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Meal Plan for 2 : December 2016

I post my weekly grocery hauls on Instagram - and they're consistently a hit. Not only are you all interested in what we're eating, but in how we're saving money and feeding two adults for UNDER $50 each week.

So, I'm excited to share our meal plans with you once a month. I'm open to sharing more often, but since I'm not a food blogger, and don't plan to become one, I figure once a month will do the trick.

A few notes...
1. We do not prioritize buying organic. You may. If so, you'll probably spend more $ each week than we do.

2. Mr. Sass is a hunter, and therefore the rule, "You catch it, you eat it" applies around here. If he gets a deer (or more) you'll see venison on the menu a little more often. He does all his own processing and so you may see things like corned venison, or deer sausage on the menu as well.

3. 99.9% of our shopping is done at Aldi. If you don't have one in your area, that sucks. If you do, but haven't given it a try, I urge you to go for it. They're constantly making strides and impressing me. They also have large gluten free lines & are increasing their number of organic options, if that's important to you. If it can't be bought at Aldi, we usually just don't buy it. Every month or two I make make a stop at another grocery store to pick up things Aldi doesn't carry.

4. Our grocery budget doesn't include alcohol, which we do drink, because you can't buy it in grocery stores in PA. Which is a bummer, we know.

5. I aim to shop early on Saturday, so our meal plans run Saturday - Friday.

Without further adieu, our grocery haul. I spent $40.27

Mr. Sass sticks to bacon and eggs for breakfast each morning, while I've been having an english muffin, 2 hardboiled eggs and an apple each day. I always try to have bananas on hand since they're an easy snack and an easy thing to have as a pre-workout meal.

I snagged two boxes of mac & cheese. They're a cabinet staple around here as they're easy and quick when we're in a pinch - and have a long shelf life.

Mr. Sass insists on weekly rations of bread and yogurt, a request with which I happily comply. $.39 each for a few yogurts? I can do that.

I made a pot of white chicken chili (which required a jar of salsa verde from Trader Joe's) which lasted me for lunch all week. I ate it each day with a sprinkle of cheese and a crumbled up slice of cornbread. I make it using 1 x 28oz can of pinto beans, and omit the canelli beans entirely. I add an extra chicken breast, and omit the spices, because I'm lazy and think the salsa verde adds plenty of flavor. I leave it in the crockpot on low all day and it does just fine.

I make Mr. Sass eat leftovers for lunch - but we did do a swap when he decided my white chicken chili looked better than his jambalaya leftovers.

So, what were dinners like each day?

Saturday - Wedding #6

Sunday - Slow Cooker Jambalaya
We had all the ingredients we needed for this from the week prior. I ran out of onions so instead of running out mid-week we stretched our other meals and saved this one. You'll notice I bought two bags of onions so that won't happen again. I thought the jambalaya was great. Mr. Sass added Old Bay seasoning and requested I add shrimp next time.

Photo from Budget Bytes

Monday - Reubens made with homemade corned venison
Mr. Sass made a trip to buy some Rye Bread - since he said Italian wouldn't cut it. We had sauerkraut and defrosted some homemade corned venison,

Tuesday - Sweet potato and kielbasa hash, with brussels sprouts, bell pepper, mushroom and onion.
I snagged some inspiration from this recipe, but told Mr. Sass my vision and let him run with it.

Wednesday - Leftover hash for Mr. Sass, pizza with a friend for me

Thursday - Swedish meatballs with egg noodles. Side of brussels sprouts and carrots.

Friday - Leftovers, jambalaya for me, soup for him

I'll let you know that once it's all said and typed out this is definitely more eating out than we usually do in a week. Typically you'll see us eating at home, or packing a lunch 7 days a week.

What are some of your favorite crock pot meals?
Is seeing meal plans something that interests you?
What's your weekly grocery budget?

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  1. I think we could be friends, haha! This is the most realistic meal plan ever. Yes, we eat macaroni and cheese and kielbasa sometimes. Our budget for food is about $100 a week for our family of 4, but hubby tends to go out to eat too much and we blow it. My favorite 1 minute crockpot meal: throw a couple chicken breasts and 1 can spaghetti sauce in the pot. Serve with mozzarella for a light Chicken Parmigiana.

  2. That pizza looks amazing... I may be turning into a pizza addict now that I think about it.
    I cant believe I've never been to Aldi. Our closest one is about 30 minutes away is probably why - but I need to check it out.

  3. we spend quite a bit on groceries because i will only eat organic meats and i try and buy organic fruits if the prices aren't outrageous.

  4. I really like this series, and I think it's great to show how eating in can be easy, affordable and healthy! Also: obsessed with Aldi :)

  5. i am legit impressed and so interested in how you buy all that food for less than $50. that is amazing. my problem is we eat a LOT. i eat a lot and KC eats A LOT. but still, even if i doubled what you bought, it would be enough food and still less than we pay. I don't know. i need to seriously go to Aldi (we don't live near one anymore) and meal plan again. living in a basement means lots of frozen pizzas and raisin bran for dinner.
    as for crock pots, i make a lot of chicken because that's what KC likes. so the other day i made 'sweet and sour chicken' aka chicken breasts with sweet and sour sauce and some veggies, served with rice. i don't like doing fancy things so i don't use recipes for things like that when they want me to like bread the chicken or whatever. no. in the summer, he really likes chicken with avocado and mashed up chickpeas, he puts it on sandwiches and pita breads or whatever. i just cook the chicken in a crock pot in water, then i shred it and add the avo etc.

  6. Great haul :) I'm so glad that I gave Aldi's another try (so much better when I went alone and Dan wasn't there for some reason!). Is that pizza from the Porch by chance? They have the BEST pizza. If it isn't from there, you need to try it out.

    1. It is. Maybe they were having a rough night because I was really unimpressed. :/

  7. Ummmmmmm, how good does your meal plan look? Yuummmmooo!

    Aldi seems like it's so much better in the US than it is in Australia! I only get a few things from there as they don't really have any gluten free foods and their produce isn't good at all!

  8. I can't wait for Aldi to open a store where we live.... I mean, seriously, we spend like 3x what you spend per week. We do eat a lot though and CA is expensive.


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