Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Best of The Acquired Sass - 1 year Blogiversary

Hey you guyyyyys! I've been blogging for a whole year (and a few days). Which is absolutely bananas. I was never sure if I would like this blogging bit, continually have things to talk about, and actually put forth work to type them down. But I did, and you guys liked it, and you commented to tell me you liked it. And now I have even more people in my life I met on the Internet. Mr. Sass being the most famous of my Internet people.

I am continually amazed & astounded that random people from the Internet want to read things I typed, and that they also are inspired to make comments about the things I write. Mr. Sass is equally or perhaps even more amazed than I. Thank you.

Instead of giving you a big long list of things I learned in my first year of blogging -'cause it's a lot. I'm going to shamelessly self promote. And link drop to the Best of the Sass - my most popular post from each month I've been over here blogging. Perhaps you'll notice I've refined my style aka stopped centering all my text. Because while I still love how centered text looks, the Internet tells me it's a big blogging no-no.

November 2015 : Here I go, again
My self proclaimed return to blogging, that for whatever reason STILL gets weekly page views.

December 2015 : WIAW : Stuck on Repeat
When I literally ate the same salad over and over and over again for weeks and apparently people still cared. It was a good salad.

January 2016 : WIAW #5 : Why I'm pretty sure Whole 30 is NOT for me
Actually, I'm super sure about this. And have been busy finding balance since this. But, if you're going to join the post-holiday Whole30 club, check out this post. It may not be worth it.

February 2016 : Why I only run 3 days per week : 6 reasons why you should too
My most viewed post. Ever. And something I stand by still to this day.

March 2016 : 5 Reasons to travel with Groupon
March was a popular month around these parts. There were lots of good posts going live, and the top 5 are all within a few page views of one another. A few others that made the top 5 include, 6 tips for traveling with your significant other, New Zealand Trip Recap : Part 3, Back to Basics : How to get back in the workout groove & 25 Things I've Learned about Life.

April 2016 : Adulting 101 : How to Adult when you don't feel qualified
This is one of my favorite posts. I followed it up with a few others on adulting, Adulting 101 : Fake it 'til you make it and then 10 MORE ways to fake it 'til you make it. It was fun and cathartic to write. And I loved how relate-able it was. Apparently I'm not the only one around here who can't adult.

May 2016 : Would you Rather?
The moment where your most popular blog post for a whole month has nothing to do with a big half marathon you ran, or the trip recaps on Venice, or Slovenia you posted. But instead, the random blog survey you took when you didn't know what the hell to write about. Smooth move Internet.

June 2016 : 6 Simple Rules for Successful Online Dating
Considering Mr. Sass & I met via the Internet, I'd say I was fairly successful.

July 2016 : A Letter from the Other Side
This was a sad and serious post to have to write. But I was pleased to see it received with respect - and hope I managed to provoke some thought.

August 2016 : I'm moving, again
Also, as a follow up. We use my dishes. Score. I kept my granny panties. Not sure if this should be a score or not. And, as I packed up my old apartment, I found about an 8 years supply of tampons. So, it'll be a while before they go on the grocery list.

You guys also went crazy for my Budgeting 101 : My REAL budget with real numbers post. Which still just blows my mind - but shows how important it is that we talk about money. It doesn't need to be taboo!

September 2016 : It's been two years, my love
Mr. Sass and I hit two years of dating. So I wrote a sappy post to celebrate.

October 2016 : Friday Five #43
Mr. Sass & I announced that we got engaged and apparently you all liked that. :) I followed that up by posting our Engagement Story - and you seemed to like that too.

Here we are, and it has been a whole year. I'm excited to keep going, I've got ideas rolling around in my brain and am excited to type them out. I love reading the comments you leave, and visiting your blogs too if they're not already on my regular list. And, I'm gonna break all the rules of writing and use the word "excited" again in this paragraph. But I'm excited for more. More posts, more friends, more learning. It's fun to be excited about learning things (okay now I'm just doing it to be annoying).

Thank you all for reading, commenting, giving advice & caring. And cheers to another year of Sass!

If you're a blogger, how long have you been blogging?
If you're not a blogger, have you ever considered starting one?
What's stopping you?

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Monday, November 28, 2016

December 2016 Goals + November Goal Recap

Y'all know I love a good goal post. So, as we creep towards the end of the year (I know, right, how is it seriously almost 2017?)  not only do I want to spend some time talking about my smaller monthly goals, but about some of my larger goals as well. What will running look like for me in 2017? What will life look like for me in 2017? And how will I make it all happen?

So, if you like these goal posts of mine, get psyched - there are more coming! If you don't, say whaaaat? JK. Umm, my apologies then I guess, 'cause we're about to get real goal oriented up in herrr these next few weeks.

But for now, a look at how November went + some December goals...I tried to keep it simple in November. Remember when I thought I would be able to take a nap on November 19th? Yeah, joke is on me - no nap. Not even close. Sigh. Here's how the month went.

Jump into 5K training | Nailed it!
I found myself a plan - modified it to fit my timeline & desired days of running each week (3) and off I went! I even had my "test" 5K (recap here) and came just shy of officially meeting my goal. I've got one more 5K on the calendar this year, so IT'S ON!

Unpack // Trash 2 more boxes | No
Does unpacking a big quilt // blanket because I was cold count? No, you say? But it was in a box! I got ruthless with a few shirts that I love in theory, but are not flattering and do not fit well. And I drank some wine to help empty out a box that had previously held lots of bottles. But in general, nope.

Send out Save The Date's | Whoa we're halfway there
Emailed to get them printed, told my files are wrong size, get correct size files, re-send to printer, printing company has them done in under 2 hours, my Mom adds 32 people to the guest list, putting us 32 people over the room capacity. Then find out printing company only printed 25 - email them. Get told they misunderstood my request. See red since they ask me to pay again, putting me over my anticipated budget. Talk to owner, get nowhere. Suck it up and pay again in the interest of time. Leave negative review on all social media. Phew. I'm tired just talking about all of this. So no, these have not been sent. But they're in hand! Since my handwriting >  Mr. Sass' I'll be taking this one on. I managed to get 20 done for his people and mailed last week, so I'm chipping away at it.

Maintain Weight |  Oh yeah she did!
Didn't lose even a tenth of a tenth of a pound. But, I also didn't let any of my hard work get undone by piling weight back on. So this is a win in my book. Not sure how I managed it in fact as I was well below my step goal each week, and was low on water. But, I'm going to focus in my efforts on more steps & more water so I can keep this mojo for December!

I kept it easy peasy in November to give myself a month of wins, after a flop in October. And I'm aiming to keep it simple again in December. I want to spend the month enjoying the holiday parties, not scrambling to complete meaningless goals. So here's what we got...

Finish up 5K training | One more 5K to go this year - and one more chance to crush my goal. I want to finish the year on a strong note.

Finish up Save The Date's | 20 have been sent out, I've been trying to chip away at this, a few addressed and mailed out each day. My goal is to have this done by the middle of the month so people can have it on the calendar before the Christmas rush.

Maintain Weight | Stale office kitchen donuts are NOT worth it. Say it with me now...stale office kitchen donuts are not worth it. It's hard to say no some times, but so worth it to enjoy things like my favorite homemade cookies, or Starbucks holiday drink. Not every cast off that waltzes into the office between now and January.

Outline 2017 goals | I plan to do separate goal posts for my overall personal goals as well as physical // running goals. But some of those are still in limbo. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want my life to be like in one year, five years, and ten years, and what parts of that I am able to work towards and control. A lot of that now includes talking with Mr.Sass about our visions, how they align and how they may differ. Lots happening.

That's it. Simple again for December. I'm focused on making memories, enjoying holiday parties and spending time with friends // family.

What are some of your December goals?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 2016 Link Love

If you're anything like me, you love discovering new blogs & interesting articles, interesting perspectives, something different. And I don't know about you, but I feel like sometimes I see the same 50 pins on my Pinterest homepage - and all I want is something different. I also love giving love to other bloggers out there, because this shit is hard & no reason we can't pass out a little extra love.

So, welcome to my monthly Link Love post - where I highlight some of my favorites from the month. News articles, blog posts, recipes, crafts, whatever. I'm excited to share & I hope you'll find some new things you haven't seen before. Or, if you've got a post you think might fit the bill - send it my way {theacquiredsass at gmail dot com}

As cranberries pop up on sale at ALL the grocery stores, I finally have a recipe that sounds like it's worth making, which is this Cranberry Orange Bread. Or, if you're not feeling sweet, why not use those cranberries in this Slow Cooker Butternut Squash side dish? Or, if you decide you'd rather go the boozy route, toss a few frozen cranberries into this Orange Cranberry Margarita.

If you're stuck about what to bring to a holiday party, how about the makings for a few of these super simple, 3 ingredient crostinis? With 12 different options, it doesn't matter if you're team sweet, or team savory, you're covered. But, if you want to whip up a quick easy dessert, check out Kristy's 12 Chocolate Bark Recipes. Chocolate + potato chips? Ohhhh yeah.

Holiday parties aside, I love having a house I can host in. Now that Mr. Sass & I are living together I've been pestering him to be crafty and make me things. One of the perks of a handy husband. These DIY bookshelves are ADORABLE, but I also think they could probably hold a few bottles of wine just fine too. I mean, go with your heart.

And finally, I've seen a lot of negativity, in a month that should be filled with joy and thanks. I'm trying to fill my life with good and focus on being a better me, so I loved this list of 27 ways to give back.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving - or for my non-US friends, a particularly great Thursday. Imma take Friday off, but I'll "see" you all on Monday. :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

2016 Leetsdale Snowflake Classic 5K Race Recap

At the beginning of 2016 I made a goal to run a sub-25 5K. I was on track in March, but a super short course foiled my efforts. I ran a few other 5K's but didn't come close. So, when I decided that a fall half wasn't in the cards for me this year, I figured I should add some speed work and work on my sub-25 goal. I wanted a few cooler weather 5Ks and the Leetsdale Snowflake Classic fit the bill.

$25 registration got me a long sleeve t-shirt in a nice tech-ish material, along with a swag bag that included chocolate from a local manufacturer, several notepads and a reusable water bottle. Something I was not expecting from a race this size.

The race start was 9AM - and close enough to my house I was able to eat breakfast, drink coffee and still wake up at a reasonable hour. I laid out my Flat Jessie the morning of, and ate a breakfast of egg noodles and a banana, noodles and nanner as I referred to it. Shame on me for forgetting I would need breakfast.

Packet pickup was easy - and they offered same day registration as well. Parking was plentiful and the race started just in front of Quaker Valley HS. There were locker room bathroom available to use and also several port-o-potties.

For the first time ever I decided to do a warm-up. With a 9AM race start I started my warm-up around 8:30AM. I ran 3/4 of a mile around the track, and another quarter mile from the start line as we got closer to race time. In hindsight I started my warm-up too early as I was already cooling off by the time we lined up to start. The concept though is a good one, and I think race warm-ups are here to stay for me.

I was totally unfamiliar with the course, but it was well marked and easy to follow. After a touching military tribute, where the RD passed out American flags to almost all the runners, we sang the National Anthem together, before paying special tribute specifically to each branch of the military, as well as police officers and fireman. And then, as I tried hard not to cry, we started the race.

Mile 1 - 7:55

The first mile was a flat, straight shot, as we neared the first mile marker, we quickly turned left, and right, to cross an overpass, and a small downhill into the Leetsdale Industrial Park. At this point the rain started - the temperature continued to drop and the wind picked up.

Mile 2 - 7:55

At the halfway point of the race we hit a waterstop. I passed through thanking the volunteers, but not grabbing any water. At this point I was running step for step with a gentleman to my left. I told him it was my goal to run a sub-25 race that day, and that we were on track. I introduced myself, his name was Nick, and we continued to run together.

My watch beeped indicating the end of mile two, but it was another .2 miles before we passed the next mile marker. I started to fear the race would be long. My sunglasses continued to fog up with the rain, and eventually I removed them.

Mile 3 - 8:06

At mile 2.5 we ran up the "hill" of the overpass and I could feel myself losing steam. My new buddy Nick said "it's all downhill from here" as we crested the top, and he was right. We had a brief downhill before the road flattened out. I could see the finish line! Nick started to pull ahead of me. And I started to feel like I was going to toss my cookies. This phenomenon is not new to me at the end of a hard race, 5K in particular, but I've yet to find a solution to the problem. I dry heaved a few times as I ran, but finally, in front of a house with children standing cheering on the porch, I actually lost my cookies, or in this case, noodles and nanner. With the finish line in sight I spit out what I could and kept moving. I saw 3.1 miles on my Garmin and lapped it (24:48!!!) and kept on pushing to the finish line.

My official finish time was 25:23, clocking in at 3.18 miles. Either way, a new 5K PR and technically meeting my sub-25 goal. I've got one more 5K on the schedule this year, and I'm hoping for a sub-25 CLOCK time.

The post race festivities included soft pretzels (my favorite) as well as hot chocolate. They began announcing winners and I hear my name, the woman says I'm the 3rd place overall female. I was so excited! I ran over to check the official results. Did this woman mean 3rd in my age group? Nope! She meant 3rd overall female, of the race, the whole race!

My pacing was on point, and though I tossed my cookies there at the end, I felt my legs had more to give. I definitely felt as though I was holding back in the first mile, and I think this is key for me so I don't fly and die.

With just about 20 days until my next 5K I'm excited to get in a few more strength workouts and faster runs - I'm gunning for a sub-25 clock time.

But my next running goal? Put my bib on straight, or centered, and eventually BOTH! Haha.

What's your favorite post race food?
How do you put your bib on straight?
Is the key to put it on the shirt before you're wearing it!?

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Five #48

WE MADE IT. But seriously, this week has been a doozy. Work is crazy. My social life ended up much more social than anticipated, and so I am ready for a wild Friday night at the grocery store, followed by an early bedtime.

I'm running a local 5K this weekend, and while I would love to run sub-25, I'm not sure if I'm quite there yet, either way, I hope to get in some even pacing, and even negative split miles and end strong instead of feeling like I want to puke. So look for a race recap on Monday!

I hope you'll tell me something good in the comments, or share one of your favorite bits from the week.

But, now, on to my Friday Five.

one // If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm a big Aldi fan, which is how we keep our grocery bill so low. They have "special buys" which are limited time offers of different food (and non-food) products. I scooped up a few recently that were worth mentioning. Including their Everything Hummus - which tastes just like the toppings from my favorite everything bagels, Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese, $3.99 // 6oz when TJ's will cost you $13.99 // 8oz, and finally, their Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee Creamer. Mmm.

two // I'm usually not a big shopper, for anything other than food. But in the past few weeks I've been struck by how sparse my closet is. During the move I made it a point to get rid of things that don't fit well or don't make me feel good, but this left me with some gaps. I picked up a cute new dress at TJ Maxx on Tuesday. It has pockets!

And on Wednesday I snagged two new pairs of flats on at Kohls. I previously had lots of pairs of lower quality flats from Payless. But, now that I have a standing desk at work, I need something a little higher quality if I plan to stand for more than a few minutes at a time. Sadly, I left this super cute, comfortable dress behind because it was a bit short for the office.

three // My former roommates and I, pup included, got together Wednesday night after work for dinner. One cooked, while the other two of us drank wine and danced around our former shared house. After dinner we ended up playing a game or two of Sorry! before I headed home for the night. I managed to get all my men in the safe zone well before they did, and STILL LOST!

four // When you're on Instagram and you notice one of your favorite "big bloggers" liked and commented on your photo. :)

five // Funnies...and while I'm only going to include one, if you're not up on your Obama // Biden memes, you clearly don't Internet hard enough.

I mean, I'm not a cat person, like at all, but these cat funnies have been killing me.

Congrats on making it through the week.
Tell me something good. :)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

All the blog posts I'll never write

I was in a mood last night. I stayed late at work and my brain was fried. I've been working so hard on future content, like 2017 future, that I've lost sight of the present and my next few posts. I had read my usual blogroll, hoping something would jump out at me as inspiration, but nothing. So I headed to Pinterest. Usually I find a blog post or two with long lists of post ideas, a few jump out at me, and I run with one or all of them. But last night, nothing.

It's not that none of them jumped out at me, actually, they're all great ideas if that's the type of blogger you are, but I'm just not that person. But then I thought, what if I could make a post out of all the posts I could never write - or I could, but they wouldn't get pinned on Pinterest any time soon. So, I present to you, a glimpse at all the blog posts I can't write.

If you had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
Yoga pants. That would be yoga pants. And my mocassin slippers. With a t-shirt, but no bra, 'cause bras suck. But if I have to, a sports bra. Like the kind I would never run in, because it's really just a fabric band meant to keep my nipples from poking through my shirt if I get cold, or something to soak up my sweat if I get hot. But definitely the yoga pants.

Wear one piece of clothing five different ways for a Monday-Friday post
You can't tell. But this is me, wearing the same bra, all week, underneath different outfits. Does that count?

Review your “can’t live without” beauty products
How about I just tell you about the 3 "beauty products" total that I own. I own one tube of some random drugstore mascara in black. Apparently there are different shades of black. I did not know this. So I can't tell you which one I have. I also own Burt's Bees chapstick, in two different "flavors" and Bag Balm, which I use like Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's kind of like Neosporin. But it makes my lips shiny. And moisturized. 

Do a collage of a color combination that you currently love
Why is everyone obsessed with colors? The madness never ends. I mean, blue is nice, it brings out my eyes. I like green too, it's the color of trees and grass. If you put blue and green together, those would be two of my favorite colors combined. Bada-bing-bada-boom. Color combinations, Sass Style.

Share the most-worn thing in your closet
My underwear. Followed by my yoga pants.

Post a tutorial on how you do your everyday makeup
Wake up, brush teeth, realize you don't own any make-up. Shrug shoulders, say "fuck it" - and proceed to get dressed.

Favorite drug store buys?
Chocolate, 'cause usually if I'm there it's to buy tampons. Sometimes a nail polish if I'm feeling fancy. Or PMS-y.

What are some blog posts you could never write?
If you have any genius post ideas - share 'em.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend o' Wine : Hashtag-ish Style

It's Monday. Blah. After a fun weekend, I'm not really ready to embrace Monday with open arms. The good news is, I have lots going on after work this week, so I'm hoping the work week will fly by, and carry me straight to my 5K on Saturday, where hopefully the weather will be nice and cold, so I can run a PR.

This post may be a little all over the place - lots to share about the weekend, but also want some feedback from you! I'm working on my 2017 blog content. So I want to know what you all want to see.

More budgeting posts?
Budgeting 101 : 6 steps to get you started
Budgeting 101 : My REAL budget, with REAL numbers
Budgeting 101 : Cash Confessional

More travel recaps?
36 Hours in Venice : What to see, eat & drink
New Zealand Trip Recap : Part 3 (Queenstown)
My Climb to the Roof of Africa : Part One

Some meal planning // menu plan posts? You guys do seem to love when I share my grocery hauls on Instagram.

More workout // racing posts?
Like my race recaps you can find here.

Or is there something I didn't mention but that you would love to see?

How was your weekend? Anything exciting to share?

My former roommate Stef, her cousin Tracy & I headed to Erie Wine Country. It's only about a 2 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Stef took care of the details, found us a great Air B&B and we headed north! So, here's our wine-o weekend, hashtag style.

#WineryNumberOne #6MileCellars


#WineryNumeroDos #DosIsTwoInSpanish #WineWasMeh #LakeviewWineCellars

#Winery4 #ItWasCrowded #WeDidntStayLong

#TheSignWasTheBestPart #WineryNumberSix

#WrongTurn #ButItsPretty

#WellGetEmNextTime #InMyDefenseThisWasAfterWineryNumberSix #JumpingIsHard

#Winery7 #SouthShoreWineCompany


#OneMoreWinery #IfYouLostTrackThatsEight

How was your weekend?
What are your favorite posts to read on the blog?
What would you like to see more of?
Anyone been to Erie Wine Country?

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Five #47

I've had kind of a heavy heart this week. Due to all the hatred I've seen swirling around as a result of our new President Elect. Dumping energy into hatred will not accomplish anything. Go forth, and be the best person you can be. Make a change. Vote. Join up with an organization that you're passionate about. And show others how to make an impact. That will contribute more to our country than any President ever will.

So, with that, I'm trying to keep things light over here today. After I finish writing this post I'll be looking at pictures of puppies & adding more coffee to my creamer  creamer to my coffee than I should. 'Cuz I am still on that pumpkin spice train. Pumpkin Spice at work, Salted Caramel Mocha at home. Coffee creamer game strong. #NoShame

On to some Friday Five. I hope you'll help me keep it light & positive today - and share something good that happened to you this week. Or something you're looking forward to this weekend.

one // It's an exciting time to be alive folks. Mr. Sass and I bought ourselves a new shower curtain and bath mat last weekend. It's from the kid's section at Target. #HaterzGonnaHate All we're missing now is a white tub (ours is 50's retro pink) & a few whimsical touches & we'll have ourselves a bathroom worthy of being feature by Target Online. ;)

two // Have you ever been to Blaze Pizza? I first had it in Louisville when I visited my brother & it's delicious. Think Chipotle for pizza! You head down the line, pick your sauce, toppings & cheese, and in 3 minutes your pizza is DONE. Yum. By chance I spotted a new one that opened in Pittsburgh and I am SO excited!

three // We're all aboard the pizza train today. I met up with a friend for dinner Wednesday night at The Porch in Oakland. Though the pizza was meh at best, the company was good. I don't know about y'all, but I do not do sparsely topped pizza. Like, I want to run the risk of losing a topping every time I move a piece from plate to mouth. Why are there no toppings within inches of the crust? Also, love cilantro. But stem still intact? That's just lazy.

four // I got an award at work this week...for the ONE part of my job I feel is not worthy of awarding. And it was the most anticlimactic award ever. I feel like I do some good work, worthy of praise, but not this.

five // And some funnies...

 I don't even live in FL, but this has been me trying to dress myself all week. 34 degrees in the morning, 66 & sunny by lunchtime. What do I wear.

What are you up to this weekend?
Tell me something good!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I have no idea what I'm doing - and other thoughts as I plan a wedding

First things first, our wedding will be the next one Mr. Sass & I go to. Unless someone swoops in at the last minute and gets married like 4 months from now. I mean, considering we swooped a few friends of ours getting married next year, it could happen. But for now, let's operate under the assumption that OUR WEDDING, yeah, like the one where we're going to say our vows & commit to spending our lives together while I wear a white dress & he wears a tux, will be the next one we go to.

Second. We have no idea what the hell we're doing. Mr. Sass is great. He takes initiative, follows through on his word (which means I don't have to ask a million times when he'll do XYZ thing) & writes things down. I can't read them, because his handwriting is the worst, but, he does write them down.

I never thought I would be the bride that talks about this kind of shit on the Internet, but considering it's just about the only thing people ask me about anymore, it's the thing I talk about most. So, y'all are stuck. Or hit that little red X and I'll be back on Friday with some funnies.

In the meantime, I have questions.

1. Can I just text my bridal party and be like "Yo, be my bridesmaid. Respond "yes" to accept, or ignore to also accept". Or "I was in your wedding, so now you owe me. Sucks to suck."?

2. Do we really need Save the Dates - or STD's as I have been referring to them? Or can we just send out a mass email, or an e-card. Seriously. It's a whole bunch of money to send someone a card to tell them that in the future they will receive an additional card that has helpful information.

3. Gifts. Why oh why does every wedding budget include gifts. Can we all just call it even? Instead you gave me a gift when I was in your wedding, while I also gave you a wedding gift. Now I'm going to give you a bridesmaid gift, so you can follow it up with a wedding gift. How about pass, hard pass.

4. We're getting married in MAY. Yes, May May - to answer the question everyone keeps asking. Apparently it's soon. It is, but you know what? Our life, our rules.

5. Why does no one list a price on their website. Everyone is all - call for a quote, or email for a quote. How about you give me a guesstimate. I mean, they're f-ing chair covers, I have to imagine they're a flat rate to rent. Like when a restaurant doesn't list a price. Can you imagine if you had to decide what you wanted, and then send the waiter back to get a quote from the kitchen? No, I can't imagine that either.

6. Colors. Why does everyone want to know our damn colors. They find out we picked a date and the next thing out of everyone's mouth is "Ooh, what are your colors???" I have no idea why the answer to this question is something people care about. My mother & bridal squadron dis-cluded (yeah, that's the opposite of included, say what?) not included. Are these now the colors of our life? Are you going to buy us gifts that include these colors I randomly selected based off pretty pictures I saw on the Internet? If so, please see #3.


How does any of this work?
Send help.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Highlights : Blast from the Past

Welp, friends, it's Monday again. No thanks. BUT, I've got some fun plans with friends this week & a mini weekend getaway planned, so I'm hoping the work week will fly by. Furthermore for the next 4 weeks Mr.Sass is working daylight hours - so we'll get to share dinner together, and more importantly, the cooking, all before we flop on the couch and catch up on Netflix. It's the little things.

How was your weekend? I hope you'll share some of the best parts in the comments. :) I love seeing what you all are up to.

Saturday morning was chilly - but I dragged my ass out of bed for a "long run". After talking about 5K training in my goals post last week I've put in some hard work to start off my super short training cycle. While most of our Pro Bike & Run group were doing an easy 3-5 miles in preparation for a local race on Sunday - I ended up running my first two miles easy and then picking up the pace for some negative splits. 9:37, 9:20, 8:37, 8:12 & 7:59! For 5 miles on the dot. Those last two definitely weren't easy, but it felt so good to look down & see my final mile split.

Then it was time for grocery shopping - don't fear, I've got my grocery haul pic up live on Instagram this morning too. Lots of good stuff on the menu this week, so I'll share pics as we make things too to show how they turn out. We're testing out a few new meals. Including Budget Byte's Slow Cooker Jambalaya that got two thumbs up when we ate a big bowl for Sunday dinner. We'll probably add a spicy pepper or two next time + some Old Bay seasoning, and maybe some cooked shrimp to top it off.

This weekend was wedding #6 of 2016. Mr. Sass & I are pretty much pros by now - though I still can't remember to buy a card more than an hour before the ceremony starts. But, considering we're already up for 4 weddings for 2017, it looks like I'll get a chance at redemption. On a side note, as of now, the next wedding we'll go to will be our own. WHAT?

The guest list included lots of friends I haven't seen since college graduation. Including my literal first friend ever at Duquesne.  Our dorms had visiting hours between male and female floors, and I managed to get kicked out of his room and off the floor my very first night in the dorms since apparently we were hanging out too late.

And one more blast from the past, a former classmate of mine, who completed my major with me. I learned I was referred to as "Hardcore Jessie" due to a brief self defense lesson I gave one night in college.  If you hold a key or two between your knuckles it'll deliver a much more powerful punch if you ever catch yourself in a pinch. I never used it, but always walked home prepared when I lived in a not so awesome neighborhood off campus. I thought my classmate was drunk and making up the Hardcore Jessie part, until she texted our picture off to another former classmate, who responded "OMG HARDCORE JESSIE!" Well, alright then folks.

Sunday was spent recovering on the couch, as I moaned that I might puke, and Mr. Sass alternated between being helpful and comforting and laughing at me in my misery. I finally rallied for a Target run where we found a new shower curtain and bath mat - since ours was on its last leg. Adulting at its finest.

What was your weekend highlight?
What's your tried & true hangover cure?
How long have you and your longest friend known each other?

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five #46

Hiiiii! This week flew by in my world, but as always, I'm ready for the weekend and TWO whole days with Mr. Sass since he has Saturday and Sunday off this week, a rare treat in our world. You'll see us cutting a rug at wedding #6 this weekend (our final for 2016!!!) after I sneak in a run on Saturday morning. I'm hoping Sunday will involve lots of sleeping in - along with the dreaded "Fall Back".

I hope you'll share a little bit about your week in the comments, or anything exciting you're up to this weekend! But for now, it's time to jump out of this awkward intro and into some Friday Five.

one // I shared my November goals on Monday. One of them was to hop on board with 5K training, since I want to run a sub 25 by the end of the year. So - on Tuesday I registered for the 2 I know I'll run and on Wednesday I did my first real speed workout in a while. It was tough, but I nailed it and I'm excited about what a few weeks of hard work could do!

two // I made Brittany's Pumpkin Spice Blondie Recipe last Sunday. The recipe was simple and didn't require an extra trip to the store. I subbed out all the spices for Pumpkin Pie Spice & added a generous 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree to the batter, but they were a HIT. So, I made them again on Wednesday night for a Fall tailgate at work & doubled the recipe. Delicious. Highly recommend.

three // Ciara & I headed to Ohiopyle last weekend to hike. I got us lost-ish when we went straight instead of right & doubled our intended hiking mileage. Oops. But, we did see some great views. And seriously earned the Reuben, tater tots & pumpkin ice cream I face planted into at the end of our hike.

four // I wake up Wednesday morning, go to grab my lunch from the fridge and find this "love note" - after I replaced the empty hand soap in the bathroom with hand soap from the storage closet, which happened to be Bath & Body Works Peppermint, I lovingly wrote back "Welcome to the rest of your life" & chuckled as I headed out the door. :)

five // And, drum roll please, some funnies...

A few days past Halloween, but still, all the decorations seem to be out...

And...this one goes out to all the people in my office who instant message me, to ask for my extension so they can call to see if I got their email. Why yes, yes I did.

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