Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Workout Recap : 1/11 - 1/17

This week was the first week on my half marathon training plan. This was to be the start of my "build". I did okay. Missed a few parts of workouts here and there. I'm learning that I really do need to be up 10 or 15 minutes earlier in this cold weather to get my car warmed up & clear to drive. It's no fun, but neither is getting to the gym and already being short on time before I even get started.

So, I'm linking up with MarciaPatty & Erika today for Tuesdays on the Run as I recap my last week of workouts in training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 1st.

Monday : Rest
I made a conscious choice not to go to the gym in the morning, but my bag was packed & I was committed to going at lunch & getting my mile time trial done. And then, as I should know by now, going at lunch is a miserable experience that I wanted nothing to do with, so I didn't go.

Tuesday : Speed Pyramid // 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400
This one kicked my ass yet again. I did not yet add the 1600 to the top of the pyramid, which would mean an extra 1200 M rep in there. Nor did I do my 5 hill repeats at the end. I woke up to a decent dusting of snow so I was late to arrive once I finished dusting/scraping my car.

Wednesday : Strength training // Arms
I woke up. Exhausted. Started my morning routine...looking at the current feels like temp...-9 & then climbed back in bed. Joke was on me, because it wasn't any warmer when I woke up an hour + later. So, I sucked it up & went to the gym at lunch to get some strength training in. I still hate it. So, morning workouts it is.

Thursday : Treadmill Run // 3 miles easy
I was tired & I got out of bed anyways. 3 snooze buttons later, but it happened. I didn't get a chance to lift after my run, I prioritized stretching instead. But I did get my 3 miles in. Even my easy pace felt harder than usual. But I managed to bump up my pace a bit each mile just for some variety.

Friday : Strength training // Full body
Shrugs, not much to say. Got the job done.

Saturday : 8 mile run // 9:39 pace + 3 - 4ish mile hike
I was a little scared leading up to my Saturday run. My 3 mile run the weekend prior had been pretty terrible & I feared 8 miles would go even worse. I made sure to eat lots of healthy carbs Friday night & have a protein & fat packed breakfast early Saturday. While this pace definitely took more effort than usual, I'll chock some of that up to the relentless wind & take this as a W-I-N!

This elevation chart shows our 8 mile route from Saturday, but it looks pretty dramatic for a route that had no steep hills, just some gradual hills & bridges.

The BF & I headed out for a slow & easy afternoon hike. It was nice to get some more fresh air but we definitely loped along & took our sweet time, stopping to identify a few plants along the way & take a few pictures.

Sunday : 7 - 8ish mile hike
We roped the BF's sister into coming hiking with us. Since the BF & I had a fairly active Saturday we agreed to keep the pace slow & just hike until we stopped having fun. Well, we were having a great time, and kept hiking, only to realize about 2 hours in that we had hiked much further than we thought & still had a ways to go back to the car. Between all the #'s on different phones & fitness devices we're calling it somewhere between 7 & 8 miles hiked. Not bad for our leisurely pace. We made it back just in time before the weather started to suck.

What time of day do you like to work out?
Love or hate the treadmill?
What's your next workout going to be?


  1. I do all of my weekday workouts before work. It is really hard to get out of bed sometimes, but it is so worth it to have my evenings free. Life is so much smoother since I started training in the morning when I know I will almost never have scheduling conflicts - it's so nice not having to scramble to figure out when I'm going to get workouts in during the day/evening. It has also forced me into more of a routine, which is just good for my daily life overall. It doesn't work for everyone, but if it can work with your schedule, it is so worth it to try to make it work!

    I don't mind the treadmill, in fact, I like it sometimes. It's good for speed work and sometimes even hill work, because it can give me harder hills than I can find around here.

    1. I am with you 100%, on not minding the treadmill so much & on morning workouts. I truly will not go after work. It's just too easy to come up with an excuse!

  2. I have to workout in the morning. I know after a long day at work I'm not going to get anything done. Once I realized that I honestly feel a lot more motivated. I actually don't mind the treadmill as much because it can get workouts in that I can't get when running locally.

    1. Yes! I so agree, Hollie. Though I need to work on getting some of that motivation back.


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