Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #10 : 2 Year Adoptiversary

 2 years ago yesterday, President's Day of 2014, after much consideration, deliberation & visitation, this sweet pup, Tuck, came home with us from the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh.

Tuck had been brought in during the Polar Vortex & when we first "met" him he was sitting quietly & politely towards the back of his cage, while all the other pups barked & vied for our attention. We spent some time playing with him, he was content to chase a ball around the small room, or sit directly on your feet, not allowing you to move.

I'm Thinking Out Loud with Amanda today, as I celebrate our dog like a crazy lady.

| warning | Flood of adorable puppy pictures ahead

This ferocious Pitbull loves to be pet, snuggle into places he doesn't quite fit & learn new tricks. His favorite place to be is directly on top of the nearest human. Case in point.

Attempting to stretch post run

He'll eat ANYTHING. Especially any baked goods // bread left at dog height (tables & counters count too)

Tuck's 1st Adoptiversary
Devouring the pup cake we baked
He can shake hands, touch, high five, speak, grumble // whisper, army crawl & beg + the standard sit, lay, stay nonsense.

Nap time is Tuck's favorite.

 He's a drama queen about having his picture taken & gives you the side eye if you won't stop.

But, all in all, this kid is just genuinely happy to be alive.

So, I guess I'm going to sound like a weird crazy dog lady...
Tuck doesn't live with me anymore, he "technically" belongs to my former roommate.

But, in celebration of his 2nd adoptiversary, we all got together to celebrate.

We made a pup friendly "cake" with 2 ripe bananas, peanut butter & oats, baked at 350 until solid. 
And this guy SCARFED it down within seconds.

So, cheers to you pups, you've brought so many laughs into our lives. Your size & Pitbull face may scare people who don't know you, but I'm certain no one has ever been snuggled to death.

Are you a "crazy dog lady", like myself?
Or do you think I'm a total lunatic?
Was your pet a rescue?


  1. Oh my goodness Tuck is so sweet. I am a totally crazy puppy Mommy for sure!! Cocoa was a rescue and I wish I could save them all!!

  2. Both our dogs were rescues. We never could get Chester to bark on command, even though he was very smart. Lola only barks at other dogs and skateboarders . . .

    Chester would literally eat everything. Loved berries, cucumber, couldn't quite figure out what to do with broccoli or lettuce (although I'm sure if I'd mixed it into his food, he would have scarfed it down). And yes, there was the time he ate rat poison (some sleuthing & I discovered they flavor it with peanut butter because rats are getting picky).

    I have furkids. End of story!

  3. What a cutie! My pup is a rescue as well, and I don't think I'll ever be able to get a dog from anywhere but a shelter. They're such great animals and it's nice to know that you made such a big difference in their lives.

  4. Yep... I'm that crazy dog lady too. Love celebrating fur babies - especially ones that are rescued.
    Our Harvey Dent was a rescue. We got him right before they were going to put him down... & he was 6 months old!!! An old shelter in the country - wouldnt keep him. He's such a blessing & it makes me sick to think he would have not lived his sweet precious life. He is WONDERFUL... ALL DOGS ARE.
    I love the side eye :)

  5. Awe congrats! I don't have any pets of my own right now but I grew up with two dogs and two cats. They were all rescue pets.

  6. I love dogs. I love that God uses them to keep me patient. We have 2 huskies, and I'm so thankful that God made this world with SO many animals. I'm not sure what life would be like without them.

  7. So many cute pictures! We celebrate animal birthdays as well - I don't care what anyone says, they're my little fur kids! My son's best friend is our dog and it makes me so, so happy. Rescues are amazing and SO appreciative of everything, I've found.

  8. You had me at "flood of adorable puppy pictures!" He is so cute :) Both of my cats are from the shelter. Perry loves having his photo taken and is a ham but Shelby totally gives me the side eye when I try to take her photo and turns away as quickly as possible.

  9. CUTE PUPPY PHOTOS! He wears hats like a champion! I have a rescue kitty - I take so many photos of her that iOS thinks I am a cat. cat photos are categorized as "Selfies." So I don't judge anyone for being a crazy cat/dog lady!

  10. Happy Adoptaversary! I am also a crazy dog mom. I'm probably a bit too obsessed with my dog;) Great photos and cake for your baby!

    My baby was a rescue too:)

  11. Aw! Yay for Tuck finding a great forever home! You can tell how sweet he is by his face. I used to volunteer & fister fir the ARL, so I always love to hear stories if pets from there. Two of my three cats are from ARL ( the other was a stray).

  12. So cute!! He looks like he has a little boxer in him too. We had a boxer and she was so needy-- having to sit and touch her humans at all times. She was a doll! Miss her dearly.
    Congrats on saving a life :-)

  13. So cute!! He looks like he has a little boxer in him too. We had a boxer and she was so needy-- having to sit and touch her humans at all times. She was a doll! Miss her dearly.
    Congrats on saving a life :-)


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