Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thoughts on Thigh Gaps + Workout Recap

I'm scrolling through Pinterest last week, honestly, more to quiet my brain than looking for anything in particular. I've been hunting for some new Whole30 recipes so I was keeping eyes peeled for those, when all of a sudden I came across this. Umm WHAT? Luscious thigh gap...? I had to follow the link.

As someone who last had a thigh gap at the age of 13 or 14, while fairly underweight for my height, it can really be hard to keep a positive body image when articles like this are everywhere. No matter how ridiculous the information they contain.

Make sure to stick to a low weight / high repetition workout regimen though, so you don’t develop massive man-thighs.
Quotes // tips like this exist, indicating that using anything other than a 5LB weight will turn you into the hulk. And then I get mad. Hulk rage mad. WHY?

Because these thighs run marathons, climb mountains, bike across the country & catch snacks on the rare occasion I drop them. They carry me to the squat rack where I squat my bodyweight, or the roads where I put in miles.

I aim for strong, I aim for capable, I aim for confident. Lucky for me, none of those things require a thigh gap. Happen to have a thigh gap? Fantastic. You rock that shit. I'm sorry you don't have a built in snack catcher...but you run those marathons & climb those mountains. The point is, you do you girl, thigh gap not required. I won't be over here chasing that dream. If it happens, shrugs, if it doesn't, shrugs. In the meantime, guess I better tone down my weights, lest I develop those "massive man-thighs".

And now...rant over, back to my regularly scheduled programming workout recap.

Monday : Rest

Tuesday : Progression Run // 3 miles
Got to the gym late. Scolds self because I KNOW I need to stop pressing the snooze button, I just have to put the plan in action.

Wednesday : Strength Training // Legs + Spin
I really went hard on legs. It left me sore through Friday evening. I hopped on the spin bike for 10 mins at the end of my workout to keep things loose.

Thursday : Rest
Bad Jessie. This was unplanned since I had taken Monday off.

Friday : Treadmill Run + Strength
I did an "easy" 3 mile run. I was pretty sore still from my Wednesday lifting, but by the end I felt better. I rushed through an arm circuit, keeping rest breaks short so I could finish.

Saturday : Rest
Our group run was cancelled due to weather, so a few of us agreed to meet up anyways, which was also cancelled due to weather. I could have gone on my own, but I didn't. Womp womp.

Sunday : 4ish mile hike
This one was a doozy. While my friends Ryan & Rachael breezed through this hike, I huffed & puffed the whole way. Lots of uphill after a steep downhill portion to start. We hiked through about a foot of snow, which I assume slowed us down. We were out for about 2 hours. I would say we hiked somewhere between 4 & 5 miles.

So, I want to regroup this week. Get back to getting to the gym on time so I can get my full workout in. Not have to pick and choose which parts to complete. I've got this.

I'm linking up with MarciaPatty & Erika today for Tuesdays on the Run.

Thoughts on thigh gaps?
How was your week of workouts?
Use the word luscious in a sentence...umm, does anyone use this word?


  1. Great job on your workouts for the wk! It snowed here this past wkendbut but I still managed to go on the treadmill and taught my spin classes a few times, even with a cold.

    1. That's great, spinning is tough to begin with, so I can't imagine with a cold!

  2. Massive man thighs? Love it LOL. My workouts involved a lot of snow shoveling...

    1. Phew, that will seriously get the heart rate up. I'm guilty of sending the BF out to do it while I stayed inside. Oops.

  3. I have thigh gap due to some awesome (being ironic here) bowed legs. It frustrates me that I can't catch dropped food! Argh. So, it's really hard to believe someone WANTS thigh gap. Weird.

    1. Apparently thigh gaps are all the rage, so you're in the "in-crowd". I'll just be over here saving my snacks, as if I ever drop them in the first place, Haha.


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