Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Five #63

Happy Friday! We made it. This week has been sort of soul sucking with the freezing temperatures, dark mornings (thanks Daylight Savings) + just general life craziness. I realized that in order to maximize my Momma time (she's in town this weekend!) AND not miss any half marathon workouts I would need to squeeze them all in during the week. So, I did. Well, I'm writing this & still have to do my long run in an hour or so, but, it's as good as done. ;) It has made for some busy days. But it'll be lovely to have a totally workout free weekend, I think. So, now on to some Friday Five. I hope you'll share a little bit about what you're up to in the comments section.

one // Tacos. Not even gonna lie, I love tacos. I love them so much that sometimes I take whatever I was planning to eat for dinner anyways, and put it in a tortilla. Mmm. Like Tuesday night. I really wasn't feeling leftover stir fry. So I fashioned some tacos. Scrambled eggs, cheese, corn, sliced cabbage, onion & sriracha.

two // Chipotle for lunch yesterday was magical. Somehow it was just more cilantro-y than usual, which in my book is a wonderful thing. I had to eat in my car because the restaurant was packed, but it turned out alright 'cause I snuck in a few pages of my current book, The Forgetting Time.

three // Saw my favorite "bully" Wednesday night & he didn't hesitate to snuggle me full force on the couch + make me trick him into looking anywhere near the camera. Bugger is too smart.

four // Convinced Mr. Sass to come along on part of my run with me last night. He stuck around for 5 or 8 miles, and they flew by because we had plenty to chat about! We go a little slower when he joins me, but I don't mind. We always find plenty to talk about, and in my opinion that's time well spent.

five // Funnies...

Do you and your significant other work out together?
What are you up to this weekend?
Flour or corn tortillas?

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  1. Great job getting in all your miles this week!! My weekend is packed. 10 mile long run, painting fundraiser & then Sunday is run, brunch, bridal shower! Oof. Gonna be a doozy. Will miss you tomorrow AM!

  2. Lol. I love that weather warning. Big coat weather. Southerners, you don't have a big coat so just stay in :-)
    You can check out my linkup post here

  3. i'm all for ANY tortilla - I dont judge ;) ... those tacos look AMAZINGGG - i never thought to do eggs with the cabbage. I'm so intrigued!!!!
    The Weather Warning so made me laugh.
    Ahhh - I love you two ran together. & you have to slow down #girlpower
    Have fun with your momma!

  4. Oh my gosh, that last dog picture is hysterical! Hahaha!!

    Good for you for getting your runs in! Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

  5. Jesse and I used to always work out together - but then he stopped working out :P (post wedding, of course.. hahaha. He will restart and then we go on vacation or something and he falls off the bandwagon again) It's so much fun working out together though!


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