cut the sugar if you wanted to, but they're perfectly sweet as is.

  6. I have the same 500 mile goal this year, but taking it slow at the beginning in hopes of gaining distance toward the end. Looks like you're off to a great start overall!

    1. Haha, I'm taking it heavy at the beginning figuring I'll get busier as the year goes on, plus figure I can always run MORE than 500 if I'm loving it!

  7. It might not seem like it, but you're not doing so badly on your goals. It looks like you met quite a few of them!

    1. Thanks Sarena! I feel good about where I am for 1/4 of the year gone, especially with what a busy first few months it has been!

  8. Ok I need to hear all about China. When are you going? Dan and I always look at those Groupons but never end up buying them. But- we're going to India at the end of October and I kind of want to add on another country while we're all the way over there, so I need ideas :)

  9. i personally - and i don't say this in a jerky way - don't care about growth or anything like that, so no tips on that front, even on IG. but i hope you're able to get to where you want to be :) i didn't make any year long goals this year because i just seem to fizzle out halfway and thought quarterly goals would work better (so far, not so much). i hope life feels slower for you soon, the wedding planning season was the least favourite time of my life and i was so, so, so glad when it was over. i'm hoping/thinking yours isn't that bad (from what i'm seeing on blog and social media) but it's still a stressful busy time. also i love this 'I'm not going to push it just because I wrote it down'. yes, seriously. so important. it was like a light bulb when i realised that!

    1. It's odd, this wedding planning bit. It's stressful, but it shouldn't be. And a lot of what it requires is just tiny little shit (details) that aren't my forte. So I'm over here bumbling around like a fish out of water, and people are all like OMG let me know if I can help. And I'm like, I'll give you my credit card, TELL ME HOW MUCH BOOZE TO ORDER. Or like, can you de-wrinkle 30 table clothes & tell me what flowers to order? Because I DON'T CARE. Sigh. I'm really excited to get back to a time where my biggest decision of the day is what's for dinner.

  10. Does your library have really ridiculous fines? I once had a fine because a book I borrowed was "damaged" (but it was damaged when I got it and silly me still borrowed it without having them make a note) and it was like $35 - even though the book was only $7 to buy new and I was so peeved I didn't borrow anything again for like 5 years haha.

    1. UGH - my fine was like the whole cost of the book (which was way more than the book sells for currently) + an admin fee, and a reshelving fee & all these random fees. All because they claimed the book was "drenched" and dripping water when it was returned. Which I find SO ODD. Considering I still haven't seen the book, I find it all very strange. But I talked them out of the admin fees, and also out of the cost they assigned & into using the current Amazon cost instead.


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