Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday Five #4 : Why Whole 30

First of all, Happy New Year, welcome to 2016! I can't wait to accidently write 2015 on everything & spend the next 3 months confused about what year it is!

I'll be embarking on a Whole 30 journey come Monday & I'm excited. I attempted Whole 30 once before, in September of 2014. I was derailed by moving day & a large cheese pizza (Mmmm cheese) about halfway through, but I am ready to try again. A lot of people are deterred by the strictness of the plan, but me? I do better with black & white when it comes to food most times. Moderation doesn't always work for me & Whole 30 takes out that guess work.

So, I wanted to remind myself, now & in a week or two when I'm reaching for a glass of wine WHY I am doing this. And in the process I'm linking up with MarCynthia & Courtney for their Friday 5.

1. Eliminate acne
Umm I'm 25, why do I have infinitely more acne than when I was a teenager? After talking to some friends & even my 90 year old great-aunt apparently adult acne really is a thing. I'm calling bullshit & I want it gone. Though my pizza bender ended any acne progress I may have seen last time around, it's a common "side effect" of the Whole 30 & one I'm excited for.

2. No more cookie bod
I may have hit the cookies a little hard this year. Hell, they sit right outside my cube. It's really not fair. I feel sluggish & my pants are tight. My will power is low so I'm excited for a reset for my brain & body.

3. Faster running?
I don't know if this will truly be the case or not. But a girl can dream, can't she? I'll be doing a mile time trial each week as part of this experiment. Still trying to figure out the logistics of that. I could drive to a track, but that seems like something I won't actually ever do. I could find a flat piece of ground, but it's Pittsburgh, so that's like chasing a unicorn. I could use the treadmill, but that seems like cheating. HELP.

^ meme included because I cannot stop LOL'ing at it & how absolutely TRUE it is.

4. Get out of my food rut
I've been cooking a lot of the same things recently & I'm ready to change it up. I love good tasting food, but I also love not spending an hour in the kitchen each day to make that reality. So, when I find a recipe that tastes good, uses simple ingredients AND can be made quickly/in the Crockpot, I tend to get stuck on repeat. I've added a few Whole 30 compliant soups to my Pinterest boards & am excited to see how they turn out.

5. Better sleep!
Going to sleep has been a struggle recently, which makes getting up a struggle too. I toss & turn & toss some more & come morning all I want to do is hit the snooze button & pull the blankets up over my head. One of the almost immediate benefits I experienced last time around was better sleep. I was tired at bedtime & awake in the morning. And that is a very underrated benefit.

BONUS : Whole 30 recipe
Simple Whole 30 Curry

I LOVE this curry. I realized when making my Week 1 meal plan that it actually is an approved dish, so long as you leave out the Sriracha sauce. I'll sub jalapeno pepper or red pepper flakes or just some plain Frank's. And on it went to my meal plan!

1 onion
1 bell pepper
2 HUGE handfuls of spinach (or more...or less...peas are good too, I'm just not a big pea fan)
1-2 TBS garlic (adjust to your preferences)
3 TBS curry powder (you could get spicy, I use regular)
1 x 14.5 oz can coconut milk
1 x 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes + their juice
1 x 6oz can tomato paste
Lots of sriracha (if not Whole 30)

1. Dice your onion & saute, then toss in your garlic. You could add peppers then too, but I like them to keep a bit of bite so I wait.
2. Add in curry powder & stir, coating onions.
3. Add coconut milk, diced bell pepper, diced tomatoes & tomato paste.
4. Stir, dissolving tomato paste, until mixture reaches red/orange color.
5. Add in spinch & stir until wilted.
6. This is where I usually add Sriracha, but will try adding Frank's or hot pepper flakes to keep this Whole 30.
7. Serve over (cauliflower) rice, roasted veggies or a baked potato.

*I like to add in protein as I eat it. One day I'll use shrimp, another I'll use chicken. I mix it up with whatever odds & ends I have.* 

This recipe freezes pretty well too. I usually get at least 5 servings of "sauce" from this recipe, you may get more or less depending on how saucy you like things.

Please tell me someone else has "cookie bod" right now.
Have you ever done Whole 30?
What's the best new recipe you've tried recently, share a link if you've got one!


  1. I'm so excited to be with you on this journey! These are all great reasons and I'm with you with every single one of them. Sugar affects my skin so much and life without it is hard at first and then so worth it!

    I can't wait to track your progress in the mile, too! your first time trials might be even slower while you're body is fat adapting, but it was a game changer for my running!

    1. I've never been all that fast to begin with. I'm more of a distance gal. So I am interested in ANY improvements at all. Excited to see how everyone does!

  2. good luck! i would say that you should go to the track for your time trial!

    1. Thanks! I'll have to scout out a good track near me. They all seem so far away!

  3. Check the Runners World Meals on the Run cookbook - they have some amazing recipes there! I recently reviewed it and posted a few of them if you search my blog!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll check them & your review out!


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