Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites #2

If you saw my post yesterday then you know that it has been a LOOOONG week. So, not much of an intro other than TGIF.

Oreo Truffles : I'll be sharing the recipe next week. But spoiler alert, they're delicious & only require THREE ingredients. Making a big batch took me about a half hour of active work time, IF that. So they're quick to whip up too. & much to my delight, they were one of the first things gone from the work potluck. They sold like hot cakes.

This wine : No clue where it's from. All I know is the neighbors brought it over & it's Romanian. And tasty. Riesling-esque. Great for sipping on.

Old Dominion // Snapback : This is a new-ish song to the least here. I swear PGH radio stations are like 3 months behind everyone else. Anyways, this song just SCREAMS summer to me. Driving with the windows down, stereo up. Singing along. So, since the forecast calls for 50s/60s this weekend I may do just that.

Emails from my Dad : I haven't managed to come up with much of a Christmas list. It's tough. I'm an adult. I'm fairly impatient & I have my own money. Which means if there was something I wanted, I bought it for myself months ago. So, apparently as of now I'm getting cassette tapes for Christmas. I have an adult coloring book & colored pencils on my list. As well as a planner I already picked out for myself. Any ideas? What's on your list? I would love to get new running shoes, but I need to get fitted first.


Weekend weather forecast : Aww yeah. Some people are all upset we haven't had any of that white powdery stuff. I am not one of those people. Rain? Meh. Not sure I care if it's 60+ degrees. You can bet your butt I'll be out for a long run & a hike this weekend.


What's on your Christmas list?
Are you one of those people wishing there was snow on the ground?
Anyone have a funny parent story to trade?


  1. I love Oreo truffles! They're one of my favorite things to make because they're so delicious and easy to make. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Right? They amaze me every time.

      And same to you!

  2. Oreos are vegan, so I'll be curious to see your recipe. Your dad's email cracks me up. If people ask for gift ideas and don't take no for an answer, I usually give them books because they're easy to get. There are a few running books on my list, but my top one is The Runner's Brain. The big thing on my list this year is Yax Trax for snow/ice running and hiking. Enjoy the weekend! I'm looking forward to it too!

    1. Oreos are vegan!? I had no idea.

      Books are a good call. I usually just put them on hold at the library, because I'm cheap. But owning a few of my own could never hurt. I saw Gretchen talking about the Yax Trax, so maybe that should go on the list as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. That wine sounds pretty good! I love Riesling, so I'd be interested in giving it a taste.


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