Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIAW #4 : My life in Tupperware

This week started my Running Whole30. So far it's going okay. I have gotten close to eating a few things I shouldn't before I remember I'm doing Whole 30. But so far, so good I suppose. Except I REALLY want overnight oats.

I'm linking up for WIAW with Arman. I captured my Monday eats, and didn't plan as well as I thought I had.

I ended up snacking a few times because I was genuinely hungry...still working out the kinks here.

Mondays should have beens versus what actually happened varied quite a bit. Usually I make a meal plan & stick to it, but I was NOT feeling it.

Should have been : Egg & veggie scramble, sweet potato, chicken breast
Actually ate : Chicken breast smothered in guacamole (that I squeezed from a pouch) + 1 pint blackberries + handful of almonds
Photogenic level : 0

Should have been : Chicken, sweet potato & broccoli
Actually ate : Whole30 Curry with chicken & broccoli over a baked potato
Meals eaten directly in front of my keyboard : 2
Meals eaten directly from tupperware : Also 2

Should have been : Lettuce wraps with ground beef, fajitas, guac & salsa
Actually ate : Taco salad with chicken, fajitas, guac, salsa & nutritional yeast (< --- okay, so I didn't do too bad at dinner)

But I'll admit, in the picture before it's all mixed together, the nutritional yeast looks like a big pile of sawdust.

I snacked on dates & almond butter after lunch & had a clementine before bed. I felt pretty out of whack by the end of the day. Typically breakfast is my largest meal & dinner my smallest. I snack during the day & typically eat a fairly late lunch (1-2PM) & a small but satisfying dinner. Whole30 guidelines recommend 3 square meals a day + anything you may need for pre/post-workout. I'm struggling as I wonder if I should embrace this "rule" or stick with my routine but embrace the spirit of the challenge which is to clean up my eating habits. Thoughts?

To summarize :
I really should leave my desk more at work.
All 3 Monday meals contained guacamole (I am A-okay with this)
I'm I'm off to find a snack.

Have you ever tried Whole 30?
What's your favorite snack?
What's usually your biggest meal of the day?

Stop back in tomorrow, I've got some exciting news about my next adventure & where I'll be headed!


  1. To be honest, I barely meal plan anymore because I never want what I planned.. live in the moment, I say! (Or, more likely, go to the grocery store 275292 times a week and always feel rushed to eat. oops.)

    1. UGH it feels like that for me too recently. But I get so frustrated when I'm at the store every day. It's a real catch 22.

  2. I love nutritional yeast! Also love your "real" approach to eating...I bet a lot of bloggers are guilty of eating in front of their keyboard :)

    1. Me too! Do you have any good recipes to share that incorporate it? I just sort of toss it on top of things that I think would be good.


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