Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tanzania Safari Adventure

After 7 days spent hiking // summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro (which you can read about here & here) we all agreed our legs were ready for a rest. We packed our safari gear & headed out.

| side note | I apologize in advance for my inability to make this post super short. But seriously, AFRICAN SAFARI. I tried my hardest to only upload the best of the best pictures for each day. Considering how many I took, let's just say I promise you I did pretty good.

It was 2+ hours of driving from our starting point until we reached our safari destination for Day 1. Lake Manyara National Park. The main attraction at Lake Manyara is baboons & blue monkeys, though we managed to spot several other animals.

All told we spent about half a day driving through the park. Stopping in a quiet shaded area to enjoy a bagged lunch with our team. After driving around Lake Manyara we made our way to our safari lodge for the evening & retired early.

Day 2 was an early start as we had a lot to do. We first headed to an overlook of Ngorogoro Crater, our final destination for day 2. Before we descended into the crater we stopped at a local Maasai Village. While I'm certain much of what we saw was for show, it was riveting nontheless.

Ngorogoro Crater overlook

Maasai Village Dance
After visiting the Maasai Village we began our descent into the crater. Our descent was long & slow on the dirt road leading into the crater. Once we reached the floor, however, we were immediately rewarded.

Our game drives eventually brought us to the water. A large lake in the center of the crater. Our guides set up canopy between our two safari Jeeps and we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

A walk around the lake yielded this view. Four hippos enjoying the water & cooling off.
As we packed up the jeeps we began to wind our way towards the road that would take us up & out of the crater. While at first I fear this meant our day was drawing to a close it would be another 3 hours before we reached the road.

Our jeep came to a screeching halt as our driver noticed a lion off in the distance. He was just standing up & began walking towards us. He settled about a hundred feet away but was not satisfied. He wanted shade for his afternoon nap. He walked towards us again. This time settling about 20 feet away from our jeep.

Yawning before his afternoon nap
Cape Buffalo // Water Buffalo

Warthog...a real life Pumba
One last look back at Ngorogoro Crater
Our final day of Safari was spent at Tarangire National Park, a park famous for its large elephant populations and the Baobab trees so frequently equated with African landscape.
Baobab Tree
Almost immediately upon entering the park we saw elephants. 

But we happened upon a few other creatures too.

My favorite part of the day came as we were headed towards our lodge for the night. We happened upon this river, serving as a place to cool down & grab a drink for many elephants.

We followed the water the best we could while staying on the dirt roads accessible to vehicles. Where we came to this wallering spot. Elephants cooling off while rolling themselves in the mud. Words really cannot describe.

It's been just over a year since I returned from my African adventure. Now that I've finally managed to get all my posts up, it's almost time for my next adventure. I'll be New Zealand bound (South Island) in just a few short days.

Have you ever been on a safari?
What would be your must see animal? The elephants were amazing!
What's at the top of your vacation bucket list?

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  1. Wow. Just wow. You went on my dream trip!

    Probably lions. It's really too bad Africa doesn't have tigers cause they're so amazing!

    Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady. :)

    1. The lion was incredible & now it's my mission to see a tiger too!

  2. This is my DREAM trip. I'm so jealous! So many gorgeous photos. I'm sure it was a trip you will NEVER forget!

    1. It really was a dream, & a very hard trip to top!

  3. Oh my goodness... what an amazing thing to experience.
    I could have sat & watched those elephants all day long!!!

    1. We really did spend a lot of day 3 just sitting and staring. The elephants don't care that you're there if you stay far enough away from their babies. So you really can just sit & soak it all in

  4. WOW, God's creatures are incredible. I'm so glad that you got to do this. This is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks Emily, it really was the trip of a lifetime!

  5. Wow, those photos are AMAZING. What a fantastic experience!

    1. Thanks Allyson, I'm not a very learned photographer, or even one with a great camera, but when you have great subjects like these!? It's easy!

  6. this is AMAZING!!!!! It was on the bucket list before but dang you just made me want to go so much sooner!!!

    1. Definitely put it at the top of your list Rachael! Such an incredible trip!

  7. Wow - what an incredible adventure! Thank you so much for letting us live it vicariously through you!!!

    1. So glad to have a place to share all my wonderful pictures, or at least the best ones!


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