Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Workout Recap : 11/30 - 12/6

Thanksgiving threw a real wrench in my workouts & training schedule.

Some of that is my fault, I could have set an alarm & gone out for a run, or done a quick circuit on my own, but I didn't. Some of it's not my fault. There was a lot going on, and I ended up hopping in bed pretty late each night. That, and the rainy dreary weather did not inspire me to lace up my running shoes.

But, this week I was able to get back in the swing of things & it felt great. I really do cherish my workout time and notice a big difference in how I feel when I workout.

Monday : "Rest" 
I spent an extra half day in Cincinnati, and pushed my drive back to Pittsburgh until Monday. I drove part way in the early morning, stopped & worked remotely from another work site of ours & then hit the road again at 5PM. I tried to hop up & walk around the warehouse, but still a rest day.

Tuesday : Strength training // Legs + treadmill
I know what I am doing in the weight room, I know how to safely complete different moves, but when it came to creating my own strength workouts I felt lost. Either I would try to do too much in a day & not be able to walk until the next week. Or I would just wander aimlessly until I realized it was time to shower. So. I found a guide online that I've been using. I've modified it slightly, but I'm loving it. Today was walking lunges, leg press, straight leg deadlifts & seated calf raises. This took me about a half hour & I did some incline walking & a mile run on the treadmill.

Wednesday : OFF
Packed up all my stuff. Alarm went off...NOPE. Turned that business off right away. With no units of shame. I'm all about not skipping workouts, but bed was so cozy, and my eyes so heavy. No "ragrets". Haha.

Thursday : Strength training // Arms + treadmill sprints
I was able to bump up my weights on a few of these exercises today & that felt pretty good. Today was chest press, shoulder press, dumbbell curls, tricep dips & rows. After that I hit the treadmill for a walking warmup, a few minutes running & then 10 x 10 second incline sprints. I set the treadmill to 7% incline & the speed to 8.5MPH & busted them out. I kept breaks short in between, but these were killer & by the end my heart rate was UP!

Friday : Strength training // Legs + 20 minutes spin
I busted out my lifting for the day & headed downstairs to hop on the spin bike. I got 20 minutes in & ran myself through a few hills & sprints to keep things interesting.

Saturday : 6.55 mile run // 9:12 pace
I didn't quite feel like I ever hit my stride during this run. I ran at a comfortable pace, but my legs
were dead at the top of every hill and it just wasn't what I had hoped. Not every run can be though. I planned to hit 7 miles, but my calf started to feel super tight towards the end, so I spent the last .5 miles or so as a cool down, rather than hitting my 7.

Sunday : 3-ish mile hike
The BF & I headed to North Park Sunday morning for a hike.We started out with a super steep hill on a trail we had never explored before. The frost on all the trees & leaves was gorgeous. After a few turns our trail spit us out nowhere near where we anticipated. Rather than try to backtrack, we took the paved loop back to our car.

I was able to use this hike as a chance to test out my new Salomon hiking shoes. I ordered them in anticipation of my trip to New Zealand in February so I wouldn't have to take my heavy hiking boots. I'm happy to report they're fantastic!


I'm in a muscle/strength building phase, which I started after I ran the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon towards the end of October. As I create my spring training/racing schedule I want to find the balance between running/cross training & strength training. I feel they all serve an important purpose, and I love them all in their own way. So a plan that cuts one of those out, is not for me.

Any tips for fitting strength training into a running routine?
Favorite song to run to? -- I need some new jams to keep me motivated on the treadmill.


  1. It's really gorgeous where you live! I want to run through those leaves.

  2. Yes, despite being December the leaves here that have fallen are still so pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by, Linda, hope you'll be back soon!


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