Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Five #41

Happy Friday, friends. I am so glad it's almost the weekend. Work has royally kicked my ass this week. There is always lots to be done for month end + it's also the end of the quarter. So double the work, double the fun. Wedding #5 of 6 is on tap this weekend. Plus hopefully some domestic-ness as the BF & I hang up some artwork (I really can't deal with the only pictures on the walls being of dead fish) & unpack some more of my stuff. And try to squeeze in a hike.

I'll be back next week with my next Ragnar Recap, so don't forget to check back. But, before we get to the weekend, it's Friday Five time.

one // Welp, the moving madness is "over" - at least in the sense that the keys to my old place were returned to my landlord, and I've started changing my address on things. But, we're far from finished with the unpacking. There are still pictures to hang up, knick knacks to find a home for, and more things to go to Goodwill I'm sure. The BF is working evenings right now, so while that sounds like it would give me ample time to unpack, it also gives me ample time to sit and re-watch Friday Night Lights. And every evening it's a toss-up as to what I'll choose.

two // I posted my first ever giveaway earlier this week. It's technically only open to yinzers (Pittsburgh people) - which I can't believe I just used that word, but the winner will receive a 2 month membership to a local gym + 1 hour free personal training session! So, if you're local, head over & check it out here. It's super easy to enter! And I would really appreciate the love.

three // There was a puppy at work on Tuesday! As part of our campus wide Safety Day. This little guy is a search and rescue dog in training. And while I don't think the intent was for every woman on campus to come over & pet him, that's pretty much what ended up happening. If this is safety I'm all for it! Puppy neck rolls are my weakness.

four // Fall in a pint glass. I poured a half shot or so of Dr. McGillicuddy's Apple Pie + some hard apple cider. Mmm. It sweetened up the hard cider and gave it the perfect sweetness.

five // And some funnies...

But seriously. Please tell me why. Learning calculus will not help me change my oil. And parallelograms will not file my taxes each April.

OMG. I died. That place might as well as be Goodwill, nothing is organized. At all. It's chaos. Finding something you like in your size is pretty much like finding buried treasure.

What are you up to this weekend?
Tell me something good that happened this week.
Pittsburgh people - Pleeeease go enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

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  1. I want to try that apple pie shot- I wonder if it would work in some beers as well! If I lived in Pittsburgh right now I would definitely enter youre giveaway- hopefully some day soon but I will share it with my burgh friends!

  2. Are parallelograms calculus, though? Or geometry? :-)

    Congrats on getting officially moved in! I know unpacking is a bitch, but the most stressful part is behind you now - you made it to your new home!

    I don't know how you do all these weddings. I'd have lost my mind by now. I only went to one last summer and yet it still felt like "OMG MY WHOLE MONTH IS SO BUSY." Enjoy!

  3. I love when doggies visit work! Something magnificent about this week: my precious little daughter was born two years ago on this day:) Also, I landed an amazing writing project! This weekend will be a lot of relaxing, cleaning and working on said writing project.

  4. That puppy. Omg. I'm in love! I've got a super busy weekend planned, my mom is in town!

  5. Omg that puppy is adorable. I gotta say he wouldn't make me feel that safe If that is his job. He may just lick the intruder to death...haha. Still he is so cute.

  6. That fall adult beverage sounds delicious and exactly what I need right now, is it 5 o'clock yet?!?

  7. I LOVE PUPPIES. We have 2 puppies right now; husky puppies, and their energy is amazing. I love to see how God shows His beauty and tenderness in the smallest animals like puppies.

    This weekend, I'm going to write some blog posts (my favorite thing to do!), maybe some baking, church on Sunday!, and .... reading blogs. :)

  8. Hahahah that Forever 21 meme. I think I get more stressed out going into that store than I do with a lot of things. Like, WHY. Ahh that's so exciting you're all moved in! This weekend I'm way too excited for all my friends to come in town for our college's homecoming. Have a great weekend!

  9. At least you're on the downhill side of moving now.
    I wouldnt get anything done if that puppy was around. I'd have to just sit next to it all day. I'm sure it would need me to hug & kiss it all day long

  10. Hard apple cider actually sounds really refreshing! I'm hoping for a low key weekend, once my 22 miler is done tomorrow. Lots of recovery and food. Good luck decorating! :)

  11. the only organized section in F21 is their accessories. that's the only place i like (and can stand) to peruse.

  12. Hahahaha that parallelogram thing made me laugh out loud. SO TRUE!

  13. YES to the parallelogram thing and a BIG FAT YES to Forever 21's craziness... or Rue 21 or just about any retail store in Louisiana. They're all so disorganised and chaotic that I usually walk in and out in 0.00001 seconds because I can't be bothered switching my brain on to figure it all out hahaha.

  14. Ja ja !! your Forever 21 meme!! and I have to say that there is simply no comparison, Goodwill is organized by size, and colors, Forever 21 is just a bunch of things thrown together.

    I hope you are getting some good rest between unpacking and your shows!

  15. YES to that Forever 21 post - SO TRUE!

  16. oh man, forever 21 stresses me out. i can't go in there because of it, but then i hate ordering online because then returning is a pain in the butt.. so basically, i don't shop there which is good because i'm very far away from 21. lol.
    moving is the worst because once you are 'in' and the stress/deadline is over, i'm always like 'i'll just relax a bit instead of unpacking these boxes' and then the boxes are still there 6 months later. lol

  17. Glad the move is done . . . that's super exciting! And I would totally be sidetracked by the puppy at work too and spend a weird amount of time saying hello to him!!! And yes, Forever 21 is a mess - I just can't . . . besides the mess, I think I'm too old!


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