Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five #19

Happy Friday. Get ready for a whole bunch o' random.

But, before I start...I have a request.
Prayers, good thoughts, positive affirmations, whatever your deal younger brother is starting his 2600+ mile thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail this morning. Like legit, he plans to walk from basically Mexico all the way north to Canada. By himself. Yes, we all agree he's crazy.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this gem from the last time he visited.

Thank you for all your positive thoughts about my half marathon on Sunday. I feel really good about my goals right now & I can't wait to put my plan into action. I'll be sure to post my recap next week. In the meantime, pray for cool & cloudy on Sunday. :) But not so cloudy that I can't wear my sunglasses. They're my favorite race day accessory.

There is a mouse in my house. Seriously. The other night I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but thought I was crazy or maybe it was a stink bug, but NOPE, Wednesday night I saw it with my own two eyes. And then panicked. The BF laughed at me, but whatever, I don't see him over here setting traps like a boss (okay, a scared boss who yelps every time she thinks she sees the mouse, but whatever). This creature is crawling around my house. He must be new. I've seen no other mouse signs recently, but still. I want him GONE. Let Operation Mouse Be Gone commence.


Pulled pork. I literally just put the pork shoulder in the crockpot, turned it on low for 11-ish hours (AKA the time until I got home from work). It was delicious. I added a little BBQ sauce before I shoveled it in. But honestly, it was so good plain it didn't even need it.

Yesterday was 'Bring Your Child to Work Day'. Overheard at work, 
"What bunny doesn't have duct tape? They're born that way." & "All deer are Jewish, my Mom told me".
Seems legit. So, I spent yesterday alternating listening to this nonsense & seeing random kids walk around with nicer smart phones than I have.

Blink-182 just announced 2016 tour dates. They + All American Rejects + All Time Low will be gracing Pittsburgh with their presence. And I am psyched! I've seen Blink x 2 & they were incredible. Travis Barker continually blows my mind. So, here's a throwback to the first Blink song I remember hearing, when I had the biggest crush on Travis. It was middle ragrets regrets

Because if I call it 6 then it's not Friday we'll go with bonus. If you missed my post yesterday. I don't care about your wedding, check it out. It was hard to click publish, but I'm so glad I did. And so glad to hear I'm not the only one that feels like this.

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  1. Good luck to your brother and to you in your race!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Also, take your daughter to work day just solidified the fact that I NEVER WANT KIDS haha...worst day of the year for me!

  2. Good luck to your brother! UGH mice. I live in an area where they are inevitable but I just CAN'T. We have a cat who hunts them and occasionally kills them so that's nice, but it's not nice to wake up to a dead mouse in the middle of your kitchen. Thank God for husbands because just no.

  3. Wow, that's sounds like a really cool hike that your brother is doing! Best of luck to him :) I think I would freak out if I saw a mice in my house too. Hopefully the cats will keep them away.

  4. So why is your brother doing this? Is there an awareness thing or just a personal thing? Are there people following him? Does he have a team? What does he do for a living?... obviously I want to know everything about this. It blows my mind when people do these challenges. Totally praying for him!

    We have mice in our garage. Our hubs just got some traps & sticky traps - I've thrown them all out - I cant handle killing these babies. Fun story - the hubs knows how I am about animals so he found a mouse & took a broom & scooted it about quarter of a mile to a field so it was far away from our house. It had babies on its back. I guilted him about killing that momma with her babies.

  5. OMG I am SO intrigued with your brother and his Journey! He should totally blog about it!!!!

    Good luck with that mouse!

  6. So cool your brother is doing that thru-hike! I had a mouse (or something) in my basement recently. I'd been storing cat food and bird food in there for when I feed my feral cats and birds, and that's what must have attracted them. I removed the food, and poof--gone! Just be sure to remove all access to food, even crumbs. They'll eat anything. And my animal soul feels obliged to beg you to use humane traps if you use traps--the glue traps are really cruel.

  7. That's awesome your brother is hiking the PCT! I read Wild last year and it made me want to hike part of the trail someday. Also.. I'm terrified of mice so that scares me just reading that haha.

  8. That is amazing. I'll definitely be sending some his way.

    I do love the slow cooker. Pulled pork is fantastic slow cooked. Right until it just falls apart with a fork... delicious.

  9. Sending lots of prayers and positive vibes to your brother - what an amazing challenge for him to undertake! Please keep us posted on his progress!

    Slow cookers are LIFESAVERS. Permanent homage to whoever invented them. There is nothing better than coming home to the aroma of a meal in the slow cooker waiting to be eaten! BBQ sauce makes everything better, too. =D

    I wish you a FANTASTIC race this Sunday! You are going to knock it out of the ballpark. GO GET 'EM! Cheers to overcast and cool weather, too - and hopefully the rain will hold off. Can't wait to hear your recap of how you crush your goals!!!!!

  10. Good luck in your race! Rock out with your sunglasses. The crockpot is probably the best invention ever.


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