Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Confessions of a Scattered Brain

Today is brought to you by my scattered brain - that permanently has too many metaphorical tabs open. Enjoy the general lack of flow, pictures and transition that this post has.

This time change? Yeah. Not feelin' it. It's all well and good that it's light out later, but considering I wake my ass up at 6AM, I would rather it be light out then. 

I bought tablecloths on Monday - 30 of them. Plus 20 table runners. Why? Because after poking around online I thought I would call to get a quote on rentals. $600. I about shit myself, especially because I was looking online and seeing that I could buy the same amount of tablecloths with great reviews for $200. So, clickity clack clack, I entered my credit card information. And while genuinely I feel it's a crime to force folks to pay for shipping, I was glad to fork over $6.95 considering they claim each of these weighs 3 lbs. So 3 x 30 = 90 lbs of tablecloths coming to our house + table runners. And boy do I hope Mr. Sass is the one who is home when these arrive.

We got a new coffee machine at work. The Keurig is no more. This new machine takes little pods that are in their own little coffee filter type thing and makes "coffee". Except it all seems to suck flavor wise. I'm not exactly a coffee snob - we drink the big can of store brand stuff at home. Anyways, we brought up a concern about having hazelnut coffee since we have a tree nut allergy kid in the office. But, we found out that the hazelnut coffee not only contains no real hazelnuts, but no nuts of any kind - or any kind of natural flavoring. Which like, consider me concerned. WHAT? NO NUTS? How is this stuff flavored then? Disclaimer : No hazelnuts were harmed in the making of this artificially flavored coffee. | edit | - I'm drinking some of this stuff now. It's shockingly nutty. Consider me 2x more concerned than I was previously.

We were supposed to get a wild and crazy blizzard, or snow-pocalypse if you will starting Monday night & continuing through today. No dice. I woke up to reports on Tuesday of zero snow on the ground. After I managed to not set an alarm and slept blissfully and deeply until Mr. Sass came home at 7AM and scared me out of my mind.

We've been taste testing wines that we might buy for the wedding. I took 2 different Cabernet Sauvignon over to the in-laws house for some help polishing them off. I hid the bottles & asked for a rating out of 10 as well as what they would be willing to pay per bottle. Imagine my surprise when the Black Box boxed wine got itself an 8/10 rating and a $18.99 cost per bottle. I was psyched because this stuff is about $25 for 3 liters! So I think we've got ourselves a winner. And I loved seeing the looks on their face when they found out a boxed wine fooled them. :)

Apparently it's tradition to have the groom show up at the end of a bridal shower and bring the bride flowers & then help carry all the gifts? I mean, okay, I'm all for making Mr. Sass carry things to the car, but can he bring me a soft pretzel instead of flowers? I think I'll ask. We've never exactly been the traditional type anyways. I'm having shower #1 on Sunday with mostly Mr. Sass' family - which, I'm nervous about. I've never really been one for gifts, and feel I never give the proper reaction when I open them. Especially because with our registries we can see who bought what, so, I already know.

My dress - as in the dress arrived today. I have my first fitting on Saturday (talk about moving quickly) when my Mom will be in town so she'll get to come. Which I think she's pretty happy about. And I know she'll make sure everything is just how it should be.

My momma is in town this weekend. So we'll be testing out a new bakery, which will hopefully have some delicious macaroons (I'm taking recommendations!), eating Mexican and drinking margaritas, hitting up one of my top 5 favorite restaurants - North Country Brewing  - for my favorite deep fried soft pretzels & beer cheese, going to a dress fitting appointment + bridal shower #1. Basically I'll be eating all weekend. I ain't mad.

So yeah, friends, that's what I got today.
Share something random with me.

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  1. I always get nervous about flavored coffee because I think its all artificial crap in them. YIKES.
    Have fun with your momma this weekend - fun wedding stuff!
    & FYI -I've never heard the groom with the shower tradition. I say change it right now for all future brides & make pretzels the go to gift!

  2. i got rid of my keurig and went with the old school (drip) coffee maker and I LOVE IT! i decided to do away with pods since many of them aren't even recyclable! that was what put the nail in the coffin for me re: pod coffee makers.

  3. I think I am a coffee snob and all the pods and capsule coffees are just "ewww". I make sure that I am the first one in the office in the morning, so I can make the coffee (we share with three people).

    Hooray, the dress! Can't wait to see it.
    Also, I second you on the soft pretzel. I mmean, flowers are nice and all, but SOFT PRETZELS FTW.

  4. Ooh I'm pretty excited about the dress. :) Hehe... And I think the groom almost always does show up at the end of every bridal shower I've been to; he usually brings a few friends to help with all those gifts.

  5. i can't wait for it to be light out even earlier than now. makes running in the morning so much easier and fun (i refuse to run in the dark). i also hate paying for shipping except in cases like that. sure, why not! better than $50 or more haha. good for you for buying your own vs renting. how outrageous. what the heck is in that coffee? we got a new coffee machine about a year or so ago and people went nuts because we had to change the type of coffee and i was like who cares! haha. says the non coffee drinker ;) KC absolutely did not show up with flowers or help with gifts for either of my showers. the one with just his family/his mom's friends (because they apparently needed to celebrate my wedding even though i'd never met most of them) was AWFUL. i hope yours is better ;)

  6. Wow, you have a lot going on in your mind! What kind of coffee maker is it? We have a keurig at work luckily, and at home I have a nespresso. I absolutely LOVE my nespresso, but my tim horton's k cups are pretty good too. Got a huge box at Sam's club and I hope I can finish it before we move to a hoteling floor! Have a fun weekend..and you keep reminding me I need to try out NCB!

  7. It sounds like we have the same brain, girl! I often tell Jesse my brain has way too many tabs open and by the end of the day it's like when your computer is ready to die and everything's kind of running slow but still open and there but you know it's about to just switch off :P

    So you think the no hazelnut thing is weird. I was at the grocery store the other day when I saw chicken stock and beef stock that said "vegan". YAH WHAT?! So weird.

    Tell me, what are you going to do with all those tablecloths post wedding? You could totally turn them into clothes for your future children and end up on one of those TLC shows :P


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