Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three Things

I saw this Three Things post on Kristen's blog a few weeks while back & I loved it - what a great way to get a little peek at the blogger behind the scenes. I feel like so often we may hear about big things in someones life, but not the little bits.

3 or 13 have always been sort of my unofficial lucky numbers. Seems like no one wanted those when it came to peewee soccer jersey numbers, so they were always easy to snatch up. And I'm getting married May 13th, so official favorite number, forever.

I hope you'll play along and share some of your 3 things in the comments.

3 things I'd never give up
Books, travel and yeah, stealing Steph's here with my independence.
^Post a survey and just steal the answers of the person before you you say? Alright.

Truly, I think I would have a rough time giving up books, travel, independence, and exercise.

Then I'll toss in a bike selfie where the camera clicked before I was ready & I look really grumpy about the fact that I'm outside biking. Spoiler, I was actually having lots of fun, that's just my face.

3 favorite vegetables
Peppers, carrots & sweet potatoes, but brussel sprouts are coming in hard and fast & vying to make their way into the top three.

3 shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
I mean, if we're talking watching shows as they aired, I'm not sure I've truly watched any except Teen Mom + 16 & Pregnant. I'm a little behind now, but I'll catch up. But like Parenthood? I'm gonna start that all over from the beginning soon & be prepared for all the feels. Friday Night Lights, all the feels there too.

3 places I want to visit inside the US
Kansas, North Dakota & Savannah, GA.

3 places I want to visit outside the US
Switzerland (see you soon!), Patagonia & Iceland.

3 things I always have with me
Water, chapstick, cell phone.

3 things that are always in my car
My car is a hott mess. I like knowing what all I have in there, so I don't really use the trunk, I just put everything on the backseat, or passenger seat. I ALWAYS have a glove compartment full of fastfood napkins which are good for everything & also known as the Poor Man's Kleenex. You'll also definitely find a snack of some sort & probably a spare running outfit, complete with shoes. 'Cause you just never know.

3 most recent phone calls were to/from
Mr. Sass, a seamstress (for the dress), 911 - when two tractor trailer tires were blocking the entirety of the highway. The woman was actually really rude. She's all "someone already called" - umm okay, thought you should know that a 2 lane highway with a 70 MPH speed limit currently has 100% // 2 out of 2 // ALL OF its lanes blocked. Like, if someone is murdered, should I ask around if someone called it in first? Just trying to get a feel here. K, thanks.

3 books I read and loved in college
Well, considering I can't even remember what books I read 2 months ago, let alone FIVE+ years ago, I have no hope of telling you. I do know that this was when I first discovered Chuck Palahniuk. Who is the mastermind behind Fight Club, and some other seriously fucked up books - that you can't put down and will totally mind fuck you.

3 most often used makeup products
Is Bag Balm or Burt's Bees considered "makeup"? If not, I literally use mascara maybe once every few weeks. Is there a step below low maintenance? If so, that's me.

3 things that make me laugh
Babies eating lemons, cats doing silly cat things and bad jokes.
^Umm, can I just steal Kristen's answer and call it a day?

In general, I almost always laugh at parody's, famous, or made up by literally anyone.
This meme - always.

And animals wearing clothing.
And also the pup eating cake, or anything really.

I'm kind of a simpleton.

3 things that make me cry
Parenthood. The feels. All of them. Every episode.
I used to be this dark hole of a soul who never cried - and it was kind of great. I could watch movies like Marley & Me without sniffling or needing to dry my tears, and then one day it was like, umm nope. Now I cry at like everything and I hate it. Random people dying on a TV show I'm watching for the first time? Tears. Any pets dying? Tears.

Play along with me!

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  1. I used to totally be that jaded person that never cried too. It's weird and I don't know why things changed but I feel like 5 or so years ago I started being so much more emotional for some reason. Very weird. Thanks for sharing the fun post! I don't think I've ever seen babies eat lemons so I might need to make that happen.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who did a 180. I wish there was a nice medium where I cried when appropriate and not just at things that weren't that serious. Like a TV show I've never seen before, but so far, no dice.

  2. Oh girl - Yes - ANYYYY pet dying. I cried over the news last night about the IDIOTS that went in a zoo & killed a rhino for his horn. IDIOTSSSSSSSSS

    That picture... I laughed. I love you shared it.
    I have like 25 lip balms in my possession right now... & can never find one when I need one.

    1. Haha OMG, I literally have one chapstick & ONE tub of Bag Balm. I use every chapstick until it's dead & gone & even then it takes me a few days to buy a new one. I think I would cry if I lost it.

  3. Parenthood is my favorite show of all time and definitely gives all the feels. Switzerland and Iceland are at the top of my bucket list!

    1. Parenthood very well may be my favorite as well. I was hooked by the end of the first episode.

      I am SO excited for Switzerland, all the hiking, and all the cheese, two of my favorite things. :)

  4. I can't even stand to watch a movie with an animal in it anymore without shedding some tears.
    I think I would put the Brussel sprouts on my top 3 veggies!
    Fun post, thanks for sharing!

    1. If it weren't for the smell they might be in my top 3. I hate that I can't reheat them without stinking up the whole office!

  5. This is so fun! mind if I steal it and keep the stealing-ness going? I'm also not a real crier and I'm making my way through Parenthood! Between that and This is Us I feel on the verge of tears every once in a while but it never comes out.

    1. Go for it! Steal away!

      I've shed a tear or two during This Is Us, but it's never felt quite genuine to me. It'll never hold a candle to Parenthood in my mind.

  6. This is such a fun survey!

    3 shows I've watched faithfully from beginning to end... umm.. there's heaps. But Supernatural (though that's still going! WOOHOO!), House M.D and Dexter.. and Lost... and the list goes on and on.

    1. Ooh - I did watch Dexter faithfully and read the first few books as well. I LOVED Dexter, but IDK about you, I felt the last 2 seasons got a little far fetched & the ending to me was a cop out. Not a fan.

  7. I loved Parenthood! Even the song at the beginning would make me well up!

    1. Yes - I didn't discover it until 2016, which is WILD. But once I did I was HOOKED. Thankfully if I had ever heard a spoiler I had long since forgotten, so I got to enjoy it all first hand.


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