Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WIAW #5 : Why I'm pretty sure Whole 30 is NOT for me

I'm currently a little past halfway in my Whole 30. I had previously attempted one in 2014, but fell face first into a whole pepperoni pizza on moving day. So, word of advice, don't try to coordinate moving apartments during your Whole30. I decided to try again this January for a few reasons. I felt like I had really let my healthy eating balance slip away in November & December. Too many mediocre office cookies, holiday parties & exotic cheese sales at the grocery store had me feeling a little blah.

Rather than try to steer myself back into a healthy eating balance I decided to go "cold turkey". Cut out the sweets, the junk, the booze (not that I was over the top). So here I am halfway through & I want to quit, I won't, because I need to prove to myself I can make it the 30 days...but so far, Whole 30 is NOT living up to the hype.

I ate some good food this week, and I'm linking up for WIAW to share my eats, but as I go, here are 3 reasons I don't think Whole 30 is for me.

1. I already know how many food groups affect me.
Part of what Whole30 is so good for is finding out how different food groups or even specific foods may be negatively impacting your health. Dairy is one such example.
Greek yogurt ? Love it & my body agrees.
Ice cream ? Love it & my body will pay for it later, so it's a conscious decision I make on whether or not it's worth it.

B-Fast : Steamed apples, almond butter, coconut flakes + cashews

2. Nutrient deficiencies
I've been told from an early age that due to family history, ample calcium is something I should be very focused on. While I'm not a fan of cow's milk I have always been able to supplement with things like greek yogurt, fortified almond milk, beans & calcium rich vegetables. However, in cutting 3 of those sources from my diet this is something that I've found concerning.

Lunch : Shredded chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper, avocado & sweet potato

3. Lack of energy
I go to bed exhausted, I wake up exhausted, paces during runs that used to be a breeze now take concerted effort. I keep waiting, hoping, believing I will get to a morning where I wake up with boundless energy, ready to tackle the day. Everyone says I will. But I'm still waiting. In the meantime craving things like oatmeal, homemade chili with beans, greek yogurt & rice. And a glass of wine too please.

Dinner : Chicken Apple sausage, bell pepper, avocado, sweet potato, mushrooms

While I don't think Whole 30 is for me some good has come of my experiment so far.

1. Tasty Food
Not that what I was eating before was not tasty, but a reminder that I genuinely enjoy the taste of many healthy foods. Vegetables specifically. It's been a friendly reminder to make sure to keep my veggie intake up up up.

2. Renewed awareness of ingredient labels
There really is some weird stuff in food that just doesn't need to be there. Like why does chicken broth have so many ingredients? It takes FOUR ingredients to make it myself. Chicken carcass, water, onion & carrots. Salt if I'm feeling fancy. For something that takes about 10 minutes of active effort on my part I can save myself some $$$ & a chemical shit storm & just make it myself.

3. Weight Loss
I feel slimmer and my belt buckle is a notch tighter in order to keep my pants up. I'm not certain if this is true sustainable weight loss, or lack of bloating from eating so clean, but I'll be interested to re-evaluate at the end of the challenge. I took progress pictures to start and I'll be doing the same thing at the end of 30 days..

While I know a lot can happen in 14 days and I'm over here fingers & toes crossed it will, I think next time I feel out of balance I'll handle it on my own, sans Whole30.

Do you have a positive (or negative) Whole 30 experience to share?
Anyone else look at ingredient labels in the grocery store?
How many avocados in a day is too many avocados? -- I'm asking for a friend. :)


  1. I really wanna try whole 30 but I think i would have a hard time giving up greek yogurt and oatmeal!

    1. I would say that if you're heart is not 100% in it it's very difficult, so definitely weigh the pros & cons!

  2. I've thought about doing it, but I think God has me in the place right now that I'm at, and I'm pretty happy.

  3. I did a whole30 for maybe 2 weeks and was pretty miserable (and not in the normal way they say you'll be) I felt like I was such an inconvenience to my family, and was so bored with food. I agree that it got me 'back on track' in a way in thinking about food and looking at labels,but I'm not sure I would attempt/complete a full one.

    1. YES. That's how I'm feeling right now. I would have thrown in the towel but I am too stubborn.

  4. Really great to hear one of the not so often heard sides of the Whole 30 Diet. I know it works wonders for some people, but that's just it - some people. We're all created differently. Thank you for putting your experience out there and showing people it's OKAY if Whole 30 doesn't work for them.

    1. Thanks, it's tough. I sort of felt like I was the only one it wasn't working for.

  5. I've been very intrigued with it b/c of my GI issues, but it just seems so inconvenient to life! I've been the person who won't eat any pizza at the pizza party, and I don't really want to be that person again.

    1. I will say January has been sort of a convenient month. So many people are trying to eat better after the holidays that I haven't felt like I was being "that guy" at any events or out with friends.


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