Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Highlights : MASS CHAOS

LOTS to share today. So buckle up and hold on tight. HM training week 5 recap, bridal shower #1, a visit from my Momma, and a fantastic bakery we tried, plus, as always, a little bit of chaos.

I'm linking up with Steff to share my weekly training recap! Plus, as always I'm linking up with Holly & Tricia to share my weekend highlights!

Week #5 of half marathon training is complete. Which means I am halfway through - crazy! It was a tough week for sure. Especially because I crammed all of my workouts into the work week since I knew my Momma would be in town over the weekend. I'm taking a very different approach to HM training than I have in the past. If you want to check 'em out, I posted my training plan + goals earlier this year. Here's how it went down this week.

Monday // 3 treadmill miles
Slow & steady, 10:00 // mile average, give or take. I meant to get up a few minutes earlier so I could get 4 miles in, but it didn't happen, so I only had time for 3.

Tuesday // Nada
Tuesdays are arms & back. We were set to get snow overnight, spoiler we didn't. But I did forget to set my alarm, so I awoke with a fright when Mr. Sass made it home from work at 7AM.

Wednesday // 8 x 800 @ HM goal pace (8:30 // mile) with 1:00 rest in between
I died. 800's are my least favorite. I hate them. Truly, when I can run 10+ miles no problem, half a mile should feel like nothing, but it doesn't. It drags on forever. I've been making it a goal to do speed work outside & in the evenings. This was neither. Due to plans and the weather, it was an AM treadmill workout. I didn't eat anything before I started. The first 4 were alright. The last 4 were a struggle, and I couldn't hold the pace and was forced to slow down. I'm hoping next week will be a better confidence boost. I did get to try out my new compression socks & loved them!

Thursday // 8 mile long run
Mr. Sass joined me for the first 5 miles of my long run. We took it nice and slow, and I let him set the pace. After that I finished the last 3 on my own, including the big hill on the Just a Short Run course which I'll run next weekend. I gunned it a bit in the last 3 miles and managed a 9:28 (big hill), 8:35, 8:17 to finish strong! I have to take a second to pat myself on the back. I made it a goal to not skip a single running workout this training cycle and so far so good. I've made adjustments for sure. Long runs in the dark, speed workout in nasty weather, and more treadmill miles than I prefer, but I'm 100% so far, 5 weeks down, 5 to go!

Friday // Strength Training
I did a dual purpose lift day & combined a little bit of everything. Legs, back, arms, the works. I usually don't go in with a plan, and pick and choose based on how crowded things are and what space // machines are open to use.

Saturday & Sunday // OFF
Usually I'd fit in my long run on Saturday + a hike on Sunday. Instead I just stuffed myself silly with delicious food. Back to a normal grind this week, and I am so grateful.

Not only did I squeeze in a full week of training, but lots of life also. Saturday morning started with a bang when my future FIL called to say that his wife, my future MIL was feeling under the weather (turned out to be pneumonia) and didn't think she could host shower#1 on Sunday. All the food was bought, and my MIL insisted the show go on. My SIL jumped into action, and offered to host. Mr. Sass got up & headed over to help his dad make all the food. Seriously cannot brag on that man & future family enough. Everything was amazing. Saturday morning before we figured out Plan B was total chaos. But it got done & turned out great. Now, it's hashtag time. ;)

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#Chimichanga #AteItAll #ThenINeededATums #WorthIt

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#CasseroleCarryingCase #MyOfficialWelcomeIntoTheFamily #SomeoneInviteMeOverForAPotluck

#VannaWhiteDemoingNewCampingPillows #SoGladThisWasCaughtOnCamera #TheyreReallyNice

#ItsNoSoftPretzel #ButTheyreBeautiful #IThinkIllKeepHim #ManDidGood

What's your favorite bakery treat?
What's your favorite flower?
Mine is Baby's Breath - so he made sure to snatch up a bouquet that included some.
How do you ward off a cold // illness when you feel one coming on?


  1. Bakery treats? I'd go with a cream-filled long john (or a glazed donut). Treadmill intervals are tough...especially 800's because the second "loop" is so absolutely slow & pure torture. Now, doing them on a track...not as painful LOL

  2. my fav thing to zap a cold in its tracks: wild oil of oregano right down the hatchet (ugh, it's awful), then ginger/honey/lemon tea all day.

  3. this is ADORABLE! :) can't wait to see you next so i can get all the deets!

  4. Ah what a great story about your future SIL hosting and everyone pitching in! I hate 800's too - They're long enough to make them unbearable for speed work but short enough that you can do lots of them

  5. I'm obsessed with your hashtags! I'm so excited to meet you IRL this weekend!!

  6. Ahhh - you two are so cute (loving your ROSE skirt too!!!!)
    That's always my fear of scheduling events. Getting sick at the worst time. UGH
    I'd clap for towels too! :)

  7. Such a busy week! Great job with your runs, especially the long run where you really kicked it in high gear the last few miles! So exciting that you had your bridal shower - I'm glad it all worked out in the end!

  8. I hope your future MIL is feeling better! That margarita looks amazing!! now I want some!

    good towels deserve a good clap!

    That raspberry cake looks so delicious!! I love getting the strawberry cake at our local bakery!

  9. Good job not missing any runs so far in training! That margarita--it looks like it's in a bowl instead of a glass! Mmmm.

  10. I am with you on the 800s! 400s are fine. Mile repeats are fine, even. But 800s are THE WORST. Why?

  11. It sounds like you're marrying into the right family! Go team!

    As for my favourite flower... I'm not much of a flowers as gifts person (because, yaknow, they die!) but I love peonies, ranunculus, anemones, dahlias and hydrangeas - anything with lots of little petals or a pretty feminine look.

  12. Your paces are my goals; that is a great pace for a mile with a BIG hill. I'm still around the 10:00/mile.

    hmm... I LOVE roses, petunias, tulips... :)


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