Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Five #42

This week has been an odd one for sure. I spent a few days traveling for work - which meant hotels, lots of meals out & extra long days. Needless to say I'm extra ready for the weekend. Hopefully it'll be a chance to rejuvenate before another crazy week in the office next week.

What's going on in your world this week? And what are you up to this weekend? I hope you'll share in the comments! First an apology. Seriously, I read your comments & I should respond that instant, but then I don't. And then it gets to be an embarrassingly long time, but I will respond. Promise. Next week. But, now on for some Friday Five.

one // Taking it way back to last Friday...I come out to take a "lunch break" - it's already almost 2PM, but it's the first lull I've had. I had decided to go to Starbucks, when I notice a big ol' nail in my tire. SRSLY? I did what any 20-something girl would do. Panicked & called the BF. While also considering crying as if that would help. Thankfully we have a auto shop near work - so I took it down on my way back from the 'Bucks & they said $20-ish & they'd have it done by 5PM. Oh thank goodness, because I was really at the end of my rope already.

two // Wedding #5 of 6 for 2016 is done-zo. Only ONE MORE TO GO. In other news. The BF & I make a cute couple (humble brag) in what has become our official MacMod 2016 Wedding Uniform. I seriously cannot get enough of this dress. So comfortable, flattering & easy to dance in.

three // If you missed it this week, I shared a grocery haul on Instagram over the weekend (@15minutes_late). Which, I'm excited to keep doing, because grocery shopping is my favorite. You can follow me here if you're not already. :)

I also shared another Budgeting 101 post on Wednesday - buy this, not that. Some simple swaps to save some quick cash without cutting out the things you love.

four // Things I do not understand...when I live by myself I generate 1 load of laundry per week. Sometimes a bit more with sheets & towels. Ditto with the BF. Now, we live together & somehow our whole life is just running the dishwasher & doing laundry. We have done like 3 loads this week & could do another. 1 + 1 does not = 2 right here. Someone please tell me I'm not alone. Also, what sort of freak laundry math makes this happen. I don't like it.

five // Finally a few funnies to end this one.
This first one goes out to the woman at work who told me that pumpkin everything was ruining fall. Well, excuse me.

Also, this has literally been my life the past few weeks. My inbox will not calm down. So, seriously. I'll be over here in the sunshine, eating while someone rubs my belly. Thanks.

What are you up to this weekend?
Anyone doing anything fun & fall-ish?

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  1. Nothing fall this weekend! Going to Church Brew Works (wish you were in town) tonight, 8.5 mile loop w/ the group, lunch with my old Math teacher, & then studying & relaxing the rest of the weekend w/ Steelers on Sunday.

    Have a fun weekend!! Soregels soon!!

  2. Oh, I'm definitely with you on the laundry and dishes. For some reason it feels like we are always in need of doing those two things. And that dress really is great!

  3. I always say that - there's just 2 of us in our house & I feel like its a constant dishwashing & laundry load happening. HOW?????
    Love your dress for the wedding.
    Oh man... nails in the tires. THE WORST!

  4. I think as far as fall-ish things go, I will be wearing fall leggings as the air is chilling in WI, making pumpkin things for meal prep, lighting the pumpkin decorations in my house, and perhaps going on a hike and taking pictures of all the fall pretties. With two small kiddos, laundry is a full-time job I have seriously considered sourcing out. Not gonna lie. I have an 8yo boy who changes clothes about three times a day and puts them ALL in the laundry afterward. We need to have a serious talk about this. LMAO! ~Jessica Marie @

  5. My entire home life is spent doing laundry and dishes. Ugh! I have no idea how two adults and one toddler create so many dishes and dirty clothes, but we do somehow!

    Great grocery haul! I LOVE Aldi. I shop there every single week and try to get as much as my groceries there as I can!

  6. laundry. don't even get me started. we do three loads each weekend. when you have a child, it's basically emptying out her drawers right into the washing machine every freaking time. how does an 8yr old generate so much dirty clothing?! throw in 2 adults who exercise everyday .... sheesh, my water bill is insane.

  7. Now following you on Instagram.

    I am generating too much laundry. I want it to stop.

  8. Following you on Instagram now!

    Those pesky road nails are awful!! Last time I had one, I called my dad and he asked why I was calling him, to call a mechanic instead.

    Could towels be what is adding laundry? when I moved in with my fiancé, I learned he washes his towels every 3 days... maybe I'm the gross one here, but I wash mine once per week. And for dishes, I wash a cup as soon as I am done using it, not my fiancé, he lets it sit in the sink until there is more dishes.

  9. I feel like I'm always doing the dishes. They are never finished. I do, however, love to go to the grocery, too!! Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I feel you on the crazy week, girl!

    As for laundry. If I DO more laundry, Jesse happens to make more laundry exponentially... so I'm just really annoying and only do a maximum of two loads per week so he can't :P

  11. HAHA "I want to dog." Perfection. That would solve all my problems sometimes! And yeah, the wash and the dishes seem to be a never-ending battle ugh. Dogs don't have to deal with that crap!

  12. Love the budget tips! Bummer about your tire! At least you realized it though! Car troubles are the worst!

  13. Love the dress you wore to the latest wedding. We had 9 weddings this year and I am so thankful our "wedding season" is finally complete for the year!


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