Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday #1


 MelSheaffer and Shay host What's Up Wednesday. There is no December linkup But I figured the questions would be fun to answer regardless. So here we go. 

eating this week : Odds & Ends. After a 4 day trip to Mississippi I am oh so glad to be home-ish. 4 days of eating out & car travel & homemade biscuits will really make you excited to see & eat things like broccoli and salad. Fruit? What is fruit?

reminiscing about : Rowing. I spent several years on the rowing team in HS & it's how I made my way to Pittsburgh. A dozen or so alumni put together a boat this past weekend & went out for practice with the team. We were already on our way out of town so I couldn't join in the fun, but that team & those people really shaped who I am today.

loving : The fact that writing this Muffin Master description was someones job. The tool doesn't seem to work at all. But the laugh from reading the description more than makes up for that. And it turns out I'll just keep slicing English Muffins the way I have for years, with a knife.

we've been up to : The BF & I have been soaking up all the time we can this month. His schedule rotates monthly & right now he works daylights. So we're squeezing as much hiking, cooking, hanging out etc. as can be squeezed into one month.

dreading : The January 1st gym crowd. I go back & forth on this. I'm all for people getting healthier, but can they do it at a different gym? Last year I ran on the treadmill next to someone eating a nacho Lunchable. I kid you not.

working on : My half marathon training plan. Adding a few tweaks here and there as I look more closely at the calendar & things I have happening in the spring.

excited about : NEW ZEALAND! The BF & I will be heading to NZ for 10 days in February! I can't wait, and January will be time to double down on planning out our activities.


watching / reading : My dad received "The Boys in the Boat" for Christmas, and as a former rower I immediately gleeped it & hope to start it soon. I'm watching Parenthood on Netflix, dreading the day I press play on the series finale.

listening to : Someone munching on homemade Chex Mix...although for once it isn't me. Feeling This is playing in the background. After all these years I still love this song. (side note : apparently this song is now 12 years old...I feel like that just cannot be true. Is this how getting old starts?)

wearing : Ah yes, the not so glamorous side of travel. I'm wearing tights, t-shirt & Duquesne sweatshirt, all of which could use a trip to the washing machine.

doing this weekend : Running! Meal Prep! Cleaning! Laundry! Date Night! I am oh so excited to get back to my usual routine. And who am I kidding, I love grocery shopping & meal prepping.

looking forward to next month : Well, I already said NZ, but I would like to say ditto. Eeee! A few bands I like are coming to Pittsburgh in February (because I've decided to ignore the fact that today is still December...) & I'll be buying tickets shortly! Reel Big Fish anyone?

I'll be back tomorrow with my January goals...even though it's not quite January & a recap of how I fared with my December goals.


  1. LOL on the Jan. 1 gym crowd! I went to NZ for my honeymoon. It is amazing, and you will love it!

    1. Any recommendations for the South Island? We'll be in Christchurch, Mt. Cook & Queenstown!


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