Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five #25

This week was not my week. I started off like a zombie on Monday after too little sleep Saturday night, tried to sleep in on Tuesday, but got jolted awake by a work phone call, spent Wednesday traveling for work & it just didn't get better from there.

So, I am so glad it's finally Friday. I'm going to see Red Jumpsuit Apparatus tomorrow night @ a neat venue here in Pittsburgh & the BF & I are planning to hike on Sunday.

Here's a few things that happened this week, tell me about a thing or two you were up to this week in the comments! I love to hear about what you guys are up to!

My idiot brother walked 37 miles in ONE day earlier this week (and then ate a whole pizza). I thought maybe he had hitchhiked part of it...NOPE. He's been waking up at 2AM or so to hike in the dark while it's cool out. Otherwise, my poor pasty brother gets blasted by the mid-day heat & there's not enough sunscreen in the world to help that. He's making another urgent care trip. His foot // ankle are bothering him. Keep the good vibes, prayers & well wishes coming! :)

I reached out to Legendary Food for a free sample box. While I would love to pretend that they sent it because I am a superstar with a cult following, the truth is, it's an Instagram promotion & all you have to do is email them. The same box came with 2 mini jars of nut butter & 2 packs of flavored almonds. if you're interested.

Yes, this is my desk at work. Yes, that's a whole half a watermelon. Yes, I ate it all in one sitting. Yes, my co-workers are used to it, I do this all the time. No, I haven't turned into a watermelon yet.

By time time last year I had already booked my big vacation for this year. I was just wrapping up booking my trip to New Zealand. So, I know it's crazy to say I feel behind on planning my 2017 vacations, but considering I tend to go big, I feel a little behind. I don't even know exactly where I want to go yet. I'm caught wondering if I should just wait for a great deal to come along (again) or if I should pick a specific place & start planning. Thoughts?

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What are you up to this weekend?
Where should I vacation // explore next?


  1. HI!
    This week certainly hasn't been my week either, girl. I started a summer class on Tuesday that is already sucking the life out of me and didn't blog ONCE. I'm like too mentally drained to even think about writing a post! This sucks because blogging is my favorite creative outlet right now.

    I feel you on the stress about planning your vacation though. This time last year I was still fresh with the glowing tan of Costa Rica. Now I'm struggling just to pay my bills each month. So a vacation isn't in the cards in the near future. I'm more about weekend trips, like NYC where I'm going for a dance teacher convention in July. I would say just wait for a great deal to pop up, unless there's somewhere you definitely want to go sooner rather than later. Travel will be fulfilling no matter where it is!

    Afloat On A Full Sea

    1. Oh man, summer classes are rough. I took 2 in one summer and I feel like I barely made it out alive! Good luck!

  2. holy crap thats a lot of mile and thats one giant pizza! i guess after 37 miles its totally earned. good vibes his way for his foot. i think you should pick a specific place and find the best deals or times to go...but Im a planner and cant handle not knowing lol

    1. I think finding a good deal is going to be the ticket, unless I get too anxious & plan something on my own. What I'm saying, is I still have no idea what I'll do Haha.

  3. I'd have that watermelon juice everywhere if I ate it at my desk :)
    I so laughed at the 'idiot' before brother. haha
    I need to check out the free samples. I love to try out a product before buying.

    1. Not pictured is the large stash of napkins & Kleenex to keep juice from going everywhere.

  4. That is a MASSSSSSSSSIVE walk! Is your brother doing it for anything or does he just wake up and think "today's a nice day to walk for 37 miles"? Haha

    Um, free nut butter? Why do I not live in America!

    1. He's hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, it's a 2600 mile hike from basically Mexico all the way north to Vancouver.

  5. Wow you are way ahead of the game if you are already planning 2017 trips. Haha I usually plan a vacation just a couple months in advance.

    1. I wish. I love having a trip to look forward too. So I usually plan pretty far out, I'm also on a big international kick, so I plan a little further in advance due to that.


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