Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Highlights : It Was Really Cold

I may be writing this on Sunday, but I am already anticipating Monday being a rough one. Spring Forward always manages to screw with me, make me tired and hungry when I shouldn't be and just generally confuse my body. Needless to say, if you're dragging a little bit, I'm with you.

I've come to love making up hashtags for my weekend highlight posts, so here we go again. Taking it back to Friday morning.

#6MoreWeeksOfWinter #GuessTheGroundhogWasRight 

#SaturdayMorningLongRun #PlannedOn8Miles #ActuallyRan10.8 #NotMyBestIdea #SoFuckingCold #RealFeelOf3Degrees

#PeepsOreos #BestPartOfMyLongRun #AFriendLeftSomeOnMyWindshield #ThanksJennifer #Ate3OnMyWayHome

#BobJessieTheBuilder #PowerSanding #ImCrafty #MacModWeddingDIY


#Homemade #PictureFrame

#StillFuckingCold #DontMakeMeGoBackOutside #WeWentForAShortHikeAnyways

#WildSaturdayNight #ChocolateNotPictured #CatchingUpOnThisIsUsAndJaneTheVirgin

#SundayMorningBreakfast #CarmelizedBananaFrenchToast #ItWasMyIdea

#IfATreeFallsInTheWoods #NorthPark #StillReallyCold

#PacificMountainOutdoorBoots #SportingSchoolPride #TheyShouldPayMeForFreeAdvertising #SadlyNoSelfies #MrSassRefused


What's the craziest Oreo you've ever had?
Are you a Peeps fan?
What's your go-to cold weather activity?
I'm going to go stir crazy if Spring doesn't come soon.

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  1. Peeps are gross. That's all. I had my cider yesterday too!! I'm sooo ready for this awful weather to LEAVE. I'm requesting to work from home tomorrow instead of Wednesday in hopes I don't have to drive out in that mess. TBD on that.

  2. it was COLD here as well! annnnnd we are bracing for a winter storm that's supposed to blow in this afternoon and last until wednesday. Getting real tired of yo' shit, mother nature!!

  3. I had no idea peeps oreos were a thing! I'm not a fan of peeps but I'm intrigued enough to want to try this one out. And that french toast looks amazing.

  4. A Peeps oreo? Ok, that's crazy fun. I think the most different Oreos we've bought were cinnamon bun oreos. I don't think I've eaten any yet though.

    Nice job on knocking out that long run even in the cold; it was kind of cold but not super snowy here this weekend. The East coast always gets those epic spring blizzards! :)

  5. Ha! Love the weekend in hashtags! I'm hoping this is winter's last hurrah. Next weekend I'm definitely making banana French toast--looks awesome!

  6. The hubs bought blueberry oreos before - they were disgusting. HORRID.
    You are better than I - I stuck inside for my run this weekend. I'm through with winter. I NEED Spring to stick at this point.
    I love that picture hanger. So fun to switch out your pics - easy too!

  7. Peeps oreso?! what in the name of oreos is that? I dont' like weird oreos, I am old fashion like that.

    it was too cold this weekend!! But I want to go hiking again soon! So, I'm jelly!

  8. Great job on your 10 miler. You deserved that oreo peep after that! I used to love those peeps when i was younger. I will have to look for those next time I go to the store!

  9. This cold weather is so cruel! We had some beautiful snowfall on Friday that I got to drive through when leaving we've got a big storm starting tonight! I wish I could eat those cookies...gave up cookies for Lent!

  10. SO COLD!

    My go to cold weather activity is... you know... staying inside :P #cantevenwithwinter

  11. i've only ever had normal oreos!
    #SoFuckingCold hahahahahaa
    never had a peep. or a peeps. is it peeps if it's one? either way i have not had that thing. i've seen them though!

  12. #peepsoreoswhatwilltheythinkofnext #thosearecuteboots #itsnotthatcoldhere #impressedwithyourdiyskills #lovethattopphoto #thisisfun #thanksforlinking #hahaha

  13. Hate peeps. Dan loves them though. He bought some at Target the other day and finished them in one sitting, then said he had dreams about the peeps. seriously obsessed! I have to say my injury came at a good time because I am not minding being indoors while it's cold at all!


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