Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Five #24

Happy Friday y'all! I wish that the fact that it was Friday meant I got to relax tonight, but, no dice. While I'm not the MOH, I'm helping put together a bridal shower & bachelorette party for a friend, both of which are tomorrow. AH. So, tonight is going to be lots of last minute details, baking cupcakes, making veggie trays & figuring out what the heck to wear for a night out tomorrow.

I think the last time I went to a bar where I couldn't wear a t-shirt & jeans was in 2011. But seriously. What do I wearrrr!? Neither here nor there, the Friday Five show must go on.

Happy Friday, hope we can catch up on Monday! In the meantime, comment & let me know what fun shenanigans you're up to this weekend.

This song. On repeat. All day. Errryday, until I hate it & don't want to hear it again until 2018.

Wednesday night was pizza on the grill. We didn't roll the homemade route because #lazy. Or even the "homemade" using naan route. The BF & I just straight up bought one of the take & bake pizzas from Aldi & plopped it on the grill. But it was delicious & with a salad from the garden far from being the least balanced meal I've ever had.

I watched Parenthood on Netflix a few months back. I was hit hard when the series ended. Like, I had just spent months connecting with this family (on my computer screen, but still) & now there was no more. I'm about to hit that point with Friday Night Lights too & IDK what I do then. I'll probably just bumble around my house for a day or 2, doing some extra reading & cleaning. & then I'll need a new Netflix show, once I finally accept that this one is over. Tell me I'm not the only one who gets this way.

I grew up in Cincinnati, I've been to that zoo a million times (and never fallen in the gorilla pit) & even spent over 250+ volunteer hours there during high school.

| side note | My opinion below, highlight to see, if you care...or keep scrolling & enjoy the meme if you don't. :)
I think unfortunately, the zoo was put in a rough spot. But, I do think that these were the very people most educated to make this decision. & the very people who had the most knowledge of this animal.

I also think that it's very interesting how many people are upset about this particular animal, but probably discussed it all while eating a hamburger on Memorial Day. Why is this animal more important? I'm not even a vegetarian...just curious.

I haven't downloaded this app...but I did use Triposo on my trip to Europe & I LOVED how it worked offline & included phrases, currency conversions & that I could search // save things in each city. So, I could search food near me while standing on a random street in Venice & could see things nearby along with reviews. The maps, even offline were super detailed.

This new app, Walter, sounds like it would be great. I often can't tell by looking at a map how far something might be walking distance. 

This sounds like it would be great for use while traveling, or even exploring your own city in an area you don't know very well. I haven't downloaded it, so take this all with a grain of salt. But, I think I just might before my next big trip. Let me know if you do download it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What's your favorite travel app?
What's your favorite show (available on Netflix)?
What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I never thought about putting the ready to bake pizza on the grill, genius! I definitely get like that with shows on Netflix. I loved Friday Night Lights. Other shows I've watched on Netflix are Gilmore Girls and the West Wing if you haven't seen those.

    1. I haven't seen either! I watched Gilmore Girls occasionally when it was originally airing. But I know so many people love it, I may have to check it out!

  2. Ahaha I love your way of including your opinion in this post! From what I've seen, it seems people are less angry at the zoo and more angry at the mother of the child. I think that it's easy for people to get mad about this because the child is okay; if the child had died I think people would be a lot less upset about the gorilla being shot. It seems like we've heard a lot of stories lately involving careless humans and wild animals, and I think people have just had enough of it. It's very rattling for a lot of people and when something scares us we tend to react in anger.

    1. I definitely agree with that. I also figured not everyone gave 2 hoots about my opinion, so, I'm glad this was clever. I wonder unfortunately too if the animal makes a difference. This happened with hyenas at the Pittsburgh Zoo a few years ago, but with a not so great outcome for the child. Would anyone care if hyenas were shot? I really don't know.

  3. i also love the way you included your opinion in this post. KC and I were talking about this and we both thought the mother was an idiot, however even if she did try and stop the zoo from killing the animal, even if she did say yes it's my fault... the zoo would not listen to her. so ultimately it's her fault for not looking after her kid, but the zoo's choice to kill the animal. and i totally agree about the whole hamburger/vegetarian thing. KC is a meat and potatoes guy, but he has a hard time eating or thinking about animals that are close to humans - like pigs, cows and gorillas (and other.. um.. monkey things i'm sorry i'm not smart). what blows my mind though, is how it was even possible. i have never been to a zoo where there was a possibility i could fall or climb under a barrier to see any animal, unless it was like a bird or something small that couldn't hurt me. like i'm sure this zoo is great but why was there a gap? i don't get it.
    as for this weekend - KC will be gone tonight so i have the house to myself and i'm going to sit on my ass and do nothing. and then tomorrow and sunday i am going to do more ass sitting and nothing doing. i can't wait.
    your take and bake is better than my straight up frozen digiornos.
    i totally wear jeans to a bar! maybe not a tshirt, but.. a tank top? a cute one? i used to wear dresses to clubs when i was younger, but there aren't really 'clubs' here, only what i would call 'bars' and i don't dress up that much for them. except when i do. i'm rambling, my brain is tired. have a good weekend!

  4. Those pizzas on the grill look delish!!!
    I want to start watching Parenthood but I keep hearing of all the broken hearts about it ending - do I want that in my life ;) haha

  5. I hope the Bridal Shower/Bachelorette is a HUGE success so all the effort and fuss is just a distant memory! ;)

    That Walter app sounds AWESOME! Definitely need to look into that!

  6. Okay, so I love you for including your opinion as a white out!? You're a genius. Here's how I feel - I'm ONLY angry about the animal dying (as a fellow meat eater) because it was due to complete and utter negligence on the mother's part. Because my whole thing is okay - any parent will tell you they've turned for a split second and seen some crazy shit with their kids or lost them. Hell, the other day I felt HORRIBLE because I turned around to grab something at the grocery store and another customer had to tell me Ryan was STANDING IN THE SEAT OF THE CART. The difference here, in my opinion, is that it wasn't a split second. It had to be at least a few minutes of climbing and getting as far as he did. Also, if Ryan had previously told me that he wanted to stand in the cart, I would watch him like a hawk. The other thing that kind of bugs me (as a mom) was how calm she was (though that can OBVIOUSLY be a personality thing.) If that was Ryan, the SECOND I saw him my ass would be in there dragging him out before he even got that far. But this is all just my opinion. I just feel like people are using the "things happen" reasoning way too much. Because yes, things happen. Not parent is perfect and I can attest to that. But this is not one of those things that should have been able to happen.

    On another note, that app looks AWESOME.

  7. I absolutely LOVE grilled pizza. I cried when Parenthood ended. Hands down my favorite show ever.

  8. Ooooh FNL. That was a tough one to let go of. I followed it up with Nashville because I missed Connie Britton haha. I really liked Daredevil, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black, and most recently, rewatching Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy from the beginning :) Definitely going to check out that app- thanks for sharing!

    1. OINTB's new season comes out soon, bu I know I'll cruise through that in a week or less. I did fall in love with Connie Britton, so maybe Nashville will be next for me. I didn't know she was in that!

  9. Sounds like you had a pretty eventful weekend!!! I hope this week has been a little less busy! ;-)


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