Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Workout Recap : One very awesome long run

I did a weeks worth of workouts last week. And none of them came close to rivaling my Saturday long run. So, imma switch it up this week. No fancy graphic...no percentages, maybe next time kids (but I did somewhere between 18-19 miles this week!). I'm here to rave about my Saturday long run &  link up with MarciaPatty & Erika for Tuesdays on the Run.

Saturday : 10.30 mile run // 9:14 per mile
We were 130+ strong over many pace groups.
My Saturday long runs are my favorite.
I love pushing myself with such a positive group of people, who love running as much as I do.

130+ runners in one picture ain't easy!

| side note | if you're in Pittsburgh & want to join us, check out Elite Runners, they host 4+ runs each week in varying locations across the city!

9:30 pace group ready to run
 This run rocked. I didn't feel like any of the runs I had during my Whole30 were "good". There were some that didn't suck. But in general all my workouts just felt harder than I was used to. My Saturday run felt fairly effortless. The first 2 miles I was running out in front of my 9:30 pace group because I just couldn't reign myself in. Miles 3-6 I kept myself on pace by running in the middle of our pace group. 

Instagram filtered scenery from mile 4.5-ish
After our mile 6 water stop I was out in front again, running between 9:00 - 9:20 / mile. I got to the turn around & ditched the group of guys I was running with, as they were heading on to complete 15 miles total. I stood around for a minute or two waiting for the rest of the 9:30 group to catch up. They did & those of us running 10 turned around. But I was feeling it. I knew we were headed straight back so I got a little excited and a few minutes later realized I had left my pace buddies in the dust...because I was running an 8:45 pace. Shrugs, so I kept going. I looked down and I was running 8:30 pace, then 8:15, then 8:00, then 7:40, so I ran it in at that pace. I was huffing & puffing by that point, but I held my pace. I finished with 10.30 miles at 9:14 pace. The furthest // fastest I've run since my last half in October. I felt like I could have kept going. I was having fun, my legs felt good. My mind was in a good place. I don't know if it was the Glukos I took at mile 6 or the extra carbs I've been eating since Whole30 ended. Not sure I care. Boom baby. I'm back!!!

Saturday Run elevation

A $5 donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation got me a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup, a grilled cheese & a warm chocolate chip & oatmeal cookie, as part of a running group fundraiser for this organization. Mmm.

Tell me about your last great run // workout!
What's one thing that always makes you feel like you run the world!?
Oatmeal cookies...Yay or Nay?
I am most definitely PRO oatmeal cookies.


  1. Wow, nice job Jessie! So glad you had a confidence boosting run! I bet a lot of your runs will start feeling that way now that you're eating more carbs - they are truly the runner's fuel! Your running group sounds really cool, too. Is that 14% incline for real? Your pace is even more impressive if that's the case!

    1. The 14% does seem a bit much when I look at the total elevation gain it says...but it felt real, a phrase I'm sure you'll hear a lot, bridges are hills. This was the start of a bridge, and the downgrade right after was coming down the other side. It didn't last long, maybe a minute or so.

  2. I need a good run to get me motivated! Sounds like you rocked it! Nice job! There is no better feeling than coming back from a run and knowing you killed it! And Yay for oatmeal cookies!

    1. The only way to have a great run is to keep trying until you do!

  3. Great job on your long run. I bet that hot soup hit the spot after a chilly run. I don't mind oatmeal cookies. I just don't like oatmeal and raisin which is usually the combination. The oatmeal and chocolate chip sounds tasty.

    1. I am a fan of the oatmeal raisin combo, but I understand how that's not popular opinion. I tell you what though, the chocolate chips got a little melty on these cookies. Oh so good.

  4. what a great job congrats. Wow you really finished out strong. Good luck to you

  5. Runners all have their reason for running however, I don't think running to burn 700 calories while only eating 700 calories a day is a great reason. I glad I didn't hear that conversation sometimes my filter doesn't work and I say things in situations like that that I probably shouldn't. Great long run! I aspire to get faster but most likely that fast isn't going to happen. However, I am still running no matter what my pace!

    1. I was luckily behind a bank of lockers because my filter doesn't work very well either. I definitely would have said something I'd regret.

      I think one of my favorite things about running is a mile is still a mile no matter how fast or slow you go! So keep running! Whatever pace that may be!


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