Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Highlights : MASS CHAOS

LOTS to share today. So buckle up and hold on tight. HM training week 5 recap, bridal shower #1, a visit from my Momma, and a fantastic bakery we tried, plus, as always, a little bit of chaos.

I'm linking up with Steff to share my weekly training recap! Plus, as always I'm linking up with Holly & Tricia to share my weekend highlights!

Week #5 of half marathon training is complete. Which means I am halfway through - crazy! It was a tough week for sure. Especially because I crammed all of my workouts into the work week since I knew my Momma would be in town over the weekend. I'm taking a very different approach to HM training than I have in the past. If you want to check 'em out, I posted my training plan + goals earlier this year. Here's how it went down this week.

Monday // 3 treadmill miles
Slow & steady, 10:00 // mile average, give or take. I meant to get up a few minutes earlier so I could get 4 miles in, but it didn't happen, so I only had time for 3.

Tuesday // Nada
Tuesdays are arms & back. We were set to get snow overnight, spoiler we didn't. But I did forget to set my alarm, so I awoke with a fright when Mr. Sass made it home from work at 7AM.

Wednesday // 8 x 800 @ HM goal pace (8:30 // mile) with 1:00 rest in between
I died. 800's are my least favorite. I hate them. Truly, when I can run 10+ miles no problem, half a mile should feel like nothing, but it doesn't. It drags on forever. I've been making it a goal to do speed work outside & in the evenings. This was neither. Due to plans and the weather, it was an AM treadmill workout. I didn't eat anything before I started. The first 4 were alright. The last 4 were a struggle, and I couldn't hold the pace and was forced to slow down. I'm hoping next week will be a better confidence boost. I did get to try out my new compression socks & loved them!

Thursday // 8 mile long run
Mr. Sass joined me for the first 5 miles of my long run. We took it nice and slow, and I let him set the pace. After that I finished the last 3 on my own, including the big hill on the Just a Short Run course which I'll run next weekend. I gunned it a bit in the last 3 miles and managed a 9:28 (big hill), 8:35, 8:17 to finish strong! I have to take a second to pat myself on the back. I made it a goal to not skip a single running workout this training cycle and so far so good. I've made adjustments for sure. Long runs in the dark, speed workout in nasty weather, and more treadmill miles than I prefer, but I'm 100% so far, 5 weeks down, 5 to go!

Friday // Strength Training
I did a dual purpose lift day & combined a little bit of everything. Legs, back, arms, the works. I usually don't go in with a plan, and pick and choose based on how crowded things are and what space // machines are open to use.

Saturday & Sunday // OFF
Usually I'd fit in my long run on Saturday + a hike on Sunday. Instead I just stuffed myself silly with delicious food. Back to a normal grind this week, and I am so grateful.

Not only did I squeeze in a full week of training, but lots of life also. Saturday morning started with a bang when my future FIL called to say that his wife, my future MIL was feeling under the weather (turned out to be pneumonia) and didn't think she could host shower#1 on Sunday. All the food was bought, and my MIL insisted the show go on. My SIL jumped into action, and offered to host. Mr. Sass got up & headed over to help his dad make all the food. Seriously cannot brag on that man & future family enough. Everything was amazing. Saturday morning before we figured out Plan B was total chaos. But it got done & turned out great. Now, it's hashtag time. ;)

#GreenMargaritaCauseImIrish #MyMomMadeMeShareWithHer #IDontShareWell #ButSheDidBirthMe #SoIShared

#Chimichanga #AteItAll #ThenINeededATums #WorthIt

#SuckySaturdayWeather #DontWorryIWasStopped

#FoodGloriousFood #LongDriveButSOWorthIt

#MeAndMyMomma #DoWeLookAlike

#CuteDoor #IgnoreMyReflection #MyMommaThinksImCrazy

#RoundOne #RoundsTwoAndThreeNotPictured #HamBiscuitOnTheRightWasBomb #WeWentBackAndGotThreeMore

#SlipperyRockPA #EnchantingLittleGarden

#BridalShowerNumeroUno #DespiteAllTheChaos

#ThePunchWasDelicious #EspeciallyWithSpumante #IHadFiveGlasses


#ClappingCauseImExcitedAboutTowels #YupImAGrownUp

#CasseroleCarryingCase #MyOfficialWelcomeIntoTheFamily #SomeoneInviteMeOverForAPotluck

#VannaWhiteDemoingNewCampingPillows #SoGladThisWasCaughtOnCamera #TheyreReallyNice

#ItsNoSoftPretzel #ButTheyreBeautiful #IThinkIllKeepHim #ManDidGood

What's your favorite bakery treat?
What's your favorite flower?
Mine is Baby's Breath - so he made sure to snatch up a bouquet that included some.
How do you ward off a cold // illness when you feel one coming on?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Five #63

Happy Friday! We made it. This week has been sort of soul sucking with the freezing temperatures, dark mornings (thanks Daylight Savings) + just general life craziness. I realized that in order to maximize my Momma time (she's in town this weekend!) AND not miss any half marathon workouts I would need to squeeze them all in during the week. So, I did. Well, I'm writing this & still have to do my long run in an hour or so, but, it's as good as done. ;) It has made for some busy days. But it'll be lovely to have a totally workout free weekend, I think. So, now on to some Friday Five. I hope you'll share a little bit about what you're up to in the comments section.

one // Tacos. Not even gonna lie, I love tacos. I love them so much that sometimes I take whatever I was planning to eat for dinner anyways, and put it in a tortilla. Mmm. Like Tuesday night. I really wasn't feeling leftover stir fry. So I fashioned some tacos. Scrambled eggs, cheese, corn, sliced cabbage, onion & sriracha.

two // Chipotle for lunch yesterday was magical. Somehow it was just more cilantro-y than usual, which in my book is a wonderful thing. I had to eat in my car because the restaurant was packed, but it turned out alright 'cause I snuck in a few pages of my current book, The Forgetting Time.

three // Saw my favorite "bully" Wednesday night & he didn't hesitate to snuggle me full force on the couch + make me trick him into looking anywhere near the camera. Bugger is too smart.

four // Convinced Mr. Sass to come along on part of my run with me last night. He stuck around for 5 or 8 miles, and they flew by because we had plenty to chat about! We go a little slower when he joins me, but I don't mind. We always find plenty to talk about, and in my opinion that's time well spent.

five // Funnies...

Do you and your significant other work out together?
What are you up to this weekend?
Flour or corn tortillas?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Confessions of a Scattered Brain

Today is brought to you by my scattered brain - that permanently has too many metaphorical tabs open. Enjoy the general lack of flow, pictures and transition that this post has.

This time change? Yeah. Not feelin' it. It's all well and good that it's light out later, but considering I wake my ass up at 6AM, I would rather it be light out then. 

I bought tablecloths on Monday - 30 of them. Plus 20 table runners. Why? Because after poking around online I thought I would call to get a quote on rentals. $600. I about shit myself, especially because I was looking online and seeing that I could buy the same amount of tablecloths with great reviews for $200. So, clickity clack clack, I entered my credit card information. And while genuinely I feel it's a crime to force folks to pay for shipping, I was glad to fork over $6.95 considering they claim each of these weighs 3 lbs. So 3 x 30 = 90 lbs of tablecloths coming to our house + table runners. And boy do I hope Mr. Sass is the one who is home when these arrive.

We got a new coffee machine at work. The Keurig is no more. This new machine takes little pods that are in their own little coffee filter type thing and makes "coffee". Except it all seems to suck flavor wise. I'm not exactly a coffee snob - we drink the big can of store brand stuff at home. Anyways, we brought up a concern about having hazelnut coffee since we have a tree nut allergy kid in the office. But, we found out that the hazelnut coffee not only contains no real hazelnuts, but no nuts of any kind - or any kind of natural flavoring. Which like, consider me concerned. WHAT? NO NUTS? How is this stuff flavored then? Disclaimer : No hazelnuts were harmed in the making of this artificially flavored coffee. | edit | - I'm drinking some of this stuff now. It's shockingly nutty. Consider me 2x more concerned than I was previously.

We were supposed to get a wild and crazy blizzard, or snow-pocalypse if you will starting Monday night & continuing through today. No dice. I woke up to reports on Tuesday of zero snow on the ground. After I managed to not set an alarm and slept blissfully and deeply until Mr. Sass came home at 7AM and scared me out of my mind.

We've been taste testing wines that we might buy for the wedding. I took 2 different Cabernet Sauvignon over to the in-laws house for some help polishing them off. I hid the bottles & asked for a rating out of 10 as well as what they would be willing to pay per bottle. Imagine my surprise when the Black Box boxed wine got itself an 8/10 rating and a $18.99 cost per bottle. I was psyched because this stuff is about $25 for 3 liters! So I think we've got ourselves a winner. And I loved seeing the looks on their face when they found out a boxed wine fooled them. :)

Apparently it's tradition to have the groom show up at the end of a bridal shower and bring the bride flowers & then help carry all the gifts? I mean, okay, I'm all for making Mr. Sass carry things to the car, but can he bring me a soft pretzel instead of flowers? I think I'll ask. We've never exactly been the traditional type anyways. I'm having shower #1 on Sunday with mostly Mr. Sass' family - which, I'm nervous about. I've never really been one for gifts, and feel I never give the proper reaction when I open them. Especially because with our registries we can see who bought what, so, I already know.

My dress - as in the dress arrived today. I have my first fitting on Saturday (talk about moving quickly) when my Mom will be in town so she'll get to come. Which I think she's pretty happy about. And I know she'll make sure everything is just how it should be.

My momma is in town this weekend. So we'll be testing out a new bakery, which will hopefully have some delicious macaroons (I'm taking recommendations!), eating Mexican and drinking margaritas, hitting up one of my top 5 favorite restaurants - North Country Brewing  - for my favorite deep fried soft pretzels & beer cheese, going to a dress fitting appointment + bridal shower #1. Basically I'll be eating all weekend. I ain't mad.

So yeah, friends, that's what I got today.
Share something random with me.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Highlights : It Was Really Cold

I may be writing this on Sunday, but I am already anticipating Monday being a rough one. Spring Forward always manages to screw with me, make me tired and hungry when I shouldn't be and just generally confuse my body. Needless to say, if you're dragging a little bit, I'm with you.

I've come to love making up hashtags for my weekend highlight posts, so here we go again. Taking it back to Friday morning.

#6MoreWeeksOfWinter #GuessTheGroundhogWasRight 

#SaturdayMorningLongRun #PlannedOn8Miles #ActuallyRan10.8 #NotMyBestIdea #SoFuckingCold #RealFeelOf3Degrees

#PeepsOreos #BestPartOfMyLongRun #AFriendLeftSomeOnMyWindshield #ThanksJennifer #Ate3OnMyWayHome

#BobJessieTheBuilder #PowerSanding #ImCrafty #MacModWeddingDIY


#Homemade #PictureFrame

#StillFuckingCold #DontMakeMeGoBackOutside #WeWentForAShortHikeAnyways

#WildSaturdayNight #ChocolateNotPictured #CatchingUpOnThisIsUsAndJaneTheVirgin

#SundayMorningBreakfast #CarmelizedBananaFrenchToast #ItWasMyIdea

#IfATreeFallsInTheWoods #NorthPark #StillReallyCold

#PacificMountainOutdoorBoots #SportingSchoolPride #TheyShouldPayMeForFreeAdvertising #SadlyNoSelfies #MrSassRefused


What's the craziest Oreo you've ever had?
Are you a Peeps fan?
What's your go-to cold weather activity?
I'm going to go stir crazy if Spring doesn't come soon.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Five #62

I was one day ahead every day this week. Work crushed me. Every day. And for whatever reason my body has rejected falling asleep. Every night. I am 113% glad it's finally actually Friday.

And that's it. That's all the small talk I got...

one // Do you ever have folks tell you something is "urgent" - which, really, it could be to them, but on the scale of things you're working on, their problem is chump change? It's like someone walking into the ER stating their sprained ankle is URGENT when someone with a gun shot wound walks in. Like, okay, yeah, we'll get to that. That has been this whole week. Folks thinking their important-ish issue is worth me dropping everything when everything I'm working on is truly 10x more important. Then getting pissy when I tell them I'll get to it as soon as possible.

two // I did my Wednesday night speed workout, but since I needed a hill for some hill repeats, my normal post work route wasn't going to work, it's pancake flat. Instead I headed towards North Park, and the trusty "Lake Loop". I convinced Mr. Sass to run with me & either continue on, or do my speed workout with me if he could keep up. Well, I'm typing this with a smug face as I say, he couldn't keep up. :) I finished just a few minutes post-sunset & ran some wicked fast miles.

three // I cannot get enough of roasted sweet potatoes recently. In fact, I have been putting them on my salads this week. 10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend. A little sweet, 'cause they're sweet potatoes, a little salty, because I put salt on them...mmm.

four // Mr. Sass and I are newly addicted to Shark Tank which thanks to CNBC we've been able to watch re-runs every.single.night of the week. We're 50/50 on guessing who gets deals & who doesn't, but it doesn't stop us from looking up most products to see if they actually made it big or dissolved after their Shark Tank failure.

five // Funnies...

What are you up to this weekend?
Tell me something good.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three Things

I saw this Three Things post on Kristen's blog a few weeks while back & I loved it - what a great way to get a little peek at the blogger behind the scenes. I feel like so often we may hear about big things in someones life, but not the little bits.

3 or 13 have always been sort of my unofficial lucky numbers. Seems like no one wanted those when it came to peewee soccer jersey numbers, so they were always easy to snatch up. And I'm getting married May 13th, so official favorite number, forever.

I hope you'll play along and share some of your 3 things in the comments.

3 things I'd never give up
Books, travel and yeah, stealing Steph's here with my independence.
^Post a survey and just steal the answers of the person before you you say? Alright.

Truly, I think I would have a rough time giving up books, travel, independence, and exercise.

Then I'll toss in a bike selfie where the camera clicked before I was ready & I look really grumpy about the fact that I'm outside biking. Spoiler, I was actually having lots of fun, that's just my face.

3 favorite vegetables
Peppers, carrots & sweet potatoes, but brussel sprouts are coming in hard and fast & vying to make their way into the top three.

3 shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
I mean, if we're talking watching shows as they aired, I'm not sure I've truly watched any except Teen Mom + 16 & Pregnant. I'm a little behind now, but I'll catch up. But like Parenthood? I'm gonna start that all over from the beginning soon & be prepared for all the feels. Friday Night Lights, all the feels there too.

3 places I want to visit inside the US
Kansas, North Dakota & Savannah, GA.

3 places I want to visit outside the US
Switzerland (see you soon!), Patagonia & Iceland.

3 things I always have with me
Water, chapstick, cell phone.

3 things that are always in my car
My car is a hott mess. I like knowing what all I have in there, so I don't really use the trunk, I just put everything on the backseat, or passenger seat. I ALWAYS have a glove compartment full of fastfood napkins which are good for everything & also known as the Poor Man's Kleenex. You'll also definitely find a snack of some sort & probably a spare running outfit, complete with shoes. 'Cause you just never know.

3 most recent phone calls were to/from
Mr. Sass, a seamstress (for the dress), 911 - when two tractor trailer tires were blocking the entirety of the highway. The woman was actually really rude. She's all "someone already called" - umm okay, thought you should know that a 2 lane highway with a 70 MPH speed limit currently has 100% // 2 out of 2 // ALL OF its lanes blocked. Like, if someone is murdered, should I ask around if someone called it in first? Just trying to get a feel here. K, thanks.

3 books I read and loved in college
Well, considering I can't even remember what books I read 2 months ago, let alone FIVE+ years ago, I have no hope of telling you. I do know that this was when I first discovered Chuck Palahniuk. Who is the mastermind behind Fight Club, and some other seriously fucked up books - that you can't put down and will totally mind fuck you.

3 most often used makeup products
Is Bag Balm or Burt's Bees considered "makeup"? If not, I literally use mascara maybe once every few weeks. Is there a step below low maintenance? If so, that's me.

3 things that make me laugh
Babies eating lemons, cats doing silly cat things and bad jokes.
^Umm, can I just steal Kristen's answer and call it a day?

In general, I almost always laugh at parody's, famous, or made up by literally anyone.
This meme - always.

And animals wearing clothing.
And also the pup eating cake, or anything really.

I'm kind of a simpleton.

3 things that make me cry
Parenthood. The feels. All of them. Every episode.
I used to be this dark hole of a soul who never cried - and it was kind of great. I could watch movies like Marley & Me without sniffling or needing to dry my tears, and then one day it was like, umm nope. Now I cry at like everything and I hate it. Random people dying on a TV show I'm watching for the first time? Tears. Any pets dying? Tears.

Play along with me!

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Highlights : Finger Lakes Wine Weekend

This weekend a few friends and I headed to the Finger Lakes to explore wineries & celebrate Ciara's birthday. We took Friday off of work to head North towards NY. I had been to the Finger Lakes once before, back in 2015 to celebrate another friend's birthday. Out of all the wineries we visited, we managed to not duplicate any from my last trip to the Finger Lakes - and it's always fun to explore somewhere new. So, without further adieu, the weekend, in hashtags.

#GraftWineBar # FridayNightDinner #CiderFlightsForAll

#GlenMountainMarket #BreakfastSandwich #LoveIsAllYouKnead #LoveAGoodPun

#TheWindWasABitch #ColdAsFuck

#LuckyHareBrewing #MilkMilkStout #StillDontLoveBeer

#WerePretty #BagleysWinery

#GristIronBrewing #BeerSucked #PeopleDidToo #WouldNotRecommendToAFriend

#KindOfBlurry #TooMuchWine




#WineWasGood #IBoughtABottle

#MilesWineCellars #ViewWasBetterThanTheWine

#WineryTen #ClosingTime #TimeForDinner

#BackToTheHotel #FirstYogaPantsThenDinner #KeepingItReal #HotelStaffLovedUs

#BBQTastedGood #ButDidntAgreeWithMeLater #IRegretNothing

#ItWasZERODegreesOut #Literally #ButNoWind


Who's been to the Finger Lakes?
What are your top 5 (or top 2) favorite movies, EVER?
Good Will Hunting & Boondock Saints are my top 2.

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