Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adventurous : Wednesday Word

I think everyone has qualities or things they strive to be. Daily, as a person, I strive to be honest, loyal // faithful, committed, hardworking, kind & adventurous.

While I do not ever wish to make others jealous (okay, maybe on Facebook a little bit when it comes to the kids who were mean to me in middle school...) but I do aim to constantly keep myself on top of my game. I am constantly in search of a new challenge or new adventure. Something to keep life interesting.

Adventure to me is pushing my limits. Whether that's running a race as fast as I can or trying something totally out of my comfort zone, like Pilates. A reformed picky eater, green beans  are the only thing truly on my will not eat list. I make an effort to try at least one bite of everything & to always sample the local flavor whenever I travel.

I travel so I can discover new things & new adventures. I'm learning more that "some is better than none" trumps "go big or go home". I used to believe every adventure had to be huge & awe inspiring. Biking across the country or climbing a mountain. Running 2 marathons a mere 2 weeks apart. But I'm learning that's not true.

Adventure is the weekend hikes I take to new trails. It's the 12 miles I run at a faster pace than I thought I could. It's the crazy new recipe I tried. It's the solo Europe trip I'm heading out on. Adventure is facing totally unchartered waters with someone you love, having no idea how this forever business works. Adventure is making new friends in your 20's (because seriously that shit is hard. Anyone need new friends?). Life is an adventure if you do it right, if you constantly push the walls of your comfort zone.

I try to, I strive to. Always. I am adventurous.

What does adventure mean to you?
Tips for making friends in your 20's? - But seriously.
Any foods on your absolutely will not eat list?

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  1. I agree with your definition of adventure. Everyone has different limits, and what might feel tame to one person could be too much to another. And there are a lot of foods I won't try!

  2. I am SOOOO not adventurous. I'm someone who thinks of the worst possible outcomes of everything & then think, "nah" ... I wish I had more adventure in me - but safety & routine does me good :)

  3. I love this!! I think we can find adventure in everyday, whether it's just trying a new restaurant OR doing something more grand like a huge hike!

  4. I think my definition of adventure is a little different than the way most people define it nowadays. It seems like many people have this idea that adventure is supposed to be fun and glamorous and comfortable, but in my opinion, the value of adventure lies in the fact that it is uncomfortable, messy, scary, and challenging. It's exactly like you said: it's about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. It's not supposed to be easy and cute. It can be fun, of course, but some of my best adventures were in AmeriCorps, when I was living and working with 15 other people and sleeping on a mat on the cold floor of an old rec center and being uncomfortable pretty much every minute of the day. It wasn't until later that I realized how enriching that whole experience was and I even kinda missed it, but most people hear that and are like "no way I could never do that!"

  5. You're going on a solo trip to Europe? You are so cool. That definitely qualifies as adventure in my book! Some of my coolest stories are from doing things on my own. Adventures to me are spontaneous day trips, making recipes I never thought I could do, running a new trail, or trying a new exercise (i WILL try Crossfit someday, ha)!

  6. I love taking new trails and pushing my limits...that's what it's all about for me!

  7. I'd say you're quite adventurous! I love that you're heading to Europe alone. Have fun!

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. I am with you, to me adventure means getting out of your comfort zone or doing something out of the ordinary!

    As for tips on making friends in your 20's, I'm still trying to figure that one out haha! :P We have an incredible group of really close friends from our church as well as family friends, however, that's about it!

  9. I need tips for making friends in my 50s! I'm with you -- life needs to be interesting. Otherwise, what's the point? You never want to look back at your life and say "I wish I would have..."

  10. You make a great point! If you're only focusing on big adventures, you're probably going to have a few epic ones but you'll miss out on a lot. It's definitely more fulfilling to do smaller adventures that still take you to new places and give you new experiences.

    Hmmm making friends in your 20s... yea I'm struggling with that one, too! I have made some through blogging and through running, but my core group of friends are from college. We're all spread out now and we don't get to hang out too often. Plus I live in a rural area where the median age is around 60, so that definitely make it tough. Sorry I don't have any good tips!


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