Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monthly Goals : December

I've been doing goal "posts" for a while, mostly with pen and paper. But I love the accountability of showing the world, and checking back up at the end of the month.

To be totally honest, I stole the goal post idea from Gretch Runs, a Pittsburgh blogger I follow.

So, without further adieu, my December goals.

- Set my spring race schedule : I'm already signed up for the Pittsburgh (half) Marathon in May. But know I want to round out the first part of the year with a few more races. Pittsburgh has a decent selection of winter & early spring races so I'll have my pick. I'm not sure yet if I'll make the PGH Half my goal race for the Spring or pick something a few weeks earlier with cooler weather. Suggestions welcomed. :)

- January - May training schedule : Once I get my race schedule set it's time to figure out what training plan will make that happen. I'm really enjoying strength training right now, so I plan to mix & match a few plans to make one that will work for me.

- STRETCH : My paper goal the past few months has been 10 minutes of stretching each week. While I know there are people that manage much more than that each day, I am just not one of those people. 10 minutes a week has gone swimmingly, so now it's time to up it to 15 minutes each week.

- Head back to my run group : I try to spend most of my Saturday runs with a local group from Elite Runners & Walkers. Each week they meet somewhere new around the city & have pace groups running various distances. It's great to be able to put in some miles and chat with fellow runners. I had to take a month & change off due to some other Saturday morning commitments, but those are up & it's back to running.

Group photo before a 20 mile long run in April 2015

- 3 item to-do list : A year or two ago a friend of mine recommended a 3 item to do list. Rather than creating a big long to do list of items I never got to, I started creating short, daily to-do lists that were never more than 3 items long. So, a recent to-do list looked like this.
1. Mail rent check
2. Renew registration online
3. Fold laundry
Instead of getting overwhelmed & feeling like I made no progress I can spend a brief chunk of time each day focusing on the things I TRULY need to get done.

What are your December goals?
Do you have any Spring races lined up already?


  1. Hi Jessie! Thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving your blog URL. I'm always happy to find new bloggers to follow, especially local ones here in Pgh! I did the Pgh Half Marathon last year as my goal spring race and had a miserable experience because it was much warmer than the cold winter in which I'd trained. I don't like running in warm weather, so this year my goal will be the Just a Short Run Half Marathon at the end of March in North Park. This will be my third time doing JASR (the 5K the first year and the half last year), and I love the race. And you're right, there are lots of good winter races here. I'll also be doing the Spring Thaw 10 Miler at the end of February as a training run. Hope to meet you at an upcoming race!

    1. Yes. I did the Pittsburgh full this past Spring, and the miserable weather I think is one of the reasons I'm skipping out on a 2016 marathon.

      I love JASR, I've done it the last 6 years. I'm not sure if it will be on the calendar this year, since it's the same weekend as Easter. I'm looking at doing the Spring Thaw, I'll keep you posted!

  2. I love the 3 item list! It goes along with something I've always done intrinsically, which is "do 3 things." Whenever I'm feeling stuck facing a daunting task I tell myself to just do 3 little things, even if those things are "pick up shirt. Put in laundry. take dish to sink."

    I'm running the Pittsburgh full, it is my goal race :-) Bring on the hills!

    1. Whooo! I've done the Pittsburgh full twice now, and I do enjoy the course. I'm sure you'll rock it! From the looks of some of your posts, sounds like you've got quite the training plan in place.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great post Jessie!! I was originally inspired by Jennifer (who commented above) to do goal posts so it's funny to see it come full circle :) I'm also doing the spring thaw! I'm getting married the same weekend of the Pgh marathon in Belize, so I'm doing Gettysburg the week before!

    1. That's too funny.

      Thinking Spring Thaw should be on my list, I do like that I can bump my distance up or back if I need to. What a great "excuse" to skip the PGH marathon. I bet a wedding in Belize will be beautiful!


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