Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summertime Bucket List

Confession time. The BF & I have a shared Google Calendar. And it's the best ever. His schedule is ridiculous, like his days off & hours worked switch every 4 weeks + we both have a lot going on. We tried to keep track of everything in our brains, but we are so not that good. So the Google Calendar was born. We each put our stuff on there, my work excluded since my schedule doesn't change. I know if I can commit us to something like a friends party with a quick glance. + he doesn't have to rely on his sub-par listening skills to remember that I told him a million times I was busy, not that that has ever happened... ;)

I took a quick look at the calendar the other day & realized it's booked! Summer is already packed of things to do & it's not even here just yet. 6 weddings, a few weekend trips + bridal showers, bachelor // bachelorette parties + random other plans mean our summer free time is slim pickins already.

I didn't want to hit Labor Day & realize I had let my favorite things about summer slip past me. So, I created my summer bucket list! It's focused on all the things I love about summer, focusing on family // friends & being outside as much as possible.

Summer is the time to do everything you love, but to do it all OUTSIDE.

1 //  Movie in the park

2 // Run a local 5K

3 //  Dine al fresco

4 //  S'MORES!

5 // Spend a day out on the river

6 // Watch fireworks

7 // Go canoeing

8 // Hike somewhere new

9 // Make pizza on the grill

10 // Night hike to see the stars

11 // Host a cookout + campfire

12 // Girls day at a local winery

13 // See an outdoor concert

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What's on your summer bucket list?
What's your favorite part of summer?
Trying to plan a girls weekend -- where should we go?
Props for places driving distance from Pittsburgh! 

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  1. Love this.. great minds think alike this week:) I think boating and being on the water is my favorite part of summer. My dream is to own a boat one day.. I want one so bad!

    1. I can't wait to come over for a ride on the boat! But seriously. Haha

      I would love to own one, but just have so many other things I want to do with my money first.

  2. Oh my gosh I want to make pizza on the grill... My husband is gluten free though, but I guess we could make a gluten free on the grill, right? And s'mores, yes. Always s'mores.

    1. I bet you could do that! I like to use store bought naan as a "crust". It's so simple & the kind I buy has a garlic base flavor that is SO good.

  3. Now this is so cool! :)) I think I would start with S'mores!!! ;-)

    1. Thanks Emily! I'm hoping that will be one of the first ones I get to conquer. :)

  4. This is the most summery summer list I've ever seen! I'm starting to drum up my own summer bucket list!

    6 weddings?? Oh dear god.

    1. Yay! This is all my favorite parts of summer, I feel like our summers can be so short, so I don't want to miss a thing.

      And yes, seriously. 6. It's going to be an expensive summer. Strongly considering wearing the exact same outfit to all 6...

  5. What a fun summer list!! For me I'll add backpacking once a month for the weekend and visiting new breweries near me. :)

  6. Oh my god that Google Calendar idea is genius...I'm in a long distance relationship which makes it even harder to stay on top of one another's schedules and carve out time to talk. Totally gonna try and sell my man on your idea. I love your bucket list..especially the pizza on the grill!? Had no idea that was a thing

  7. Oh thats a great list, fingers crossed you manage to tick them all off!! I'm looking forward to spending as much time outdoors as possible this summer, UK weather is so unpredictable, I hope our summer break away has nice weather so we can make more memories with the kids! #twinklytuesday

  8. Hey girl! I love your summer bucket list!
    I'm stealing the winery with friends idea... I haven't been to a winery with my girlfriends in a longgg time.
    I'll definitely make a bucket list soon and put it in a blog post, great idea :)

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