Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fairfield Food Pantry 5K Race Recap

If you are too lazy to read, let me summarize...
Did I meet my sub-25 goal -- sort of.
Am I pleased with myself -- sort of.
Am I disappointed with myself -- sort of.
Is my 5K goal for 2016 met -- nope.
^Helpful, aren't I? But seriously. Just keep reading. It's easier that way.

I raced the 1st annual Fairfield Food Pantry 5K benefiting the Fairfield Food Pantry, in a suburb of Cincinnati. Prior to registering I had emailed the RD to get answers to a few questions that the website did not address. One was about course measurement. The other about timing. After I received satisfactory answers about both questions I registered.

Packet pick-up was easy peasy & I hung out in my car until about 15 minutes before start time. I'm told there were 187 total participants, so I ended up one of the first across the start line. Immediately I was passed by two women. One kept gaining distance, but I stuck with the second. The course began on a park road before leading to a paved trail through a small wooded area & the turn-around point.

Mile Splits : 7:28, 8:00, 7:29

I started out fast, held on during the middle & spent the last .30 feeling like I might puke. Which was really not my plan at all. Pacing has never been my strong suite.

Unfortunately when I finished the race, my Garmin read 2.94 miles. & others showed similarly short courses. I did do a rockin' job of running the tangents, but not a .16 good job, as the course should be measured via tangents. So, I ran sub 25. In fact, I finished in 22:58.54, with a 7:48 average pace. Could I have held that for another .16 miles. Probably. Which would still have me cross the finish line in under 25 minutes. BUT, did I technically run a whole 5K? Nope. 

I crossed the finish line as the 3rd female, & decided to stick around for the awards knowing that there were 1-3 place awards for male & female finishers. Awards were held after everyone was off the course. When they called the 3rd place female, I expected to hear my name, but I didn't. After the awards were given out I wandered over to see the results & saw a name of the 3rd place woman, she had finished .09 seconds ahead of me. That bitch. She didn't even stick around for the awards. 

I didn't walk in with the goal of placing at this race, my goal was sub25. But then, I saw the small field of people mostly intending to walk & thought maybe I could do both. So I added placing to my goal list for the day. When I came up short of 3.1 & in 4th place I felt like I failed on both accounts. The BF tried to reason with me. I did run sub25 & if the course was really 3.1 I definitely could have run .16 in 2 minutes or less. So, somehow, instead of celebrating & feeling accomplished I just felt double disappointed.

So, I took this sad selfie. Had a brief pity party in my car before driving home for an early birthday // Easter dinner & a post-run Bourbon slush (someone, KY people, please tell me you know of Bourbon Slushes & it's not just something my Mom made up)

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Would you be disappointed?
How do you handle short races? 
Do you bother counting the time?
Did anyone race this weekend?


  1. Oh man! I can see how you could be bummed, but there's a lot of great takeaways from this race. Your average pace is awesome no matter the distance, and that you were .09 seconds from placing is a huge win. Congrats!

  2. I would be incredibly disappointed if I thought I placed-that really sucks for you!! But I would also keep this race tucked in my mind for the next one and just push harder-yes easier said than done, I know. Still, I think your paces were awesome :)

  3. That really sucks that the course was short :-( I try not to be a complainer but it gets under my skin when race courses are short. Like...you had one job. My 10K "PR" was run on a short course - it was only .09 short but I still never felt comfortable claiming that as my PR since I didn't actually run 10K. Which would be fine if I could go out and beat it on an accurate course, but I've run 3 10Ks since then and STILL have yet to beat that time. So annoying - I just want a real 10K PR!

    Anyway, I understand your disappointment but be proud of yourself. You ran a great and SUPER speedy race. And .09 seconds away is basically tying for 3rd! You'll get 'em next time :)

  4. .09 .... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so frustrating!!!!
    Dang it!
    & I hate it when courses are off. I've ran so many that are LONGER too & that's equally as frustrating.
    Glad you got a Bourbon Slush - & being a KY girl - EVERYTHING is created around here with Bourbon so that doesn't surprise me & is totally a thing :)

  5. That's disappointing that the course was short :( I only had that happen twice and both were themed fun run 5ks so I wasn't surprised. I ran a bit extra just so I had a 5k at least on my Garmin but I wasn't running those for time anyway. It would have been very disappointing to have put in all that effort for a goal time and have it be short. But on the plus side, at least you know you're capable of it now and have that confidence on your next attempt!

  6. oh man what a bummer! i would be disappointed too, when you have a goal in your head and circumstances out of your control (shorter course) make you not accomplish them that stinks...but hey you had some fantastic times for those miles!! now you just need to sign up for another 5k and kick its ass!

  7. Sorry but that pic is too funny! I would be mad at myself too. You did such a great job, yet still came up a bit short. Just more of reason to sign up for another one so you can crush it!

  8. Oh no! I would have been disappointed too. You definitely would have hit your goal if the course was the right distance!

  9. I HATE when the course is short and messes with a goal time!! That is super frustrating. I never know if I should count the time or not, so I get your frustration! Still, you had great splits and even if the course had been 3.1, you had that sub-25 in you!

  10. oh my word. i swear, i could feel rage bubbling up inside me. there is nothing more infuriating and disappointing than a course that isn't freaking correct. RAGE.

  11. Oh no! I would be totally bummed if that happened to me! You poor thing :(

    Congratulations for sticking it out and finishing the race though - and 0.09 seconds?! That's pretty much a tie in my mind!

  12. Oh that is too bad. Look at it this way, guarantee in your next race if you are planning to place you'll look at anyone .09 ahead of you and leave them in the dust just because of your experience in this, that's the one thing I love about running and racing, what it prepares us for in the future!
    But the photo is too funny, I imagine anyone would be a little bummed if that happens!
    That's too bad about the course being shorted. I don't like it when courses are short, I would prefer them even if they aren't going to get them certified, to just make sure it's a bit longer than shorter, then the runners can at least feel they finished the entire distance, even if a bit further!

  13. I hate it when the distance is not correct! That is just bad!!! You had a good time but I so get why you are upset I sure would be too!

  14. I hate it when the distance is not correct! That is just bad!!! You had a good time but I so get why you are upset I sure would be too!


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