Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #2 : Meme Style

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1. This week has DRAGGED on. I didn't figure it would because I have a lot going on, but somehow it seems like it will never be Friday. My friend sent me this on Tuesday & I LOL'd and cried a little bit at the same time. Thank goodness tomorrow finally IS Friday.

2. I thought meme was a pretty common place term here in 2015, but I suppose not. We got into quite the heated debate at work yesterday about how that little word was pronounced. For the record it's like "meeeeeem". Not "may-may" or "me-me" like any of my co-workers claimed.

3. And pretty much every day this week at work felt like this. Ever have that? I got tossed into a new-ish role at work over the summer. Some days I'm cruisin' thinking I know what I'm doing. And the universe must get wind of that, because without fail I get a bunch of stuff thrown at me that makes my head spin.

4. I'm headed to a Beers-mas party this weekend, which is sort of a cross between a Potluck & a beer exchange. Everyone brings a 6 pack of something neat & a snack/dessert, and we drink some, save some, eat a bunch, repeat. Pretty pumped for that as I'm been assured the snack selection will be on point. & I'm all about the snacks.

5. Me. Every day this week. Despite having TONS of work to do.

6. And lastly, I would like to celebrate by saying it's Holiday Potluck day at work. So I'll just be over here making good, healthy food choices, or getting crumbs all over my keyboard & eating until my stomach hurts & I don't want to work anymore. Jury is still out.

Holiday Potluck soon anyone?
Do you & your friends do a holiday exchange of any sort?


  1. LOL you and I are like the same person when it comes to #1, 3, and 5! I'm also a huge procrastinator and my week has dragged on, too. I think weeks tend to feel slower this time of year as we all just want to get to the holidays already.

    I can relate to your occasional feeling of "imposter syndrome" at work. I have a job where I do a little bit of a lot of different things, and my role has evolved somewhat in the 3 years I've been here. There are weeks when I'm like "dang, I rock!" and others when I'm like "sheesh, what idiot hired me?" I don't think anyone really feels like they're an ace at their job. At least not at our age!

    1. Yes. I guess that's a good point. I've only worked here a few years. If I knew it all right away they would have promoted me to manager or something already. Haha.

  2. Lol! Oh those 3 horrible facts are true horrible. But for some reason, this whole month has been flying by for me. I honestly can't believe it'll be Christmas in a couple of weeks -- it feels like it's still early November to me!

    1. The month is flying but the days are dragging. I can't believe it's December 10th, but every day feels like months.

      Thanks for hosting today!


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