Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Goals : March

First off, my February recap. Overall I think the month was a bust on the goals front. Pretty much every other sentence out of my mouth was about New Zealand, and frankly it's about all I thought about. So, let's chalk it up to an off month, summarize & move on.

{10 push-ups + 10 squats}
I failed HARD on this in February. So, I'm stuck. Do I keep going for the rest of the year & makeup the days I missed (A LOT) do I keep going but forget about all the days I've missed, or do I scrap this all together but still focus on completing lots of push-ups? I still don't have the answer yet.

Meh, fine, I stretched a moderate amount. Success?

{3 item to-do list
Fail? I was pretty productive all month long. It was a short month + vacation, so my total days home was low, but I give myself an A on doing things versus sitting like a toad watching Netflix all night.

{continue to track meals using MFP}
I'll give myself a C+. I tracked a lot of meals, but since I eat the same thing most mornings & repeat recipes often I didn't track every little thing that went in my mouth. I need to get back to it though. I've packed on a few LBs since my Whole30 ended & I don't like it.
{no workouts missed}
I did pretty great. This included going to the gym one day during lunch to get my miles in since I slept in. If you know me, this is a big deal. I HATE the gym at lunchtime. My NZ vacation meant no gym workouts, but we were constantly on the move, walking around town, hiking up hills, it was a very active vacation.

{keep my minimalist momentum}
The bags & bags of t-shirts & clothes I never wear made it to Goodwill, along with lots of kitchen stuff that I had duplicates of, because when was I ever going to use 4 identical spatulas all at the same time? Never. It felt really great to get all that out. Progress stalled for vacation, but I'm ready to kick it up a notch again. I want to get 3 more bags // boxes of stuff OUT OF MY HOUSE by month end.

{pack for NZ using only carry-on luggage} 
The daily temperature in NZ ranged from 48 - 84 while we were there, warming up quickly once the day began & the sun popped out. But changing again when we hit any type of elevation. But, this was a raging success. I could have even packed a little less as there were several things I did not wear at all. And a few things I wish I had brought instead. As is life. More lessons learned before my next trip in April. I'll aim for carry on only on that trip as well.

So, my March goals

{find & rock a 5K}
I had my heart set on the Mad March Dash 5K. That may not happen. But regardless, I want to race & rock a 5K in March & hit my goal of a sub 25 race.

{keep my minimalist momentum}
Like I said above. I want 3 more bags o' shit out by month end. I CAN DO THIS.

{go shopping}
I shouldn't have to make this a goal, but I REALLY do not like clothes shopping. I feel like things always fit me awkwardly & the dressing room mirrors do nothing for my body image. But, I would really like a few pieces to round out my wardrobe for the upcoming warm months. Including, a new pair of flats (before my current brown ones bite the dust), a few casual // comfortable dresses & new skinny jeans.

{read 3+ books}
I'm up to 4 books read in 2016 so far. I could have easily crushed another on all the plane rides during my trip, but I only brought one. I'm in the middle of 2 more light reads & hope to put some more great things on hold at the library soon.

{3 item to-do list}

What are your March goals?
Shopping : Love it or hate it?


  1. I'm almost at 300 days on MFP - I can't believe it! Gotta keep that up.
    & I want to work my abs in March. Some how, some way - every day!
    I need to make the goal of shopping :)

    1. I'm impressed. 300 days is an impressive streak!

      I like that 'work the abs' goal. Super doable. Ab exercises can be done anywhere!

      I went shopping today & got a few pieces, so far so good!

  2. Wow, impressive that you kept all your workouts with your vacation! And I'm also impressed that you just used carry on bags. That's my goal for my May trip to Iceland, just travel with carry on. We'll see how that goes.

    1. You can do it! I usually re-wear everything except socks & underwear. Look on Pinterest, there are tons of great carry-on packing guides.

      I am also so excited to hear about Iceland! It's on my bucket list!

  3. I'm not much of a shopper either. It's great, because I don't spend as much money, but I too have a pretty stale wardrobe. I end up doing most of my clothes shopping online and buying pretty much all of the from the same place (ModCloth). Why make it more work than it needs to be? :-)

    That March goals graphic is lovely, good luck on everything! I'm excited for March to be here, my biggest goal is to have an awesome 29th birthday next Saturday :-). Can't wait to get caught up on your NZ trip

    1. Never tried ModCloth, but am always hesitant to order things online, I should try though, they have a warehouse literally walking distance from my house.

      Thanks, I made it in Canva. Which I LOVE.

      And happy early birthday!

  4. yay congrats on carry on only packing! that's fabulous. on the push ups etc i would probably start again without trying to catch up.. that's just me personally. vacation always throws me off all of the routines and stuff. but good job on working out, seriously, that's awesome!
    i love shopping, unfortunately. a little too much haha.

    1. That's what I'm kind of thinking for the push-ups // squats. I feel like it will feel like starting from scratch though. Unfortunately.

      Man. Teach me your ways to love shopping. It's not even that I have great self control, I just genuinely can't find anything I love, that fits & therefore is worth buying.

    2. i get that. have you heard of stitch fix? i know a lot of people who love it when they hate shopping, because they don't have to do the actual shopping. but it can be expensive, which a lot of people hate. my mum loves to shop, so i grew up shopping. believe me, i'd rather be like you - i have a serious addiction and a bit of debt to show for it. it's not good lol

    3. I have, but I've always been hesitant. Maybe I should just take the plunge. I think I may have awkward body proportions. Also known as a big butt & not so big waist. I guess there are worse problems. Couple that with being terrible un-stylish & I have no idea what I am doing. Haha

  5. I love the way you keep up with your goals here! I need to get back on MFP tracking my food, but dang it takes so much time. I can't wait to hear what 5K your going to rock! I'd love to get a sub 28! ;)

    1. My only saving grace with MFP is I tend to repeat the same stuff over & over again. Or if I'm lazy, not worry about entering my exact recipe but just use one that I find using the search feature. Sometimes I'll eat the same thing all week & either only track one day, or just copy it from day to day.


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