Friday, November 27, 2015

Here I go, again.

Apparently past Jessie (Hi, I'm Jessie) started this blog in 2013, when I spent a few months unemployed. What else does one do to pass the time? The posts & content were much different, though as I re-read them, HILARIOUS. But alas, it's the internet, so they were deleted, should my parents ever stumble upon this page, but the name was kept, because dammit if I am not still super sassy. And all the other blog names I wanted were already taken.

So, here we are 2015. Current Jessie thinks starting a blog is a great idea. It is. I'm sure of it.

What about me you ask?
Let's see...

Grew up near here. [Cincinnati, OH]

Moved to here. [Pittsburgh, PA]

Acquired a boyfriend,  who shall probably be referred to simply as the BF. Because though he does not know yet that I am starting a blog, I'm certain he would be wary of me sharing my life with internet strangers.

Now that I've graduated college & been forced into this adulting business, I'm busy trying to figure out how to juggle it all. Sometimes I rock it, other times I just have to laugh it off and try again.

My dream for this blog is to document my training/workouts, I love to run, my recipes and adventures in food and my adventures around the city & the world.

Welcome, I hope you'll stick around for a post or two.

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