Monday, October 3, 2016

October 2016 goals + September goal recap

With plans literally every weekend in September, the month flew by. Now it's October. And my schedule continues to be super packed, so I have a feeling this month will pass in a flash. But, I don't want to lose focus of the things I want to accomplish before the month ends. 

Before I get to my new October goals, I want to recap my September goals & how I did.

Lighten the load | Load has been lightened!
2 + boxes to Goodwill & 3+ trash bags out the door forever. Hoping to get rid of more, but some will wait until the BF & I chat it over & see if we have a use for it.

Rock Ragnar | Hell yeah!
I rocked it! You can find my Leg 1 recap here. Recaps of legs 2 & 3 are on their way!

Write my Ragnar packing guide | YEAH!
Minimalist Ragnar Packing List

80,000 steps per week | B-
I had over 100,000 steps the week of Ragnar, and only 64K or so the next week, mostly because I took a day of rest the Sunday after Ragnar very seriously. And took less than 3,000 steps. But, as an average for the month my daily average is over 11,000!

Track all meals in MFP | C
I did some tracking & then got into clean out the fridge mode - and my meals got weird, and low on vegetables. I still tracked 70-ish% of the time, even if it wasn't good. 

Finish Europe recap posts | 1 down, 1 to go!
I finally posted my 24 hour guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia! But I'm still working on needing to write a post about Zagreb, Croatia.


What's on tap for October? I've simplified this month. Honestly, I feel like a big goal of mine is to just adjust to living with someone. How do we create routines around a work schedule that's ever changing? Neither of us have worked out that answer yet. But, in other goals...

Celebrate 2 years | The BF & I "celebrated" two years of dating in September, and I wrote a mushy post. But, since our schedules are always chaos I'm hoping we can celebrate officially on our upcoming long weekend trip. You know, only 3 weeks late, which is right on time in our book.

Jump into 5K training | My weeks of training for nothing are soon coming to an end. I'm targeting two different 5K races to get to my sub-25 5K goal by year end. November 19th is the Leetsdale Snowflake Classic, and December 11th Trot for Tots in Oakdale. While the 8 week plan I found would need to have started the 24th to get my full 8 weeks in, I plan to modify it, so my 8 weeks ends for the race on December 11th - and I use the Leetsdale 5K as a "time trial" to test my training.

Decorate the MacMod estate | You know how some couples combine their first names to make a 'couples name'? Well - you can't really do that with ours. I took long ago to combining our last names instead. Now that the BF & I are living together I've deemed this house the MacMod estate. I want to take some time this month to put my stamp on the place, so it feels like my house too. We've talked about rearranging some furniture, some new artwork, and I've been given creative license to make a gallery wall!

80,000 steps per week | My competitive side wants to win a Weekend Warrior or Workweek Hustle challenge just ONCE.

Track all meals in MFP | I tend to slack on eating veggies and drinking enough water as the weather gets cooler. So I want to make sure I don't let that happen this year.

What are some of your October goals?
Any tips for establishing routines with changing schedules?
Do you & your SO have a "couples name"?

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  1. I love your goals for the month! My boyfriend and I just bought a house and we still need to do some decorating inside, like putting our artwork on the walls! Good luck with your 5K training, and happy 2 year anniversary!

  2. I know, it's so rare I win one of the fitbit challenges too! I always make a big deal about it to Mike when I win one. He thinks I'm a little crazy :)

  3. 3 weeks late which is right on time for us... that so made me laugh. I so relate to that sentence more than anything!

  4. 5k training, woo!! You're gonna do great. And that's so awesome you get that many steps in per day. I barely make 5,000 most days. #fail.

  5. I'm sorry, but the couple name combinations make me smile... Our couple name is AnGer, and we love it! Rogna didn't have a cool sound too it.

    Happy 2 year anniversary!

  6. Heck, you're doing amazing with your step goals, considering how hard it can be! I love getting rid of stuff. I have plans for eliminating clothes and toy clutter from our house this month too;)

  7. Good luck with the 5K training! I'm sure you will smash your goal.

    I really, really need to get back to logging on MFP. I logged every single day for over 3 years and lost my streak when I gave birth lol. I feel like a traitor by not using it though since my hubby and I actually met on there and I still need to re-lose a lot of my pregnancy weight.

  8. I can't wait to work on my speed more in a 5k, once marathon training is done. My October goal is to continue to eat well, and sleep more, to prepare for my marathon in early November.

  9. Ohh thanks for some 5k ideas! I wanted to run a few to end my year so I'll look into those. I love your couples name but haven't done that myself. I probably should since I didn't change my name after we got married. Let's see... Gran? Brasch? Karraun? Yeah, I'll need to work on that.

  10. I remember reading your first post about all the questions you had about moving in together and it literally made me LOL, really! I am glad to see that you are adjusting and slowly making your mark on the place! That's very clever what you did with your last names!

  11. Congratulations on your two year dating anniversary! The MacMod Estate. I like it! We could combine our grandparent names: Po Ho. LOLOLOL. I'm going to be cheering for you in getting that 5k PR. That's something I haven't worked on in a while. And, those 5k races are tougher than tough! Thanks for linking, Jessie!

  12. LOL at the names. KC and Kristen don't really mesh either, unless you use his first name and then it's like Kensten or Krisneth... which is weird. lol

  13. October is probably my busiest month of the year but I'm so excited for all the plans I've got scheduled! My goal.. go to an apple orchard:) Haha such a random goal but hey.. I love apples!

  14. Good luck on that 5k Pr! As to the names... we have a lot of fun with our last name (Bird) so we are JBird and TBird and we live in the Birdsnest and I go by ladybird on instagram. :) I do like the MacMod's got a air of sophistiation.

  15. I know this is crazy and extreme but to drink more water I've literally been carrying around a gallon jug and a refillable cup with me EVERYWHERE and trying to finish it by the end of the day. I look insane but it REALLY has been working for me, haha!
    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  16. Ragnar is the BEST and SO FUN!
    I just signed up to run another in the spring and I am pumped!!

    I think giving yourself time to adjust in October is an awesome goal.

    Thanks for linking up!

  17. Ha I would imagine you would kick butt in your steps doing a Ragnar! Great job I know you had a ball! One day I'm going to be there!
    I also need to get back to logging food on MFP! Gahhha!

  18. You had such a great month, girl!

    Don't worry, Jesse and I can't really combine our first names (Krissee? Jessty? lol) so all our friends just call us "The Joneses" :P

  19. Congrats on your anniversary! Celebrating anniversaries takes precedence over birthdays or holidays in my book. I would love to follow your lead and take my donations to Goodwill, throw things away, and focus on the house, but all that will have to wait for later in the year.

  20. You did an awesome job on your September goals . . . high five! MacMod estate - I dig it!


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