Wednesday, November 16, 2016

All the blog posts I'll never write

I was in a mood last night. I stayed late at work and my brain was fried. I've been working so hard on future content, like 2017 future, that I've lost sight of the present and my next few posts. I had read my usual blogroll, hoping something would jump out at me as inspiration, but nothing. So I headed to Pinterest. Usually I find a blog post or two with long lists of post ideas, a few jump out at me, and I run with one or all of them. But last night, nothing.

It's not that none of them jumped out at me, actually, they're all great ideas if that's the type of blogger you are, but I'm just not that person. But then I thought, what if I could make a post out of all the posts I could never write - or I could, but they wouldn't get pinned on Pinterest any time soon. So, I present to you, a glimpse at all the blog posts I can't write.

If you had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
Yoga pants. That would be yoga pants. And my mocassin slippers. With a t-shirt, but no bra, 'cause bras suck. But if I have to, a sports bra. Like the kind I would never run in, because it's really just a fabric band meant to keep my nipples from poking through my shirt if I get cold, or something to soak up my sweat if I get hot. But definitely the yoga pants.

Wear one piece of clothing five different ways for a Monday-Friday post
You can't tell. But this is me, wearing the same bra, all week, underneath different outfits. Does that count?

Review your “can’t live without” beauty products
How about I just tell you about the 3 "beauty products" total that I own. I own one tube of some random drugstore mascara in black. Apparently there are different shades of black. I did not know this. So I can't tell you which one I have. I also own Burt's Bees chapstick, in two different "flavors" and Bag Balm, which I use like Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's kind of like Neosporin. But it makes my lips shiny. And moisturized. 

Do a collage of a color combination that you currently love
Why is everyone obsessed with colors? The madness never ends. I mean, blue is nice, it brings out my eyes. I like green too, it's the color of trees and grass. If you put blue and green together, those would be two of my favorite colors combined. Bada-bing-bada-boom. Color combinations, Sass Style.

Share the most-worn thing in your closet
My underwear. Followed by my yoga pants.

Post a tutorial on how you do your everyday makeup
Wake up, brush teeth, realize you don't own any make-up. Shrug shoulders, say "fuck it" - and proceed to get dressed.

Favorite drug store buys?
Chocolate, 'cause usually if I'm there it's to buy tampons. Sometimes a nail polish if I'm feeling fancy. Or PMS-y.

What are some blog posts you could never write?
If you have any genius post ideas - share 'em.

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  1. This is gold! And a great idea that I might borrow. All the blog posts I'd never write have to do with monetizing your blog, gaining Instagram followers, etc. AKA things I have no business giving advice on.

  2. LMAO. Thank you for this genius post. :)

  3. Ja ja ja !! I LOVE this!!

    I always see those fancy post on other blog on outfits and think... can I make an ironic post on how I wear the same 5 pairs of pants every week? It will be call "How to be Fashionable, when You only have 5 pairs of pants!".

    And I skip all the make up post too, because, like you, I own facial moisturizer and lip balm.... if I dig really deep in the back of my closet, I might find mascara.

    I could never write a decorations post... decorating stuff is just not in my blood. My mom raised us with the "what is the purpose of things in our house?" mentality if a fancy bowl doesn't do anything, we don't need it on the table.

  4. Bahaha, you're so funny! This is me too! Makeup post: put on my Cover Girl mascara and wipe on some lip balm. Tada! I've never used bronzer in my life. Oh, and my favorite two minute curls: divide hair into two sections while at a stop light. Twist the hair really tight. Let air dry on the way to work. It works and it looks like I curled my hair.

  5. Haha, This is so funny! I would/could never write any of these posts either. Currently after a rough night of sleep due to a sick kid I'm wearing my "most comforting" outfit - Joggers, Tshirt, Huge cozy fleece wrap. My everyday makeup routine is exactly the same! I'll put on mascara and lip gloss if I'm going "out." I do like the color combination of gray and pink though. If I was the kind of person who had "done" my kids' rooms I might have done gray and pink for my daughter. But I'm not. :-)

  6. I cant tell you how much I love this... I am, will NEVER be, a fashion blogger. I dont get it all. I'd rather save the time & money for most of the beauty products. Give me a $4.99 mascara & I'm good :)

  7. yes to the outfit i'd wear, especially with the sports bra that's not really a sports bra, just supportive enough and doesn't show anything lol. high five for wearing the same bra every day.
    and now i want chocolate, so thanks for that!
    i do wear makeup just because i look like a train rain over me if not. but i'm very simple (i like to think) and just do concealer and mascara most days. my skin is pretty okay, i rarely breakout and i think it's because of that.. i mean, i'm not saying this is the reason but my friends who do wear more makeup definitely break out more than me (sorry friends, i love you but it's true, but you're pretty okay sorry).

  8. Haha, I love this so much! I feel like I could NEVER be a fashion blogger because most of the time I pretty much live in leggings/shorts (depending on the season) and some silly cartoon/slogan tees :P

    Blog posts I could never write... hmmmmmm...
    Probably makeup posts because I'm hopeless.

  9. OMG YES with the non-sport sport bra to prevent the nipple staring LOL. i live in those!

  10. I work from home, so yup I go from running clothes to quick shower to pj's, then put back on said running clothes when they dry :)

  11. Hahah this is so funny..I've probably written about all of these topics (and you've probably just rolled your eyes and scrolled right past them lol!). I'll write about any topic, but NEVER about religion or politics. never.

  12. LOL all the way through your list. I could totally do a similar post. I don't have much to share on the makeup front either.

  13. Too funny! I sadly could never share my consistent favorite workouts because they pretty much change every day and every week! Bring on the yoga pants.


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