Thursday, March 24, 2016

26 for my 26th : Facts about me

 My birthday is Sunday. Yay for birthdays! I enjoy getting to know other bloggers & feel like fun fact posts are a great way to do it.

I thought I would share 26 facts about me in honor of turning 26. I would love for you all to play along in the comments & share a random tidbit about yourself!

1. I cannot handle green beans. Like, the smell grosses me out. I always try one when they're served in hopes I'll have an a-ha moment & they'll be delicious. NOPE. They still make me want to gag, every time.

2. Really not a fan of even #'s. Wish I knew why.

3. To go along with #2, you'll see me setting my alarm for like 611AM, not 610 or 615. That would be too easy.

4. If I could eat one food every day for the rest of my life it might be soft pretzels with cheese. Beer cheese, super fake-y nacho cheese. Whatever. I love it all.

Soft pretzel stuffed with cheese & bacon. Life does not get better than this.
5. I don't carry a purse. It makes it too easy to be a hoarder. All of a sudden I've got like a box of granola bars, 2 bottles of water, a pair of (clean) socks, Tums, my planner, a pen & a library book in there. Trust me. It has happened.

6. I always end my gas purchases on the same cent value. My Dad always told me to do that when I was younger & it stuck. Not sure if it makes any difference, but it would be very easy to spot a gas purchase I did not make.

7. I ran 2 full marathons in 2011, but didn't run my first 5K until 2015.

8. I've owned 2 cars, both have been manual transmission. The first by force, the second by choice. I call it my built in anti-theft protection.

9. A D1 rowing scholarship is what brought me to college in Pittsburgh.

10. My first job was as an attendant at a combination laundromat // tanning salon, called the Wash & Tan. My second job was re-shelving books at the local library. I got to wear jeans + t-shirts, & listen to my iPod all day, it was pretty much perfect.

11. I picked my college major, Supply Chain Management, because I saw a house built out of shipping containers that I thought was neat. & I knew SCM could maybe help me get my hands on some old shipping containers. Bless my crazy brain because I'm so glad I picked it.

12. I was named after my great-grandfather. No, that's not a typo. Yes, my parents knew I was going to be a girl.

13. I've been to 48 states. It was my parents goal to get my brother & I to all 50.

14. I biked across the country (Jacksonville, FL to Monterey, CA in 2012, all 4,199 miles of it). And I have the grainy old cell phone picture of my tan lines to prove it.

15. I climbed (and summited) Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2015, find those posts here & here.

16. I'm not a lefty, but you'll usually find me eating left handed, or using my mouse left handed. Which I didn't notice until someone asked me about it a few years back.

17. I have a younger brother, who, proud big sister moment, hiked the WHOLE Appalachian Trail last summer. From Georgia to Maine. Crazy runs in the family.

18. In 2012, right after college graduation I chopped off all my hair & donated it. It's finally back past the length it was, 3.5 years later & I'm considering doing it all over again. Sans faux hawk of course.

19. I've never dyed my hair.

20. My parents are the king & queen of unique vacations. In 2011 we went to Minnesota & drove old retired war tanks. I got to use one to crush a car, which was pretty damn neat.

21. I found out I was allergic to Penicillin AFTER it was given to me following wisdom teeth surgery.

22. I'm living in my 5th house since 2012. I'm pretty much over moving.

23. I've spent several seasons coaching local rowing programs here in Pittsburgh. I loved every second of it. I hope to one day return, but right now my schedule just will not allow it.

24. My random roommate assignment for my freshman year of college was already a friend of mine from back home. We had originally decided not to room together, but student housing had a different plan. It worked out great.

25. I got locked in the zoo as a kid because my babysitter didn't pay attention to the announcements that the zoo was closing. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes before they unlocked the gates & let us out.

26. My 21st birthday consisted of going gambling & drinking strawberry daiquiris with my Mom at midnight. She's pretty much the best.

Share a random fact about yourself.
Can you relate to any of my tidbits?
Any former rowers // coxswains out there? 

I'm linking up with Amanda today to share.


  1. These are so great - I can't believe you ran two fulls before a 5k. And that cent value with gas - that is genius! I played baseball with the boys in high school, and I carried the Olympic Torch in 2002.

    1. Olympic Torch in 2002!? That's so neat! I definitely want to hear that story!

  2. Ok, these are some pretty epic facts! 48/50 states?! Which ones are you missing? And I'd seriously love to crush a car in a tank... which I realize sounds like the weirdest statement ever lol.

    1. I'm missing Kansas & North Dakota. Totally not the two people always assume. It was great. They actually let us take a baseball bat to the car first too, which was pretty neat.

  3. that gas thing is actually a pretty dang smart idea! That is one EPIC tan line! Good think you documented it...oh the days before selfies and taking pictures of everything :) im super jealous of you getting to crush a car with a tank that sounds like an amazing vacation...and it sounds like you had some amazing parents!

    1. My parents rock. But I definitely thought they were a little on the crazy side when I was growing up. Driving a tank was AWESOME!

  4. #2 is so funny because I'm the opposite, I hate odd numbers!! Except 5 because even though it's odd, it's pretty even, you know what I mean? That is actually one "random fact" I share about myself, too. I really really do hate odd numbers.

    I also don't carry a purse anymore for the same reason. I hate carrying so much crap around.

    That gas thing is a pretty smart idea!

    Oh and that's amazing that you biked across the country. So many great facts here!

    1. I know what ya mean. I actually sort of dislike 5 because while technically odd, it's very even. Haha.

  5. HAPPY Birthday girl! I love your tan line. :) I never tan like that. Wow, you really progressed quickly on running. From a 5k to 2 marathons in 1 year in 4 years of running is amazing. :)

    This is the day that the Lord has made! <3

    1. Thanks! I actually put on 50+ SPF every day & that still happened to me! There was no stopping it!

      Haha, actually the opposite. I regressed? Went from marathons to 5Ks. Marathons take forever!

  6. Oh happy almost birthday. Love that you hiked across the country, that tan line is insane. How long did it take your brother to thru hike the Appalachian trail? We're hoping to make it to Maine to hike the northern terminus of Katahdin this summer/fall.

    1. He hiked it in 100 days. But he had to be back to start grad school in the fall. Most of his hiking days were 20+ miles per day! He definitely did not stop to smell the roses.

      I bet that would be such an incredible hike. I've heard it's a fairly tough portion too.

  7. Happy birthday! These are such fun facts. I love the gas tip, but I live in NJ where we don't pump gas ;)

    1. Thanks! I'll never forget when my friend from Jersey first tried to get gas here in PA. She sat at the pump for a solid 3+ minutes before getting really frustrated & asking me when they would be out. I just started at her & then had to help her pump the gas because she never had before!

  8. I love reading facts about people too! Happy early birthday:) All 3 of my cars are manual transmission and I love them! Haha that's so cool. My dad is obsessed with them and I had so much anxiety/tears over learning how to drive them at 16 but now I don't ever want a car that's automatic. That's so cool you've been to 48 states! Which ones are you missing? That's impressive!

    1. That's so cool, I pretty much feel the same way about automatics vs manual now too. They're so much more fun to drive.

      I'm missing Kansas & North Dakota actually. Which sadly are nowhere near each other!

  9. Happy early birthday, girl!

    I feel like I need to go on vacation with your family! I bet you have so many crazy cool memories from their unique vacations!

  10. I love this!!!
    I try to limit my purses to small ones that can just hold my wallet or I'm the same way - I've had a book, snacks, baggies of treats, a manicure set - basically my whole bathroom in the purse.
    That tan line picture - HILARIOUS!
    I do the same thing with gas. I try to end it on certain numbers. My husband told me to do that so you can look at your bank statement & always know it was you getting gas :)

  11. this is the best. i am the opposite, i love even numbers and hate odd numbers lol. that's so smart about the gas purchases. i much prefer manual transmission, but i drive an auto. we have one auto and one manual and my husband prefers the manual car, so that's what he drives. that was a long, boring explanation haha. but i do prefer manual.
    holy moly you biked that far?! that is crazy and so is that tan! wow.


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