Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 People you Meet on an Airplane

While I never sleep that well on long overnight flights, I'm always too hot, too cold, or too something. I think I prefer them than long daytime flights. On my way to Europe I had a long overnight flight that I passed by half sleeping, half watching movies & half eating & before I knew it, we had landed.

My return flight left at 1PM local time, which meant I was wide awake for the whole 9 hours, which included 3 movies, 1 bad TV show, 2 meals, 2 snacks, 8 beverage services & LOTS of people watching.

I discovered there are 5 types of people on EVERY airplane. And if you don't remember seeing one of these people on your last flight, news flash, it's because you're that person. I'm linking up with Amanda today to share.

Any types of people I missed? Chime in down below in the comments!

1. The Talker
This person wants to chat. They want to tell you their life story, or all about their vacation & maybe even show you pictures. Headphones do not seem to deter them, nor do comments about going to sleep or lack of engagement in their stories.

Entertaining when this person is sitting within earshot.
Awful when they're your seat mate.

2. The Bathroom Goer
This person always has a middle or window seat. Never an aisle. And seems to have no bladder control. On our 9 hour flight, one woman used the bathroom 8 times that I counted. How does anyone live if they have to seek out a bathroom every hour? What, did she have a coffee drip set up?

3. The Sick-ie
This person is coughing, or sneezing, or sniffling, or all three. And the only thing I can then spend my 9 hour flight thinking about is their germs spewing into the air that we are all now going to recirculate until we land. Maybe airport security should be less concerned with half full bottles of water & more concerned with these bio-hazards who expose everyone else to their disease.

4. The Overpacker
This person who took carry-on + 1 personal item to mean 2 duffel bags + a small purse & then spends an extra 5 minutes wriggling their way through the aisles & even more time figuring out how to shove their shit into the overhead bins.

Bonus : This person will then take additional time to disembark the plane & probably packed so heavy she will need help getting her bags out of the overhead bins.

She is always sitting directly in front of you & therefore will delay you.

| Side Note | She also checked a bag. And will be gone for less than a week.

5. The Mover & Shaker
Now, one of these is sitting behind you & pulls on your seat EVERY TIME they get up to go to the bathroom or adjust themselves. Have these people never used their ab muscles?! Or is under the age of 5 & finds seat kicking rather enjoyable. Is it better than the kid sobbing the entire flight? I really don't know.

One is sitting in front of you & continues to recline their seat, making it impossible for you to enjoy your "Complimentary Entertainment" selections & use your tray table normally. They also probably have a pillow or a blanket awkwardly invading your personal space as if their reclined seat wasn't doing a good enough job already.

What's your least favorite type of person to sit next to on the plane?
Aisle seat or Window seat? -- I know no one would pick a middle.

Question : Do you guys like travel recaps? Like something I did with my New Zealand trip? Or maybe something like a travel guide? Where to eat // sleep & what to do for different areas? Or do you not care at all?

| Side Note | One way or another I'm posting trip pictures ;)


  1. I'm the "crying flyer" :) haha... I always cry during take off because of nerves. HATE flying.
    & also the "Crafty flyer" - I'm always knitting, crocheting or coloring when I fly - anything to distract!!!
    I'm a window seat person. if I can't see outside, I get all sorts of loopy. I feel like we're spinning & rotating if I can't see the horizon outside the window. Someone shut a window one time on me & I had the biggest panic attack. I HAVE to see outside - sorry if the sun is blinding everyone else.

  2. I'm the 'talker...' I am guilty as charged. :D I love travel recaps, and I really loved following your New Zealand recap. I would love to see more.

  3. I've been pretty lucky not to have come across many of these kind of people on planes, but I've been super unlucky with people hogging the arm rest or encroaching onto MY turf lol. And I always go for the window seat - I like to see outside :)

  4. This is so true. Although, I will admit - I'm that person who always has to pee (but I always get an aisle seat) and I'm the overpacker too. I may not be the best travel companion!

  5. Hahaha omg this is awesome. I just laughed out loud at the "overpacker" picture. Yes, I want to read so much about your travels. Basically all of it! haha.

  6. Yes yes yes to this, haha! I am unfortunately the pee-er though who ALWAYS manages to get stuck between non-pee-ers.

    The last time we flew to the US (14 hours for that leg) somehow we ended up in the two middle seats of the middle row and we had two guys on either side of us who did not get up once to go to the bathroom (how is that physically possible?!) and were almost constantly asleep.

    Both Jesse and I needed to pee so we'd watch them and as soon as one of them woke up, we'd get them to move and both go out that side only to do it to the other a few hours later, haha!

  7. i love travel recaps :) i always try and condense mine into one post so they are easier for people to search and find down the line, but also because i know not everyone loves them. i never sleep on overnight flights either, it would be a lot easier if i did!

  8. lol i'm the bathroom goer, and the person described in the text-picture of the over packed ;D i always have to watch my water intake when i fly, but i love planes and flying! hah

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