Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Would you Rather?

So I originally saw this survey on Exploring Life and Things and thought it was a fun little post idea. Don’t forget to play along in the comment below!

Would You Rather…

Be an amazing actress or singer?
  • Definitely a singer. How I wish that all the tunes I belted out in the car sounded as good as they did in my head. Seriously. Car acoustics are the best. Followed by shower acoustics.
Go camping in the mountains for the weekend or get a hotel on the beach?
  • Camping in the mountains. The BF & I actually spent this last weekend on a 3 day // 2 night backpacking trip. And while the third day was rough, I wouldn't trade it.

Have to sit all day or stand all day?
  • Stand. For sure. While my job before this one was terrible in general, I will say I was up and moving all day & it was great. I'm exploring how to get a standing desk at work. Sitting all day is the worst.
Have a night out on the town or night in with Netflix?
  • Give me Netflix or give me death. But seriously. Get home. Remove bra. Watch Netflix. Drink wine. Pretty much my ideal night.
Lose $1,000 or lose all of your phone contacts?
  • All my phone contacts. I text like 4 people anyways. I already know half of their numbers by heart. I have faith that people would text me eventually.
Go by your first or middle name?
  • First name. My middle name is not go-by-able. My big gripe with my name has always been its lack of options. I'm Jessie. It's not short for Jessica, it's just Jessie. So, what are my options...Jessie, or Jess. My middle name is not an option. I've always been sad at my lack of nickname potential.
Go skiing/snowboarding or water-skiing?
  • Water-skiing? I love water, but don't know if I'm coordinated enough. Can we say tubing & call it a day?
Have a kangaroo or koala as a pet?
  • Kangaroo. For sure. I respect the pouch. He could hide snacks in there.
Eat cookies or french fries?
  • French fries. I think. I'm usually into salty more than sweet. And really, they're just a vessel for getting Heinz Ketchup into my mouth. Mmm.
Be hot all the time or cold all the time?
  • Cold. But seriously. As my Dad once said when I complained about the house being cold, "You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so many off".
Read the book or watch the movie?
  • Read the book
Drink hot or iced coffee/tea?
  • Hot coffee! I love the feeling of wrapping my hands, which are always cold, around a big warm mug. 

Be able to exist healthily without food or without sleep?
  • Sleep. I could never give up food. Plus, I spend way more time sleeping that I do eating.
Live in a small town or big city?
  • Big city. I love the size of Pittsburgh. Which, compared to NYC or Boston isn't quite a big city, but it's a far cry from a small town. I love all the things going on. I love that there are tons of local businesses. And I love that there are just enough people that I'm always meeting someone new.

Cook a gourmet meal at home or order take-out from an upscale restaurant?
  • While grabbing take-out sounds like a great option. I do really enjoy cooking. It's just the dirty dishes I don't enjoy. I like being able to try new things, take my time & taste test along the way.
Wear pajamas or a dress suit everywhere, every day?
  • PJs. Dress suits are the worst.
Have a year without paying taxes or an extra month of paid vacation?
  • No taxes for a year! I could buy myself some extra days off. :)
Live without music or television?
  • Television? While I know Netflix is TV, I don't even own a literal TV nor do I have cable right now. It just wasn't worth the effort. So, I don't watch a ton of TV. Except for when I binge watch Netflix.
Take a European sight-seeing vacation or relaxing Caribbean vacation?
  • Europe! Having just returned from my first trip to Europe I was so mesmerized. All the history is fascinating.  Also, I just really can't sit around and soak up the sun. For one thing, I am way too pale, I just get crispy. And for two, it lasts about 25 nanoseconds before I'm bored and need to be up & moving. As far as Europe goes, I'll be back with Part 2 of my Slovenia recap tomorrow.

Would you rather eat cookies or french fries?
Mountains or beach?
PJs or dress suit?


  1. Ha, I love the kangaroo for the snack hiding options. That's so true! I'm with you on the Netflix and night in too. Getting old is so tough. I'd rather eat cookies - I have a massive sweet tooth, but french fries are hard to turn down. And I could NEVER eat french fries without ketchup. Beach vs mountains would literally depend on my mood, I love both. Right now, I'd say mountains!

    1. My ideal combo is really cookies AND french fries, sweet & salty...but that seemed like a cop out. It's would you rather, not choose both. Haha.

  2. Oh, I enjoy these questions! I would be answering them and asking someone to answer too. I love these as a way of getting to know someone (or even yourself!). So fun, right? :)

    1. Definitely. They're the fun questions, not serious but definitely make you think!

  3. I love this series of questions and may have to steal them :) I love both the mountain and beach but if I had to choose, I'd go with the beach.

    1. Steal away Chaitali! Mountains & beach are why I loved Hawaii so much, you could easily spend time doing both!

  4. I loved this.
    Yep - let me loose my contacts - I dont want to give up $1000
    & as much as I love the mountains & hate the beach, I'd still choose the hotel at a beach - I get sick every time we would camp with the youth - the dampness KILLS me in the morning.
    Who picks a dress suit over PJs? They need serious help

    1. Dampness in the morning is the worst. Everything is just sort of dewy. I completely agree. It's why my camping limit is like 3 days at a time.

  5. Hahah "can we go tubing and call it a day" I just laughed. Love that. Love tubing. Okay and I'm the same when it comes to traveling.. I'd way rather be doing things more than relaxing. I could do that maybe for 1 day and then I'm like "okay what's next." So excited for more of your Europe posts!

    1. I can relax just fine at home, I don't need to travel thousands of miles away to relax. :)

  6. Cool post idea! I was nodding my head in agreement with almost every single one of these except for the taxes/vacation one. I can't buy myself extra vacation days, and I would be in heaven with an extra month. I'd turn down any salary increase for that. ALso the hot/cold one. Don't get me wrong, being hot all the time is the pits, but I've always had a special hatred for being cold. It just gets to me.

    1. If I couldn't buy myself more days I would definitely take the extra month. I would 100% turn down a salary increase for an extra month. The money isn't the problem, the time is!

  7. love this would you rather, might have to borrow it from you :) i totally agree with the read the book rather than watch the movie the book is almost always better! gourmet take out is never as good as it is when you dine in. when i travel sometimes i dont want to eat alone so ill get it to go, but its never the same. sadly

    1. Steal away Rachael!

      Some foods just aren't meant to be take-out. & I think that's how fancy food is. I can't imagine getting a fancy steak dinner in a to-go container!

  8. This was such a fun post to read, what a fun idea! I'm cookies all the way--sweet over salty always :) I think I'd take the beach, although I'd have to be in some shade with a book. And the PJs/Dress Suit is a tough call. For me I think I'd get more done in the dress suit so I'd have to go with that option!
    Shea |

    1. You're probably right about getting more done in a dress suit...I should take a page out of your book!

      Thanks for stopping by Shea. :)

  9. These surveys are always so fun! As for me? Cookies, always. Beach (if it's warm) and PJ's fer sure ;)

    1. Y'all are making me regret my french fries decision instead of cookies! Haha, I really love salty & sweet together. Like a bite of cookie, handful of fries. Repeat. Mmm.

  10. I answered the same as you for most of these. I'm all about staying in instead of going out. I have about the same number of people I text...mostly just my mom & husband!

    1. Yup, my Mom, the BF & my HS BFF. That's pretty much it for me too. I have 99% of the contact list I do just in case I need them for something. It's virtual hoarding at its worst!


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