Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Good Things to Try

...running a new race
...travelling somewhere new
...making new friends
...leaving behind old friends

What's something that scares you?


  1. Skydiving definitely scares me - this girl cannot do heights! That said, I want to challenge that fear and do a ropes course sometime!

  2. Ha, skydiving is definitely on the list of things that scare me! I'm not sure I'll ever try that one. The idea of running a full marathon still scares me but I am flirting with doing that one.

  3. Running a marathon! I want to run one someday so bad but it terrifies me haha. Also, traveling abroad alone. I would love to do that one day too. Hey looks like I'm visiting the right blog right? Haha.

  4. OHHHH NO WAY about the skydiving :) My husband wants to do it. I am so fearful of it, I dont even want him to try. Let's all just keep our feet on the ground, m'kay? :)

  5. A trainer I worked with years ago told me to try things I didn't think I liked or was afraid to do. That's how I started running & doing yoga, so it was great advice!

  6. Leaving behind old friends is so hard but sometimes really necessary. I think making new friends is the scariest! I'm not very good at it.


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