Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Workout Recap : 12/7 - 12/13

Monday : Rest

Tuesday : Strength training // Arms + treadmill run
My running yielded about 2 miles, I increased the speed every minute or so just to keep the boredom at bay. It worked, sort of.

Wednesday : Speed workout // 6 x 400 repeats @ 8MPH
For whatever reason on the treadmill I cannot keep myself running in between repeats. I walk instead, which is not a habit I practice on the roads. I need to cut it out. All told, I got 3.5 miles in. I was happy to devote a whole week day to running. It's helping me get closer to the balance I'm trying to find between strength & running.

Thursday : Strength training // Full Body + Spin
I was able to bust out a leg day circuit & an arms circuit in 60 minutes. I kept rest periods short which helped with time. I had 10 minutes or so left so I hopped on the spin bike. It was nice to shake my legs out.

Friday : Rest
I was hoping Friday could be fairly active. But a day trip for work meant 6 hours of driving. So I mostly just sat around.

Saturday : 6.70 mile run // 9:25 pace
Finally back to group runs! Yay! This run felt much better than my 6.5 miles last weekend. Yes, the pace was slightly slower, but I think most of it was due to my pacing. This weeks run was much more consistent. I ran similar-ish paces all the way through, rather than flying & dying like last week.

Sunday : 6-ish mile hike/walk
Not sure this was definitely hiking. Shrugs. Walking through the woods, whatever. The weather was great. 60+ degrees & I was sweating in my t-shirt & shorts. The BF & I spent 2 hours out walking & came across an abandoned oil well/drill. No idea the active dates, but I looked up the company on the side of the truck (Robinson Well Drilling) & Google came back with squat, so it must be long gone.

I met my goal of 12+ miles run & 2 workouts outside. Not a difficult feat with weather as nice as it has been. But, I do think my #'s are a bit deceiving. A 2 hour walk on Sunday made my week look a lot more heavy on the cross training side than it felt. I'm eager to get in some more time on the bike this coming week & keep up my mileage. 12-15 miles a week seems to be a good spot for me right now.

What's your favorite cross training?
Favorite post-workout breakfast?
What do your weekend workouts usually look like?


  1. Nice week of workouts! Pretty cool that you came across an abandoned well. I love discovering things like that.

  2. Post-workout breakfast? LOL. Aren't you morning runners adorable.

    (says the girl who's about to start doing almost all AM workouts...hheelllppp meeeeee....)


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