Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Personal Training Pittsburgh Giveaway

So, while I know I still owe you all a recap of legs 2 & 3 of Ragnar DC, which I promise I'll have next week, I was too excited to wait for this post.

A few weeks ago X Shadyside, a 24 hour gym in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, reached out to me, wondering if I would be interested in a trial membership + one hour of free personal training in Pittsburgh.

And stay tuned, because below I have my first ever blog giveaway! But before that I want to back up a little and tell you about my personal training session with Andrew & a bit more about the gym.

My training session was set for 6:30 PM and I was surprised to find the gym relatively empty. The bottom floor had a small personal training area, plenty of cardio equipment + a spinning room.

The second floor had a class studio that offers classes like Les Mills Body Pump, - which I am excited to try, Zumba, cycling & yoga. As well as a weight room and locker room.

Once I got the necessary forms out of the way, Andrew and I started by talking a little bit about my fitness goals. The more specific the better I was told - if weight loss is a goal, do you have a date in mind? A wedding, or a vacation? No dates in mind, but here are a few of my goals...

1. Run a sub 1:45 half marathon
2. Do a one-legged squat
3. Do a pull-up unassisted

Based on this, Andrew ran me through a circuit that made my shoulders burn & got my heart rate up for sure. We started off with a quick treadmill warmup. I jogged for 5 minutes while Andrew set up our circuit space. Then we got started with the following circuit.

1. Step-ups with medicine ball (15 each side)
2. Kettlebell squats (60 seconds)
3. Russian twists with medicine ball (45 seconds)
4. Bosu ball push-ups (to failure)
5. Bosu ball elevated planks (to failure)

We ran through this circuit x 2 and by the end my shoulders and biceps were burning. The step-ups and squats definitely got my heart rate pumping. Followed by the bosu ball which gave my arms and abs a workout for sure.

I'm excited to put my membership to use soon, as BodyPump has been on my 'must try' list for several years. But, I promised you all a giveaway! And I'm here to deliver. Partnering with XShadyside the winner will receive a complimentary 2 month membership + 1 hour of personal training! It's super easy to enter using the Rafflecopter tool below. Now, while this giveaway is technically open to folks everywhere, this gym is located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, so keep that in mind.

The giveaway is open until 10/5 at midnight & I'll choose a random winner that day!

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  1. I have never worked with a personal trainer before, even though I'm really considering investing in one here soon when I have the time. My favorite fitness class is either Zumba or Body Pump. I only did Body Pump once, & it left me sore for like 3 or 4 days, but I know if I continued with it, it would be super beneficial. YAY for giveaways!!

  2. while i've never believed in PT before since i know my way around the gym, I do now...but not all PTs are the same! i started private sessions with my muay thai trainer mostly for muay thai but we throw in a few conditioning/strength training sessions sometimes and man, he makes me work muscles i didn't even know i had!

    this is a great giveaway!!

  3. well, bummer i can't enter, but this sounds great! i hope you meet all of your goals. i would love to do a pull up one day, i think i would need a personal trainer to get me to that level lol. i love body pump, i hope you do too when you try it!

  4. I like that he asked about your specific goals first. I feel like that's the biggest benefit of personal training, things can really be tailored to you and your goals. I love body pump, I think it's a great class :)

  5. That is an awesome giveaway - wish I was near.
    Side note - I want a bosu ball!!!

  6. This sounds like an awesome workout! I love circuit workouts and how hard you can work in just a short amount of time. If I was in the area I'd totally enter:)

  7. I too have wanted to try BobyPump. I really need get back into my fitness routine and start training again. And setting goals is an awesome way to stay accountable!

  8. I'm in! Thanks Gina! I like the sound of all the classes boot camp, bosu, body pump, calorie killer....nice. In it to win it!

  9. I so wish I lived in this area; I would love to work with someone to work up to the goal of accomplishing a pull-up. I am just so weak in the area of my back, and I would definitely love to have guidance in that area. I love watching the personal trainers when I go to the gym; they know how to make working out fun and tough.

  10. Looks like a great workout! I want to work on my balance and the Bosu ball looks like a great way to do it. Can't wait to read your recaps next week <3

  11. It sounds like you had such an awesome session! And congrats on the first giveaway, girl! xo


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