Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Five #21

Tomorrow. Tomorrow my parents are driving to Pittsburgh so that on Sunday they can meet the BF's parents + sister & her fiance. I'm sure all will go well. I've got the menu under control. & am making a big batch of sangria margaritas to make sure everyone is nice & socially lubricated for the event.

So, ever get texts from your parents & you're just like HUH? Like how my Dad texted me from the Barry Manilow tell me about midgets? Like, how does a daughter respond to that? #MidgetsForManilow, obvs. But really. And it didn't stop there. They spotted another.

You ever hear a story & it just warms your heart & gives you chills at the same time? My brother had been having a rough time on the trail. Me thinks he did not train enough...anyways. He had a lot of foot pain. He camped in the same place for a few days, but nothing was getting better. So, I called in a favor to my friend who lives in LA. My brother hitched a ride from a tribal elder, Sylvia, near where he was camped. She drove him 140+ miles, wouldn't take any gas $$$, or other repayment. He's been crashing in LA with my friend Sally since Saturday. Doc said it's plantar fasciitis so he's ordered some special socks & braces & plans to keep hiking soon. In the meantime, I just can't believe the kindness he's been shown. People, friends & strangers alike going truly above & beyond.

Weekly funnies...
I think I found the key to keeping me happy. And guaranteed relationship success. Will someone tell the BF? JK. This is pretty much our relationship already. ;)

And this...because honestly, I think I'm hilarious. And there's not a thing people can say to convince me otherwise.

I was a big Warped Tour fan back in the day. And actually, a super sweet, unadvertised perk of my lifeguarding job in college was our badge got us into Warped Tour for free. I remember seeing a group called Cash Cash & buying a CD of theirs for $5. 

I was addicted to this song. Still am.

Flash forward from 2008-ish, til now. I'm clicking around on YouTube & heard this from them. A year or two old now, but they're still making music, stuff with millions of views on YouTube.

Makes me feel like I discovered the next big thing. Ever feel that way?

Any bands you "discovered" before they made it big?
Anyone racing this weekend? I signed up for a last minute 5K.
What are you most excited for this weekend?

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  1. I want to know, what classifies a "legal" midget. I am so confused right now and amused all at the same time hahaha.

    Good luck on the 5K this weekend, girl! This weekend I'm manning a petting zoo at our church's community fair thing, looking at a house with Jesse (eek, adulting at its finest) and spending our sunday at the markets and church!

  2. Have fun this weekend. Hope it all goes well.
    Oh man - PF ... that bites. The hubs has to deal with it & just hearing from him how painful it is, I am always stretching my feet. Dont want.
    isn't it awesome to see good people in this world? Love that so much.
    ... & I want that sweatshirt now too :)

  3. Those texts.. too funny! Sounds like something I would get haha!

  4. Sorry to hear about your brother :( Hope he feels better soon but stories like that restore my faith in humanity.

    Good luck this weekend! And yes..alcohol helps every situation get better :) Please share your recipe!

  5. Have a fun wkend. You can never go wrong with Sangria.

  6. haha, love the sangria idea. hope you have a marvelous weekend!

  7. In texts from my mom, she usually pours out her heart about how much she loves me. Very sweet, but when I have like 2 seconds to respond in between meetings at work, I'm like....??? Good luck with your family party & 5k!

  8. Love your list. Especially the quote from someecards. :)
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Your dads texts literally killed me. It's just so random and irrelevant hahaha. I'm running my first 10K the first weekend of June and started my training last week for it. It's going well! I've never ever been a "runner" so I'm pacing myself. I hope yours went well! My dad has plantar facscitis... it's a pain. I hope your brother got the right footwear and is doing well!

    Have a great day girl!
    - Danielle @ Afloat On A Full Sea

  10. hahahaha your dad. hilarious! that is so awesome about your brother - stories like that always make me cry. people can be so nice. i hope he heals soon though.


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